Whew! A Sex Scandal.

As some of you may have heard, out here in Little Beirut we have us a sex scandal (the HuffPo link is here), and though tawdry and inconsequential on some levels, it’s still a bum deal for Portland, a setback for gay people, and a further trivialization of politics in general when this crap happens.  The long and short of it, no pun intended, is that then-councilman Sam Adams, preparing for a run for Mayor as the first openly gay big-city mayor in the country, decided he wanted to share his admittedly enormous wienie with a high school kid.  And, when news of the aforementioned wienie exchange started to pop up (no pun intended) in the local press, Sam did a full court Dick Cheney, lie, lie, and lie some more.  Pants, now discreetly pulled up, were on fire, each day.

But for Pete’s sake, Sam,  why not  just try not porking any 17 year olds when you’re running for mayor?  Is that too much to ask?    It’s unseemly, to put it delicately.  But failing that, since the fun began within just a few months of that fortuitous birthday, y’all could have just told the goddamned truth, and still be mayor, and with a very hot looking, if I say so myself, First Lady.  (Could a 6’4″ hunk named, and I’m not making this up, Beau Breedlove, fill that role?)

Instead, Adams, despite being a generally good guy and as liberal as anyone can be with so much developer money floating around (oops.  that’s over, too…), in the end took the bipartisan approach.  Lie.  Not just lie, but, when questioned about it before the election, call it a political smear, attack his accusers, and, get this, call it “mentoring.”  Now, even this ol’ Cocktailhag has never heard it called that before.

Sam is toast, and I say that as a supporter.  I bet, had he been honest, he still would have won, and maybe been a great Mayor.  Now, he’s 24/7 catnip to the local and national righty gasbags, always itching to point out the vileness of teh ghey, and why not?  He’s another dissembling heel, just like Clinton, and the material writes itself.

There are many jobs for the sexually indiscriminate, and liberal west coast mayor is among them, if you’re honest about it.  (See Newsom, Gavin and Villaraigosa, Antonio.)  It’s the lying about it that gets you.  (See Clinton, Bill)  Please make a note of it, Sam.


  1. bystander.again says:

    Only one word. Ouch!

  2. cocktailhag says:

    I’m curious… Has this story made a ripple anywhere else? It’s obviously the talk of the town here, but it seems like it would go national, just for its salaciousness.

    • Jim White says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of the story, but I’ve been out of touch for a few days. I don’t see anything today on the major sites I visit.

      • bebop-o says:

        Jim White. huh. I want to hear about Your DC’s tour.
        I’m hoping your horses ignore the damnation story.
        Next, some mayor may try to cross a dog Dalmatian.
        Politicians aim to cross white cats with black pink cats.
        Maybe ‘um assume posterity will be a polka dot piglet.
        Ya no mate piglets with a horse and expectorate mutts.

      • dirigo says:

        It was on HuffPo.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Yippee! We’ve hit the big time now. I’ll go look.

        • bebop-o says:

          Reply to this comment:`Dirigo.
          Cocktailhag, bamage, bystander,
          or, Whoever … Ouch! Yipee! Huff!
          Post. Puff a Camel cigarette? o No.
          Coctailhag. Ya know we No die yet.
          At this age – No, Ya will not die yet.
          No Ya will not die young. Well. Yeas!
          Dirigo go to huff and puff thee truth!
          Dirigo no a fake leader and say:`Yea!
          A PASSING THOUGHT:`Fakes are this:`
          Heads like big pumpkin’s mellon.
          frequently thumped, 0-still no ripe Yet!
          (Thinking of Wendell Farmer Berry) Yea!

          I am so far behind, I say:`Whoa, heehaw.

          • Dirigo says:

            bop, I noticed your long post elsewhere in this neighborhood, using a lot of Lear.

            Lear demanded love from his three daughters in exchange for their shares of the kingdom. Two bullshitted him about this; they were both competing for power, or, their husbands were, through them. The third refused to answer to a flat demand for love, monarch or no. He banished the third daughter. The other two eventually destroyed the kingdom, and died. He DEMANDED that they love him because he was king, and his courtiers made him believe he was omnipotent, all-knowing. He believed he could make anything or anyone bow to his will. But it didn’t work and he went mad and wound up in the storm, the tempest, naked.

