Tea and Sympathy

What a darned surprise it is that the vile and amoral lord of Massey Energy, Don Blankenship, who just accidentally killed a few dozen people, is a teabagger.  Although Blankenship had a spare million to contribute to the Tea Party, thanks to his rather unusual and legally frowned upon cost-cutting measures,  he should be respected, because he’s a man on a mission.  According to Blankenship, thanks to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and that uppity darky, all of whom are “crazy,”  we are about to all have to share bathrooms, so he selflessly stepped in and personally saw to it that at least 25 West Virginia families will have one less butt competing for the toilet.  This is Conservatism at its most compassionate, if you ask me.

Blankenship is, as you’d expect, full of such homey wisdom.  You see, without such intrepid defenders of the Free Market around, Massey’s mountaintop removal and appalling safety record would be in dire jeopardy, thanks to the “greeniacs,”  whom the less addled might describe as the democratically elected majority, that are  now, somehow, “taking over the world.”  Hmmm.  I’ll have to check, but I doubt either Pelosi nor Reid killed 25 people today, so I guess they aren’t using their power very effectively, at least in Blankenship’s beady eyes.   As you’d also expect from your average right-winger, Blankenship feels “badgered” by the government , which is to his ilk our “greatest risk,” evidently not counting being vaporized in an unsafe mine shaft.  He denies global warming, of course, and just reluctantly and angrily pays the fines when the Bush-enfeebled MSHA has the unusual temerity to suggest he remove flammable dust or ventilate his mines, and when a few miners die, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Good thing those commie unions didn’t have any say at Massey; killin’ people is how righties supplement their Viagra, not that anyone is interested in seeing the results, of course.

I wish I could muster some surprise over this.  For days I’ve read exhortations from the 141st Keyboarder Brigade about how we should be bombing Iran; both Rich (too chicken to fight Al Franken) Lowry and Bill (wrong since birth) Kristol are just maniacally whacking their 2-inch weinies over the next hoped-for bombing campaign, since the poor things can’t, like Blankenship, just kill lots of people unilaterally and be done with it.   In the land of 2-inchers, the 3-incher is king, especially if he hates Al Gore.  The main thing that I’ve noticed about right-wingers, and why I despise them so proudly, is that they just don’t f*cking give a shit when people pointlessly die because of their rather disordered fantasies, and then they take the money and run, preferably to the nearest Green Room.

How long are we supposed to put up with this?  Lowry and Kristol call for blood in the abstract, to cover some check their manhood can’t cash, while guys like Blankenship, reveling in the glory of the  recent Citizens (?) United decision and overheated adulation from FOX News, just go quietly about their Randian “business.”  People die either way, and for no good reason, but somehow that makes these pathetic excuses for human beings feel less inadequate.

I’m prepared to account for my bias in this matter when some liberal calls for, much less directs, a mass murder.  I’m equally eager to issue a correction when some righty, any righty, says pointless killing might be a bad thing. Sadly, I expect I have a long wait.


  1. dirigo says:

    Don’t need to liberate no stinkin’ methane, no how …

  2. cocktailhag says:

    I personally expect a lot of methane to be released over this; better put a clothespin on your nose now.

  3. michlib says:

    This is the cretin who purchased the judge in W. Virginny too – because no self respecting king of coal can do without friendly judges and legislators. Preventable deaths facilitated by weak regulations and good ol’ non-union workforce. Clean coal – seriously ?
    The quicker we transition from fossil fuels the better. Interesting that those who run the fossil fuel biz tend to be fossils themselves ( see Cheney, Rice, et al ).

    • cocktailhag says:

      Coal, oil, chemicals, tobacco…. these were called by one author “pariah industries,” for good reason, since they have so many of what we call “externalities” as they do business. They HAVE to buy politicians to survive, so they do.

  4. nailheadtom says:

    Quit using them. Don’t turn on the lights, part of the juice is a product of flaming coal. Forget the car, or even the jet, powered by liquid hydrocarbons as they are. Not only transportation, how about feedstocks and agricultural production? And the chemicals, the dish soap, the drain cleaner, the paint, just about everything has some association with chemicals, put those out of your life, too. And tobacco, don’t smoke. Take a lesson from the POTUS and stay away from killer weed. Might want to stick to distilled beverages produced in your hogan, too. Don’t encourage dangerous occupations like commercial fishing by dining on halibut or logging by living in a wood frame house, either. You pathetic mental garden slugs give hypocrites a bad name.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Do you type up this inane comment each time or just transport it via blockquotes from the last time? If you were able to argue by any other means than ad hominem, you would understand that I’m not saying these industries shouldn’t exist; merely that they skirt, and often flout, the law to increase profits, as was the case here, and deaths do result. My boycotting something is not going to change mining, drilling, or other practices for the better, you idiot. These types of dangerous industries need to be regulated, either by unions or the government, but since you don’t believe in either, you suggest a boycott. Free market at work, and all that.
      Well, that is a shitty, utterly unworkable idea, which only shows that you’re a Johnny-one-note dumbass.

      • nailheadtom says:

        Since you evidently don’t even know what “ad hominem” means, let me really mystify you, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodet”? Coal mining is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the US. The Mine Safety and Health Administration is all over the business, regularly inspecting mines with their army of bureaucrats. If anyone is at fault here, it is a federal agency.

