With Allies Like These

To no one’s surprise, Mitt Romney has capped off his hilariously disastrous British Invasion with an alarmingly toadying trip to Jerusalem, to fawn over the cuckoo leaders or our craziest ally.  Of course he all but promised a war with Iran.  Of course he did everything but polish Netanyahu’s shoes.  Of course he refused to meet with the Palestinians, but maybe only because it would have put him in a crummy neighborhood.  And, true to form, he tossed in not one, but two, Olympic-sized flip-flops as well, hastily cancelling a prearranged meeting with Netanyahu’s opposition party, since they’re practically commies anyway, and sheepishly admitting the press to a glitzy public fundraiser from which he’d brazenly banned it just hours before.

No surprises there.  What is a surprise, and a pretty disturbing one, is just how open the American politicians have become about making the US a client state of Israel.  Romney drew applause at the debates when he said he would defer to his “friend” Bibi on all Middle East matters, despite the fact that Israel is a virtual pariah to the world community and has led us into one catastrophe after another throughout its short and troubled history.

Back in the day, Presidents of both parties had a sort of don’t ask/don’t tell relationship with Israel; we quietly winked as they defied nonproliferation treaties and acquired nuclear weapons, we condemned illegal annexations of Palestinian lands only in public, and we were always careful about wiping our fingerprints off of their constant US-aided warmongering.  Though a little questionable morally, at least this strategy had some tangible advantages; bought off as they were by our military aid and embarrassing coddling at the UN, the Israelis were always handy for, say, secretly shipping weapons to terrorists or providing trumped-up “intelligence” to support one war or another.  We covered for them, and they covered for us in return.

But after years of such back-scratching skulduggery, both countries have gone crazy, in disturbingly similar ways.  In Israel, years of government-induced immigration of ultra-orthodox Jews from around the world has created a durable majority in favor of an expansionist police state;  in America, years of empowering Rapture-minded Christians has created a vocal minority that wants the same thing, but for both countries.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see this ending well.

In both countries, the parties least inclined to a peaceful future have successfully silenced all opposition; in both countries, rampant inequality and militarism continue to rob ordinary people of freedom and prosperity, too. Both countries are becoming more, rather than less, racially intolerant, bucking promising trends elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the St. Vitus Dance of crazy between the US and Israeli governments won’t end if Obama is reelected; he, too is just as enraptured (pun intended) by it as Romney.  The only end I can see is the same one neocons on both sides long for: a costly and protracted war with Iran that provides a decisive humiliation for the losers.  We only differ on who the losers will be.



  1. mikeinportc says:

    The only end I can see is the same one neocons on both sides long for: a costly and protracted war with Iran that provides a decisive humiliation for the losers. We only differ on who the losers will be.

    Losers? The country maybe, but not them. They’d just get Vietnam Syndrome ( Cheney Version) again. That is , to figure how to do it again, bigger and better, and more harmoniously , while simultaneously refusing to admit a loss, and blaming the loss on the DFHs, and the Librul Media. Don’t expect any Mussolini moments.

    Btw, I expect that we’ll lose, even if they don’t bring the war on Iran out of the closet. ;)

  2. RUKidding says:

    Summed up nicely, per usual. I said on FDL that International MittBot’s been insulting or kissing up to those foreign-types depending on who’s ass is being kissed or kicked. In the case of our “cousins” in Great Britain, I guess International MittBot was proving that he’s the Boss of them.

    In the case of Bibi in the “Promised Land,” it’s clear that Bibi’s the Boss of International MittBot.

    Actually, not too many surprises, quite honestly. The vast majority of the so-called “voters” in Team USA will remain utterly ignorant of any of this foldera, and for us political junkie-types, it’s just food for thought or “infotainment” or something.

    At the end of the day, though, it matters not much whether RMoney or DMoney “wins” the next “election.” The PTB will pull the Marionnette strings and the beat-down of the dusky hued & teh poorz everywhere will go on & on…

    Will Team USA Fuck Yeah go to War with Eye-Ran?? Sad to say: most likely. War, Inc is a big ole CHA-CHING for the 1% doncha know?

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s about the size of it; we’re fucked either way, just a bit more permanently if it’s Mitt (those pesky courts…)
      I haven’t checked the news since I got home; I bet the Poles are telling Romney jokes by now.

  3. Ché Pasa says:

    Who are those icky people in that picture? Ick.

    Mittens is pretty much at the point where he’s unelectable. Throw Her Highness into the mix and his disaster is complete.

    What was that I heard, Lech Walesa endorsed him and Solidarity denounced him — and Walesa too for that matter. Sounds like Poland went well (and then there was that “press incident.” Oh well…)

    Of course I keep reading stories about disgruntled Democrats who are threatening to stay home or vote for Icky because they are so disappointed in Obama.

    Apocalypse for sure.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Count me disappointed as well, but the idea that letting Republicans win would somehow help things is pretty retarded. Look at what righties actually do once in office, especially lately. It supposedly “didn’t matter” whether Bush or Gore got elected, and we all know how that turned out.
      I disagree, though, whether Mitt can be counted out at this point. To the Republican base, all obnoxious behavior is good, because horrifying the liberal media adds up to street cred with them. On Fox and talk radio, every failure is a triumph and every lie is just a forbidden truth, and this demented perspective naturally seeps into the rest of the media faster than a fart in an elevator.
      Romney has two distinct advantages over Obama: the “truth must be somewhere in the middle” media, and a pile of money behind him taller than Mt Rushmore.
      That can paper over a lot of boorishness and ineptitude these days.

  4. dirigo says:

    The outraged Brits can speak for themselves about Mitt; and they have. The Israelis may be craven simply because they’re getting top dollar in American aid. Seems the Poles, left high and dry during the big one, may respect Walesa, yet think he’s awfully addled these days.

    Back to the Brits though. Mitt, in his alleged scribblings, referred to England as a little, kind of no account island (as if it had no history the Chamber of Commerce would acknowledge), which, without the channel, would have been gobbled up by the Nazis. Forget about Henry V or King Lear, the Blitz, Dunkirk, and whatever deals Churchill and Roosevelt made to end the war (including betraying Poland).

    In the firestorm of commentary after Mitt’s London fiasco, the point was made that, even though the royals have run the show in Britain all this time, they insisted that the modern civil service and bureaucracy there be pretty honest. And they had better spies. James Bond was, well, Bond. Felix Lieter, Bond’s CIA opposite number, looked like a Sears appliance salesman. The Brit bureaucracy may still be capable, since they seem to be bringing off the Olympics, despite Mitt’s concerns. And they’re doing it in the middle of somewhere.

    I can recall American civil service and the bureaucracy being viable and fairly honest at one time. Our elites may have insisted on a modicum of fairness (not unlike Britain).

    Mitt will have none of it. We’re at the end of the line for sure, or at the start of a new and terrible one, should he ascend. He will think he was “tapped” anyway, not elected.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that the “solution” always seems to be WAR??? Mitt is NOT the answer (nor is his cash overseas), and Mr. Obama keeps disappointing, (I actually had hope for this guy). Another GREAT read Mr. Hag, keep up the good work. Henry H