Daddy Warbuck’s Little Girl

I used to think time was on my side with ol’ Dick Cheney; that that ticker of his couldn’t possibly continue to propel his fetid corpus onto Meet the Press and whatnot, to croak dire threats of the danger of everyone not doing exactly whatever he said, for much longer.  That he was always later proven to be lying would never dent his “credibility” in the media, of course, so I figured that the only way to get rid of one of America’s greatest and most financially successful monsters was for the grim reaper to take another whack at him, and finally not miss this time.  But Cheney, like, say, Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il, isn’t planning on letting the throne leave the family even in death, and as luck would have it, deferment #5, also known as Liz, has turned out to be a chip off the old block.  The Cheneys will outlive us all, it turns out.

It matters not to the media that Liz’s sudden ascension to Serious Military Analyst is a product of nothing but nepotism, since that’s how most of the people in the media got their jobs, and for most media stars, being wrong all the time is an asset, too.  Stupidity loves company.  The worst part, though, is the naked corruption on display; a war profiteer’s daughter is repeatedly invited on television to cheerlead for more wars, which is the family business, after all, and the audience is assumed to be too clueless to see what’s going on?   I know what’s going on when the local Volvo dealer puts his daughters on a commercial, and that’s all Cheney is: a commercial for more wars, and yet the usually penny-pinching media monopolies run them her appearances free, letting Halliburton put it on the tab.

As the clip above demonstrates, Cheney’s answer to every situation reads like a laundry list of no-bid contracts she’d like to hand out, proving that that apple didn’t fall too far from the tree….   No Cheney has ever seen a taxpayer dollar they didn’t want to get their grubby paws on, and the fact that she would use an (almost certainly overblown) Yemeni terrorist event to argue for not just more money for “intelligence,” but also for several more decades in Afghanistan is about as surprising as a fish arguing in favor of water, yet at this late date her baldly self-serving words are treated as news, worthy of serious consideration.  Why not have Paris Hilton come on to rail against the estate tax, and threaten to move to the Caymans?   Never mind.  They probably have, maybe in the previous segment.  The casual acceptance, though, of such glaring conflicts of interests in supposedly “expert” spokespeople trotted out to opine on issues involving their own business interests has become so commonplace, and obvious, that few believe anything they see on television, and cynically assume that everyone is just lying to feather their own nest.  And why wouldn’t they?

Of course, the only beneficiaries of this weird agnosticism are the liars themselves, who laugh all the way to their many well-feathered nests.  Look at the success with which the pollution industry has thus cast doubts about global warming, while people actually believe that scientists cooked the whole thing up (no pun intended) for grant money.  Look at the way trailer-dwelling Teabaggers decry taxes on rich people, Gulf Coast residents scream for more oil drilling, or Medicare beneficiaries demand an end to government health care.  This, and the very presence of Liz Cheney in our political discourse lays bare how (to use Glenn Greenwald’s favorite word for it), rotten what passes for politics has become.   The news isn’t just commercial.  It is a commercial.   And the spokesmodel isn’t even cute.


  1. nswfm says:

    Watch all of this be a ploy to take the news off the Haliburton screw up on the Macondo Well cement problems in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

  2. nancy says:

    nswfm—I am also deeply suspicious of the timing at work here. I didn’t used to be a cynic—a skeptic for sure, but an optimist with a trust-but-verify sort of attitude. Isn’t it interesting that the election is Tuesday and the American voter is here being reminded that either a) our president doesn’t take the WAR ON TERROR seriously enough or b) Dick Cheney, his spawn, and the Republican party are walking the wall, keeping us all safe because as as Jack Nicholson reminded us in “A Few Good Men”, “you can’t stand the truth.” These awful people cannot and never will be shamed, dismissed and as I remember the enunciation years ago at the Folger Shakespeare production of “Romeo and Juliet”, “BAN-i-shed”.

    • nancy says:

      Hubby is better at this than me–he has memorized more movie scenes than I did poetry as a fourth grader. It’s probably “you can’t handle the truth”.

      • cocktailhag says:

        I think you’ve got it, Nancy. The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight is pulling out all the stops.

        • mikeinportc says:

          Pretty much my first thought at news of the great Yemeni Express threat . That, and wondering what bad/embarassing news would be released at 4:55:55 PST yesterday . ( or next week?) ;)

  3. retzilian says:

    She and the Cheney Doctrine have no legs, anymore. Just because she gets coveted media time does not mean her garbage will get any play. It won’t. The main reason is we simply have no money or troops to wage war on another country, much less a huge one like Iran. My response to her and her neocon ilk is (((YAWN)))

    Meanwhile, this is not 2004. As much as the Rs would like to make it 2004 and the histrionic Dems want to compare it to that, it is not 2004. It’s not even 1994, because the Rs won’t get that much of a majority in the House, and they won’t get the Senate. Call me an eternal optimist, but I can think of worst things than the Rs winning the House right now. I think it might be great! They won’t get anything done, the country will see what they’re all about, Obama may come out smelling like a rose, and the Rs will fail, yet again, to produce a viable presidential candidate.

    I also predict Liz and her Neocon butt buddies will have no air time in 2012. (From the oracle of Retzilian.)