The Devil’s Spawn

Apparently unable to find anyone more qualified to discuss the matter, Fox News Sunday trotted out ol’ Liz Cheney, Daddy’s fifth deferment, to talk about…  wait for it…  corruption.  Really.  She ought to know a thing or two about that, given that her father steered billions in no-bid contracts to the company he had just left, met secretly with energy executives to plot their next scams, including but not limited to the Iraq War, and famously sneered that “deficits don’t matter” while looting the treasury for his cronies.  But she wasn’t brought on to talk about that, but instead to compare the Obama Administration’s (refused, by the way, if that matters…) offer of a position to Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak to that historic crime Republicans love to talk about, the Clintons’ renting the Lincoln bedroom to campaign supporters.

Her “logic,” if you want to call it that, does begin to collapse when one realizes that the Lincoln bedroom still exists, unlike the billions wasted in Iraq, and compared to selling off government policy for pennies on the dollar, it was a relatively harmless way to reward contributors, but logic has no home in CheneyLand, and naturally no one at Fox batted an eye at her rank absurdity.  Of course, the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress spent eight years threatening candidates it didn’t like to stay out of the way or else, turned whole agencies into corporate cash machines, and placed venal nincompoops in charge of everything.  Who can forget, after all, that the hapless Michael Brown landed at FEMA because his predecessor, Joe Allbaugh, left early to set up a clearinghouse for Republican freeloaders to help themselves onto the Iraq gravy train.  When money talks, Republicans listen.

What’s at work here are two complimentary processes: Republicans have enormous difficulty winning elections fairly, and yet they nonetheless believe they are the only ones fit to govern.  When in office, they immediately embark on an orgy of cementing their power through bribes and shady dealings, and when out, they dedicate their lives to de-legitimizing their Democratic victors.   Remember that the the US Attorney scandal (never investigated) stemmed from attempts to use false charges of “voter fraud” to disenfranchise Democratic voters, a tacit admission that in their hearts they knew they couldn’t win honestly.  Remember further that the impeachment of Bill Clinton was only the culmination of a lengthy and tortured Republican temper tantrum, which, though unsuccessful, did clear the way for George Bush’s “election,” and the elimination of the Special Prosecutor that has always bedeviled Republicans.

Those two “victories,” in the fullness of time, paid off wonderfully for her father’s administration, which eagerly set about  committing multiple impeachable offenses, and better yet, tainted impeachment itself as  just another tiresome partisan witch hunt that could only backfire on its proponents.  As Joe Conason pointed out at Salon the other day, the Republican wet dream at the moment is to retake the house for the sole purpose of impeaching Obama, so the Sestak allegations are just low-hanging fruit to whet the appetite of the right for another showdown.  You see, the same Republicans who tarred even their mildest opponents as traitors and worse for eight long and calamitous years have suddenly found the value of Checks and Balances, and the strident, carping daughter of the least popular politician in American history is being trotted out to wax rhapsodic about it.

In a more rational world, such dreadful and utterly discredited people as Liz Cheney would live out their despicable lives in obscure ignominy, but the world, especially on Fox, isn’t rational; just as Sarah Palin is pushed forward to babble incoherently about everything from oil spills to feminism, Liz Cheney is invited to hold forth on national security to electoral politics, and at least she lies and smears in grammatical sentences, which is kind of a bonus.

In the end, though, I don’t think Liz’s efforts are going to amount to much.  The one thing that the Clinton impeachment did show us was that his administration was not corrupt….  seriously, six years and $70 million dollars, and all they could come up with was a blow job?  Maybe they see things differently on Fox, but trotting out, as an example of corruption, the Lincoln bedroom in the world of Enron, Halliburton, et al is, frankly, beyond lame.


  1. Ché Pasa says:

    Oh. So she came out of her lair, did she. Hm. Wondered where she and her sire had got to. FOX, eh? If she starts showing up outside that bubble, then we can predict the results, ne?

    The White House will back Toomey. Bi-Partisanship! Brilliant!

    What else can they do? They already showed their hand by backing the (supposedly ex-)Republican Specter in the Democratic primary. The Democrat won. WOops. So, they’ll back the Republican in the general. They’ll do it to keep the ravening hounds at bay.

    They’ll have to. If their faction wants to keep the White House. Which, all things considered, they may not.

    Liz and her Pa sure showed how closely they can keep that White House leashed when it comes to obedience to Our Corporate Overlords and holding the Cheneys harmless for it. And all the lawlessness and the torture and the great gobs of blood and oil they need to ingest on a constant basis — or they’ll perish. Poor things. And we wouldn’t want that.

    They went on their Venom and Bark teevee tour last year, and within a few weeks, the Government of Our New (and Good) Emperor Barack Obama was groveling at their feet, licking the soles of their shoes, and doing everything the Cheneys commanded.

    Are we about to see a repeat?

    • cocktailhag says:

      The ungratefulness, if nothing else, does chafe a bit. The very guy who so disturbingly (and duplicitously) vowed to look forward, not back is now being flayed by those he ought to have put in jail.
      I don’t think ol’ Toomey will win, but sadly that will be a defeat for our compromised “democratic” White House. Smart, these people.

      • Skeptic says:

        As a matter of fact, Specter was a Democrat before he was a Republican.

        PA politics are pretty strange… two “coasts” and a “southern-style” state in the middle.