        “Protecting Coal Miners
        It may come as a surprise that the coal mining industry’s injury rate is lower than that of many other industries, such as construction and manufacturing. The number of occupational injuries in coal mining is also lower than injury figures reported by grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, and hotels.

        The number of injuries reported in coal mining has been steadily declining over the past several years. In 2001, the coal mining industry had a total of 6,093 injuries—less than half the number that was reported just 10 years earlier.

        Advanced training and safety measures have helped to lower these numbers. As part of the measures taken to protect coal miners and other employees who work in the mining industry, each underground mine must have a mine rescue team available in case of an emergency. Composed of seven or eight volunteers, each team has undergone special training in the detection of mine gases, the use of breathing equipment, and firefighting.” http://www.teachcoal.org/aboutcoal/articles/coalamer.html

        When it comes to idiocy, you have a corner on the market, free or otherwise.

        • cocktailhag says:

          I won’t confuse you with the Latin, you pile of lying shit…. But your invariable choice is to go after me personally when your position is more than usually indefensible, like now. I’m nonetheless gratified that you at least ran to your little mouthpieces in a vain attempt to salvage your credibility, albeit with risible ineffectiveness. “Teach Coal?” Why not just send me directly to the RNC or Glenn Beck’s website?
          Are you really so retarded that you can happily put out statistics backdated to 2001 (when, you might remember, we didn’t have an industry toady as President running MSHA) and expect no one to notice that crucial date? Obviously, to anyone who can read, those statistics when way south as soon as your boy king got in, as even your compromised source did mention.
          You really need to get out more, Tom…. I know you would never admit it, but sometimes (if not always) you are just plain wrong, and no amount of insults, misleading “research,” and disturbingly overconfident bombast can paper over that fact.

          • nailheadtom says:

            According to the MSHA:

            The All-Injury Rate decreased 41 percent from 5.13 in CY 2000 to 3.01 in CY 2009.

            The Fatality Rate decreased 56 percent from .0272 in CY 2000 to .0120 in CY 2009.

            Violations per Inspection Hour for both Coal and MNM mines decreased 9 percent from
            0.23 in CY 2006 to 0.21 in CY 2009.

          • cocktailhag says:

            Yeah, and those statistics were just shot to hell by a dumbfuck, asshole righty like yourself. Same as as Sago. Defend them all you want; it’s a touching example of righty family values.

        • dirigo says:

          Where were the “seven or eight volunteers” with “special training in the detection of mine gases,” on site prior to the incident in West Virginia?

          Were they monitoring the mine gas detection devices? Watching Fox News? Or internet porn?

          Were you there?


        • dirigo says:

          Tom’s source: The American Coal Foundation (coal news for dummies)

  5. michlib says:

    I believe we’re being exhorted to return to whaling the oceans to harvest whale oil !!! This reich wing lack of intellectual depth and analytical skill would be laughable save for the disasterous results of such ” thinking “. Supporting a transition to clean energy, and best practices being used in the extractive methods used to obtain fossil fuels and worker safety for those involved in such work is not Luddite doctrine. Defending a repeat offending, union busting scofflaw is, however , in keeping with rethuglican doctrine.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, such “thinking” is being sold by the bushel these days, as you can see by reading Tom. I do think that events like this have the power to wake people up, though, and we’ll see.

      • dirigo says:

        Perhaps Tom is a shadow member of the Texas Bored of Education, where “free enterprise” is enshrined, no matter how many die in holes or at sea, and where Thomas Jefferson has been air-brushed from history, on the grounds that he opposed state-sponsored religion (while not forgetting the implicit dig at the squire of Monticello for a dalliance with one of his fetching slaves).

        In earlier comments, I likened Tom to a foam-spouting whale, an ocean-going monster of bombast.

        Ready the harpoons! Fire when ready!

  6. nailheadtom says:

    Maybe the Mine Safety and Health Administration should dig between you cretins’ ears and look for safety violations. Don’t you understand, an agency of the federal government regulates the bejeezus out of the mining industry, from one end to the other. It could only be regulated more if there was an inspector along with every miner. But in spite of all this federal oversight, shit still goes wrong, just like it will with your free medical care.

    • dirigo says:

      “Don’t you understand?”

      The sound of genius.

    • cocktailhag says:

      What is wrong with you? Massey had an appalling safety record, and had been repeatedly cited for the same problems (dust, methane), that caused the explosion. Furthermore, the workers’ lack of union representation left them unable to comment even now, for fear of losing their jobs. This is a plain case of murder by balance sheet, just like Ayn would have wanted, and you blame the government. If Blankenship thought he could be tossed in jail like any other murderer, he would have behaved differently; in that sense the government is at fault, and for once you have a point.
      Given the enormous damage the coal industry does from seam to smokestack; to land, people, water, air, etc., don’t you think it might be smart to regulate it a bit? Even Republicans need to breathe, I’m pretty sure. (More heavily, even, when watching simulated lesbian sex…)

  7. michlib says:

    Blankenship is the kind of bottom feeder who would have that compassionate conservative foresight to have dead peasant insurance policies on his workers. How perfect !!! Wrecklessly endanger the lives of the workers by skirting regs and working beaucoup overtime to fatten the bottom line ( ” coal pays the bills ” ), and should it all literally blow up – draw up the paperwork for insurance claims, pronto !
    News coverage looks like the WV natives may have had enough though –
    this is a teabagging parasite that may have overplayed his hand. Sad that 25 ( quite probably 29 ) human beings have paid a ” bill ” that coal can’t begin to appreciate.