The Pity Party

It looks like we have another flamboyant  entrant to the right-wing Sore Winners’ Circle in that pudgy, conniving Church Lady, Virginia Thomas, whose husband’s life tenure and political omnipotence as a Supreme Court Justice despite lacking any qualifications for that job, isn’t enough for her.  Rather than quietly thanking her lucky stars that the creepy dipshit she married didn’t turn out so bad, after all, she now wants an apology.  Of course, Thomas has proven to be spectacularly worse than anything his “high-tech lynchers” could have imagined back in 1991, and his lackluster (when not completely unhinged) performance on the court as well as his repellent personal demeanor in the years since have discredited him far more than Anita Hill ever did, but Virginia has lapsed so deeply into teabaggery that she doesn’t see this, and went ahead and went public with her risible demand for an apology for someone who merely told the truth about the lout she was stupid enough to marry.  Telling the truth is a punishable offense in Teabag-land these days, you know.

Almost as soon as America’s Dumbest Supreme Court Justice slithered onto the bench with barely enough Senate votes to pass, his whining, race card denials were spectacularly exploded, proving he had lied, shamelessly, to Congress to get confirmed.  Other women not only corroborated Hill’s story, but also reported eerily similar treatment at the hands of Thomas, and even the guys at the porno store he frequented ratted him out.  Long Dong Silver gave way to Bad Mama Jama, and presumably a lot in between, if you know what I mean and I think you do.  To the wifey, though, none of this matters, because marrying Thomas, in itself, proves that she’s no member of the Reality-Based Community.  And think of all the Good Things he’s done since then, like approve torture in prisons, appoint George Bush to the Presidency when he had clearly lost, unleash corporate control of elections, and on and on…..   To Virginia, her husband was sent by Jesus to save America, which he did, and flush with the power of corporate cash, Virginia has decided that now it’s time to start burning the heretics.

Naturally, despite the hilarious nuttiness of her unsolicited and supremely untimely demand, Virginia got a somewhat charitable hearing in the media, and especially the oleaginous Chris Mattews, which at the time were as wrong about the story as she evidently still is, but were nonetheless a bit taken aback that she didn’t want to sweep the whole thing under the rug like they had, so they did steer clear of swallowing her story whole hog.  Typical “balanced” comments in the media would include the fact that Hill waited ten years to come forward, along with all the other debunked righty smears against her, but they still didn’t muster the usual deference they routinely award to righty history revisionists.  They don’t want to touch this one with a ten foot pole, and for good reason.  Message:  Shut up.

You see, unlike any other Supreme Court wife, Virginia is steeped in politics, having been lapping at the corporate trough and fighting her husband’s many demons instead of, say, getting a job, for decades, thanks to the lies told, not about her husband, but about Anita Hill, and now SHE wants an apology.  Crazy, but true.  No crazier, though, than the Legacy Projectors, who are in a snit that George Bush doesn’t get enough “credit” for the “victory” in Iraq,  Dick Cheney isn’t worshipped for preventing (imaginary) terrorist attacks, and that we could have “won” in Vietnam if it weren’t for those traitorous hippies and the Liberal Media.  All these people, who in a just world would be both unemployable and objects of nothing but richly deserved opprobrium for their high crimes and misdemeanors, feel no shame at all in running around, loudly and publicly asking to be not forgiven, but praised, for their flat-out, documented, and huge failures, and it is their victims who now must apologize.  Worse, people of no accomplishments at all, good or bad, like Fox News “rodeo clown” Glenn Beck and accidental Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, have taken the Pity Party to a whole new level, traveling with a intimidating coteries of thugs and preemptively forcing their detractors into submission, lest the truth sneak out and accidentally expose their lies, corruption, and rampant stupidity.  Compared to them, Virginia looks almost sane; at least her “grievance” isn’t completely imaginary.

Amid the relentless calls from the right this election season that their slightly more liberal opposition needs to “man up,” one wonders, rightly, how these ridiculous, counterfactual temper tantrums from absurdly powerful people is going over, when not a one of them can produce any purported slander against them that has ever proven false, and yet they sit at the top of the American political pyramid, whining.

Nobody likes a sore loser, but sore winners are even more viscerally repulsive, as Virginia Thomas has, unwittingly of course, shown us.  Hill, to her credit, stopped short of giving Virginia the bitch slap she clearly needs, and merely stood by her words, which is understandable, since unlike Virginia for the last 20-odd years, she has a job.   Virginia ought to get one.  She’s making an ass of herself with all her spare time.


  1. retzilian says:

    It seems pretty stupid to me for that fat ugly hag Ginny Thomas to dredge up the old Anita Hill debacle when millions of younger people who didn’t’ watch the original hearings now have access to Youtube and a host of records thanks to the Intertubes.

    Now, Mrs. Thomas has just opened up a can of worms and Anita Hill will be vindicated by a whole new generation of people who would never have known much about the hearings or the sexual harassment.

    Interesting note, Jane Mayer wrote a book about Anita Hill that was made into a movie called “Strange Justice.” I haven’t found a copy of it anywhere online, but if I do, I will watch it, and so will others like me – you know, us curious sorts.


    • cocktailhag says:

      Heh, indeed. That book was the greatest, and it informed a lot of what I wrote. Ginny is a homely ol’ hag all right, and no amount of cocktails will ever fix this problem, so she’s got to get by on this, her personality. Good luck with that.

  2. michlib says:

    Is this the same dingbat who was lining up prospective minions for W through the Heritage Foundation she hobby ” deliberated” Bush v. Gore ? Just wonderin’.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s the one… I hate to confirm your worst fears, but there it is. The years have not been kind. Notice that Anita is still as lovely as ever; which side is God really on?

  3. retzilian says:

    Ginny THomas looks like Meg Whitman. And, at the risk of sounding like a catty bitch (meeoooow), neither woman was EVER attractive and were probably dateless in high school. We just feel sorry for girls like that.

    Their deep seated envy is only exceeded by their self-loathing.

  4. retzilian says:

    And another thing, if you are going to risk the difficulties with an inter-racial (or inter-faith) marriage, as was the case with Ginny and Clarence, the least you can do is marry someone really, really gorgeous, smart, funny, and decent. What woman in her right mind would marry Clarence Thomas, that homely, disgusting, self-righteous pig?

    I think no sister would have him, which speaks volumes about them. Only a trashy, ugly fat white woman with zero self esteem would have him.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Wasn’t it Rush Limbaugh who said that feminism opened the door for unattractive women? Well, apparently so does anti-feminism…. and the women are even less attractive. If he weren’t such a blind partisan, he would have told the truth, which is that politics is show business for ugly people.

  5. nancy says:

    When I encountered the NYT headline about this story, I thought I’d stumbled into the “Onion.” It’s come to that–2010, the year of the increasingly surreal. And we still have 2 months plus to go. Hubby and I have already made a pact–we are skipping out on election eve coverage November 2 to ignore our fellow voters. Any movie house anywhere will do. Also too, I need to renew that passport.

  6. cocktailhag says:

    Good for you. We have mail-in ballots here, so I’ve already voted. Done. The calls will stop, and if I didn’t have this goddamned blog, I’d be drinking out of a pineapple already.
    I have a new slogan: “Being a Republican means other people have to say I’m sorry.” Works for Ginni.