I Was Robbed

Politics these days have taken a rather welcome turn, particularly amid the current right-sponsored and well-endowed ridiculousness on TV sets across America, toward the often ignored but essential question of, well, cake, and who is going to eat it (or not).  Republicans are finally noticing, albeit belatedly, that their lavish use of deceptive advertising does eventually create voter/viewer backlash, and despite their hypocritical temper tantrums about McCarthyism and whatnot, every problem they look at as yet another $600 hammer would, over time, that sort of thing starts to give the nail a headache.  Who are the nails this time?  Well, there are a lot of them, and electorally, they may be just a few too many: homeowners, Mexicans, gays, teachers, firemen, minimum wage workers, rail commuters, public employees, unions, Muslims, African-Americans, hippies, pot smokers, nurses, academics, media figures, all newspapers, most TV networks, veterans, librarians, women, bank customers, people who breathe, people who have sex, non-rich senior citizens, people who drive hybrids, the list goes on and on, but in the end, is irrelevant.  What is happening in our post-Citizens (!) United world is glaringly apparent to anyone with two brain cells to rub together: the rich are at war with everyone else, and since they can’t (yet) just blow us away with Predator drones, they’re dropping the Mother of All Money Bombs in the current election cycle, exercising their supposedly once-stifled right of “free speech.”

Trouble is, they’ve already tried that, ad nauseam.  Fear-mongering via deceptive advertising (augmented, ruthlessly, by Fox et al…) does seem to work, at least for a while, but then what?  Absurd and extravagantly financed horseshit does move voters, at least at first, but after a few months, they do inevitably get sick of it, and this movement, intrinsically, has no plan B.  Will more ads save Meg Whitman in California, so many months after the “Demon Sheep” fiasco?  What about Linda McMahon, who isn’t sure what the minimum wage is, but is nonetheless certain it’s too high…  will more of her own millions save her?  Our local clueless, anti-minimum wage richie, Oregon gubernatorial candidate and lousy basketball player Chris Dudley managed not to earn a single major newspaper endorsement in the whole state, despite the millions of dollars spent so far that created an early lead, and is now sinking in the polls.  While liberal elitists like myself may decry the stupidity of the average voter, we are well acquainted with their annoyance at repetitive garbage pumped into their living rooms, and thus take hope at this juncture.

The media, as you’d expect from the eager beneficiaries of the Money Bomb, emphatically discount the notion that voters even care who’s paying to deceive them, but better late than never, Democrats including President Obama have finally caught on to the impact on the ground that mega-million campaigns create in the electorate: mainly skepticism about who, in this beleaguered economy, can afford to bombard them with such factually challenged nonsense, and more importantly, why?  In California, the money spent by out-of-state oil interests to “postpone” that state’s landmark carbon-reduction law was so abusively saturating that even Enron-backed Republican Governor Arnold Schwarznegger felt comfortable calling the sponsors out, publicly, for their “oil-black hearts,”  and the ridiculous reefer madness hyperbole spilled by the drug warrior guard against Proposition 19 has the historically apathetic youth vote ready to turn out in droves, dashing Republicans’ overconfident hopes there.

It’s too soon to say whether, on balance, the “Permanent Republican Majority” envisioned by George Bush, Karl Rove, and the rest of them, predicated on getting enough fanatical right-wingers on the Supreme Court to pass such a blatant Democracy-ender as Citizens (!) United was a success or failure for the political movement that dreamed it up, but it is soon enough to say one thing:  Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy love.


  1. dirigo says:

    Oh just call them all what you’d call Lady Gaga on a bad hair day: Meathead!

  2. cocktailhag says:

    Meat isn’t murder, in this case, it’s money…

  3. nswfm says:

    Minor correction: Carly Fiorina was the demon sheep dipshit in CA, along with getting fired for driving HP into the ground and getting fired. eMeg is the idiot spending $140 million to try to buy the Gov’ship after assaulting a subordinate and firing a housekeeper and saying something like “you don’t know me and I don’t know you” after 9 years of having her as an employee.

    They both would be awful, so it’s easy to mix them up.

  4. retzilian says:

    It is impressive when you list the number of groups that have been insulted or damaged by the Wingnuts! The ugly misogyny is going to cut both ways, ironically enough. The wingnut party hates women, as much in some ways as minorities, and that is going to backfire on candidates like Angle, Fiorina, Whitman and Linda whatserface of wrestling fame. (I’m too lazy to look it up. McSomething)….

    The gender gap is even more enormous than it was in the 80s when women HATED Ronnie Reagan & GHW Bush. If kids, minorities and women turn out this November, the Rs will not take the majority.

    Also, too, I had to smirk with recognition at the concept that the rich think they can solve anything with money. It’s a lack of imagination. I grew up with people who thought they could write a check and things would just go away, or they could buy indulgences – if they bought stuff or sent money or gave away money, they’d make up for all their evilness.

    Not that I mind the rich buying indulgences – look at Carnegie Hall!

    • dirigo says:

      Linda McMahon.


      McMahon has closed in on Dick Blumenthal, largely because of his fibs about serving in Vietnam. As a result, the vet vote in the state has split.

      For some reason Blumenthal remains indignant that he was called out on the fibs, telling McMahon recently in a statewide televised debate he would not allow her to lecture him about character and, shall we say, “truthiness” – as regards his service in the Marine reserves back in the day.

      Unfortunately Blumenthal is leagues ahead of McMahon in terms of qualifications, having served for twenty years as one of the most effective, progressive attorney generals in the country.

