Happy Dance !

“This is William Kristol’s last column.”  And choirs of angels sing.


  1. rmp says:

    Hurray! I’m sure that GG’s criticism and bloggers had a lot to do with the decision. I couldn’t wait for you to post this on GG’s Israel-Afghanistan thread, so I did it. Great catch.

    I assume you advertised your blog on UT. Somehow I missed it.

    • Dirigo says:

      According to reports, the Times liked Kristol’s influence and cache, but found his reporting skills deficient. They had to issue more corrections on his work than they were comfortable with; and apparently, this same thing happened when he worked for TIME a while back.

      It is a problem for writers who give opinions untethered from facts, or based on inaccurate information.

      Facts are pesky things.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    I have found that facts aren’t only pesky, but even if they’re on your side they’re a lot of work. All that research and stuff. I don’t think the NYT ever expected facts from Kristol, having long since accepted that Republicans make up their own, but I think the embarrassing uproar from all quarters sealed the deal. Maybe UT, FDL, and others had a bit to do with it, but I think that the weekly clobberings in Editor and Publisher were probably more influential.
    All I do at UT to whore my blog is link with all my comments… more people than you’d think click in….

    • Dirigo says:

      As we have been discussing reporting, as distinct from giving opinions, along with things like the demise of local radio news, the whole blog universe should confront the task of writing to facts, or separating fact from fiction.

      There’s a lot of “hot pursuit” on many sites, but one of the things that puts me off some sites (and this is my own bias, having trained and worked as a reporter, not an opinion monger) is the windy prose, and the lack of bashfulness or restraint in offering opinions.

      Then there’s the clash, or clashes within clashes, between one opinion and the other, inevitably leading to personal insults and inflamed speech that serve little purpose, clouding the issue being discussed on a thread, or splintering the focus of the participants.

      Some of these habits don’t necessarily lead to good writing.

      It’s good that Kristol was called out and then let go.

      The tradition of the mainstream columnist has include the obligation to do some reporting, so that the column also provided a bit of news, or, a perspective based somewhat on a reality of the moment, the week, or the month.

      It’s a good lesson for all writers.

  3. cocktailhag says:

    Obviously, I’ve been thinking a great deal of late on the obligations of writers. If I felt I could get away with putting out only one thing a week, and had the resources, not to mention readers, of the NYT at my disposal, I would hope I wouldn’t have been the embarrassment Kristol was. As it is, I do really feel that I ought to post something each day, and that therefore each post can’t possibly be a magnum opus, but I always hope that once in a while I’ll hit on something.

    • Dirigo says:

      Of course you can’t post a magnum opus each day, but each day you can hit on something, which is the challenge of honing your style.

      That’s why you should write each day.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Well, I’ve been itching to write something about the financial crisis, as it plays into my constant focus on “because we said so ” government, so I started compiling some figures to talk about it, and discovered that even RMLS has ways to disguise the size of the debacle. I’ve got a friend in the business who seems willing to talk about it, and I can’t wait to report what he says.
        Meanwhile, I don’t expect any interviews to occur until at least tomorrow. Tonight lies before me like a vast wasteland.

        • Dirigo says:

          Go, hag, go.

          After your interviews, write to:

          Who, what, when, where, and why?

          Unless you’re writing a memoir, don’t write in the first person.

  4. cocktailhag says:

    Well, I just watched that despicable Thain person be interviewed by CNBC, and I could just about write something slashing and merciless off the top of my curlered head at this point. This crap is flat-out theft. And none of then are even bashful about it. He (Thain, of the very successful outfit Merrill Lynch) dismissed huge losses, Condi style, as something that couldn’t be anticipated, and trots out the Enron defense, that the creators of the debacle needed huge bonuses, lest they go get another. better job elsewhere. Let them try, I say. There are so many jobs right now for bankers who really know how to get rid of money. Heck, I bet those guys are getting calls at home.
    What the flying fuck? Why do they still even have phones, let alone $1400 trash cans? And why are they on TV, except in orange jumpsuits?
    It’s a crazy world.

    • Dirigo says:

      Well, they should have those trash cans taken away from them before you rip out all your curlers.

      • cocktailhag says:

        He promised, right there to that Bartimoro woman, that he was going to pay for that wastebasket, while decrying the shabby impudence of the media for bring up such minutiae. You ought to have a look-see, unless you’re in a bad enough mood already. It’s a treat. It’s at Huffpo; I think as an addenda to Arianna’s lead post.

  5. cocktailhag says:

    She’s not as sexy as she was back during the boom, almost a little tubby, although she works her false eyelashes well. She asks a lot of demanding and obviously devastating questions, but it’s abundantly clear that if Thain missed anything in business school, lying wasn’t in there. He’s good. Just saddled with a lot of really bad facts.
    This is what we’ve taught the best minds of a generation, looks like.

    • Dirigo says:

      All leaders, movers, and shakers have tons of bad facts in their portfolio.

      We don’t have portfolios.

  6. rmp says:

    Did you guys see these?

    Cut Kristol: As Era Ends at NYT, Some of Bill’s Greatest Bloopers
    UPDATE: Kristol will write a monthly column for Washington Pos. Opinion editor Fred Haitt, not surprisingly, comments of Kristol’s work at the NYT: “I thought he wrote a good column.” New York Times in article claims the decision to cut Kristol was “mutual.” Right.

    Who should replace Bill Kristol?

  7. Dirigo says:

    In the very same place in the Times where Kristol breathed his last yesterday is a piece today, written by David Brooks.

    This guy is another yawner to me, a kind of journalistic vicar who roams the galaxy for pompous advice to hand down to us little people.

    I think he should resign his august position at the Times and become a preacher at some crystal cathedral out in one of the Plains states somewhere. Then, if and when I visit said Plains state on vacation, I can sit in a pew and listen to him once more – and once only before I die – as light splashes through the stain glass windows.


  8. bebop-o says:

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    • bebop-o says:

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        • Dirigo says:

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          • Dirigo says:

            bop, they haven’t, as I write this, deleted your two posts from the Updike remembrance on OS!

            There’s hope in the world …

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  9. bebop-o says:

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    • bebop-o says:

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  10. Karen M says:

    Every single blog post/comment/column I read about the end of the BK era at the times mentioned his difficulty with fact-checking. Where have some of these folks been during the past 8 years?!

    p.s. I posted something recently at the Chocolate Interrobang about the Japanese buying/using Obama’s speeches to learn English. Definitey something we could not have heard/read/imagined during the Bush II regime.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, since his first column, as well as every other one after, had flagrant lies in it, I suppose it was worth a mention. That’s a funny thought; Japanese kids listening to Bush and saying “nucular,” or discussing the importance of putting “food on your family.”