      For him it all may go up in smoke as McMahon – in an almost saintly/mommy fashion – rolls her eyes (I notice Meg Whitman is using that rhetorical trick on Jerry Brown) and hammers away on the fibs while cleverly white-washing the earlier, hardcore fare of the WWE, telling everyone now how her organization is partnering up with all the family-friendly programmers it can find.

      In any case, while McMahon surely knows all about relevant statutes on hire-and-fire-at-will – promising voters she’ll lead on creating new jobs at eight dollars an hour with no benefits; she, like Christine O’Donnell, knows very little about constitutional law.

      Not to worry. Pretty soon, around the end of the month, McMahon may appear in the Nutmeg state as, say, Minnie Pearl, trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods with some kids.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, the former CEO of Countrywide just wrote a check for $67 million, and the specter of jail time vanished… just like that! Then there’s OJ. The sad thing is, that for most rich people, check-writing does solve a lot of problems that the rest of us just have to “man up” and deal with.
      PS… Don’t forget the Carnegie libraries; thousands of them in towns large and small all across America; methinks Andrew was hedging his bets, like old people who go to church all the time.

  5. ouranos says:

    I live in SE Georgia (please, no condolences, I don’t need to be reminded) not too far from the Fl state line, so some of the TV stations I get come from Jacksonville.

    Last night one of those stations aired the Senatorial debate between Kendrick Meek, Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. I only caught the end of it, so I can’t say too much about their positions, but I did hear Meek make this comment, “If you make less than $250,000 a year and don’t want to pay for another tax cut for millionaires, vote for me for Senator.”

    That line alone ought to win him a lot of votes. I think the middle class is beginning to catch on that the top 1% don’t really care about us lesser folk.

    • cocktailhag says:

      At least for once somebody’s getting the framing right, but you never know. Glenn Beck was able to convince a lot of his viewers to donate to the Chamber of Commerce, after all.

  6. retzilian says:

    Something struck me today as infuriating. If I still had a blog audience, I’d write an editorial entitled, “The New Backlash: How Women in Politics have kneecapped the Feminist Movement.”

    MoDo wrote another misguided column today calling the latest tea-party candidates “Mean Girls.” Once again, she shows her lack of imagination and limited POV. What do Linda, Sarah, Sharon, Christine, Jan and others running today have in common? It’s not that they’re mean (even if they are), it’s that they are the personification of the anti-feminist – a betrayal of all the things we worked for as girls growing up during the first feminist backlash.

    What these women represent is partly what was said about them on “Real Time” – the vacuous, submissive 50s housewife (which really didn’t exist, if you consider the fact that once the 60s gave women a chance to break out, they did it in droves, so they were more like prisoners who went along with things because they had no power); and also the antidote to feminism. Instead of representing strong, competent, talented, well-informed, compassionate, sane women of the world, these batshit crazy bitches make the case that women cannot lead.

    Fuck them. Fuck all of them.

  7. retzilian says:

    Think about the stuff these C-words are promoting: limited government, eradicating the dept of education, theocracy, pro-life (anti-women, forcing them to have children they can’t afford), pro-business that outsources jobs, lowering the minimum wage (for working moms who are already struggling to support children), for the current inequitable insurance culture (denying sick children any insurance, denying anyone with pre-existing conditions any insurance), cutting Medicaid, cutting Head Start, cutting S-CHIP, cutting endowments to the arts, cutting aid to states, cutting libraries, etc. etc., and basically turning over the well being of our children to corporations that would just as soon poison them as feed them.

    The only thing preventing me from opening my window and screaming out to the neighbors is my firm belief that MOST of these bitches will lose their elections.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I would also add that just like Phyllis Schlafly, all of these broads expect other women to live like June Cleaver, while they themselves pursue careers in politics and what have you. (Ol’ Sarah has FIVE kids, none of whom are turning out too well, and has never been seen mothering, except for the cameras. It’s nothing but opera bouffe (sp?) for the rubes. If you’re in the mood, you could always post your piece here…. I’ll put you in as an author. (I’m going hiking this morning, to ward off the Obese Fairy, and may not get a chance to write…)

  8. retzilian says:

    Oh, that would be fun to be a guest columnist on the Cocktailhag News Network. I shall put together a well-organized piece on the “Anti-Feminist” candidates and email it to you.

  9. mikeinportc says:

    When the C.U. decision came down, I thought that it might go this way,just wasn’t sure how soon. Figured that the if-a-little-is-good-a-lot-must-be-better crowd would overdo it, leading to a massive tune-out. It was almost to that point before.

    Someone I know thought it was a good thing, as it would lead to a massive tranfer of wealth from power-hungry, clueless millionaires, as they tried to buy their way into office. Might be right. ?????

  10. meremark says:


    The hippies were and still are right: Kill your TV

    And my thang is swelling: BOYCOTT cable-bundle TV

    Buy only a la carte what you watch, like internet TV does it.
    So as to NOT pay FUX News — despite not watching — with its piece of every month’s cable TV (pay)check you send. Call your cable operator today and say you, “BOYCOTT cable TV until FUX channels are moved to the 4-digit pay-2-view tier where only those who watch, pay.”

    Fans Ensnared in Fox, Cablevision Rate Duel – Fox, Cablevision end 2nd day of talks in dispute over rates that has blocked sports on TV, By VERENA DOBNIK Associated Press Writer, NEW YORK October 17, 2010

    BOYCOTT cable TV. Pass it on …

    It’ll have to do until we BAN paid-broadcast political ads.
    Just the same as we BAN paid-broadcast cigarette ads, and for the same two reasons:

    * the blood-pressure-pumping, Hate ‘product’ is addictive, and
    * the Hate ‘product’ is an epidemic public (mental) health crisis.