            He came out of it, with the help of those left around him who loved him, including Kent and the Fool; and at the end of the play, dying, he reconciles with his surviving daughter, Cordelia.

            I suppose, in his last breath, Lear found out who he was.

            Can’t buy me love.

        • bebop-o says:

          Dirigo. Why do I keep spelling so horrible? Not Dorigo, but Imeant:`Dirigo.
          Dirigo. At your Last Wake, I believe, but I can’t prove it, at commencement,
          in the ‘thong’ of ones present, even if it’s sweltering, hot-as-blazes, a day,
          a dimension, a true reality – Will wish to tickle Ya big fat belly-button? huh.
          As Ya walks across the stage with a silly grin – I’ll bet Ya forget Ya britches?
          No worry. If Ya see some indies in the bushes – Oh grab a garden hoe. Begin.
          Dirigo:`No allow a nutcase in any Field diagnose – Ya in Ya cute flipper-flops.

  3. cocktailhag says:

    Ah, I guess that’s what living in this little burg does…. Even sex scandals, the media’s usual favorite, can’t put us on the map. Sam was in seclusion yesterday; contemplating what to do next. He hasn’t said he’ll resign, but it’s looking like he might. Maybe Bill O’Reilly or Michelle Malkin will come out here to do some stakeouts at his house…

    • bebop-o says:

      I blame the way Cocktailhag (spelled correctly) wrote WHEW!
      Or if he had read the post I’d been deleted elsewhere at, pew,
      and I read:`The unanswered Questions? Yes! I agree. O, WHEW!
      A purpose in Life is to discover what an Individuals role mat Be?
      Well, if so, we/me have a reason to Be Alive. WHEW! That’s great!
      One will increase to grow up. Know who they are in a big scheme.
      And, with No fear and trembling, and fulfill the difficult task.`Yes!
      But in a final analysis, a.n.t. each responsible as a sole Individual?
      Isn’t each human responsible for finding out who they are? Ask it!
      If one insist shifting responsibility to someone else? Thee puppet!
      AFRAID TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS ?*?* Thee sheep mentality?
      Why not live what we speak? Why not try to be the rational human?
      It’s better than entrance into the realm of:`Insidious Despair? Yes!
      Oh, I remember the farmer, Amos 7:14 ( preserved literature)? No?
      He said:`I [Amos] is just a herdsman, a person plucking wild? FIGS.
      He was gregarious, and Amos no assumed he was anythings? OHO.
      Amos was a hillbilly? A boondocks one who smelled like a hen flock.
      Maybe he/she was somewhere in between – a human being living it?
      For it may seem… intellectual honesty can get creamed…Ice Cream?
      Folks can be rational creatures, who choose to go get vanilla cones?
      huh. Ya ever wish to wear one of those road crew big red cone hats?
      silly. I’ll go to Sweets WHEW! Ice Cream parlor and ask:`Ya sell hats?
      I wish to consume a big humped-back camel, a zebra, a porcupine!
      Ouch. WHEW!. I do blame the backyard mule who say:`Yea!

      • bebop-o says:

        WHEW! No ever win the spelling bee trophy. typo. Not mat, but may,
        Cocktailhags blog office shelf may be filled with honey bees combs?
        WHEW! Sweet! Yikes!
        apology. Shush ups!

      • cocktailhag says:

        I think that the “Whew,” Bop, was to say we’d been a’wastin’ way to much time talking about The Constitution, government, the rule of law, and all that nonsense. We needed to get back to the real business of the M$M… “Who’s wienie’s going where?”
        I was proud that my little town could step in and rescue America in her time of need.
        Besides, if people start thinking about what’s behind the zipper, they won’t pay attention to what’s in the pockets, to the sides a little. Ask Dick Cheney.

  4. bebop-o says:

    Dirigo. Wow. Thanks. I wish we’d read, and even if faintly, comprehended a W. S..
    Go back to pre-K, in the Mind – The area between the two cranial Temples. Yes!
    And feller/gals, stop killing ‘our’ My/Your’s, brother and sister in the big Family.
    Dorigo. Ya were in the `Nam. Ya know something of the warrior’s booty. Greats.
    Oh, “off-topic” and know the Tiger bier and bah, bah, bah (333) is still so Good.
    As Good as fresh water, rice soup, salad greens, eye-contact, and:`Restorative.
    Tho if a sense of comfort sinks – no ever inner stink …. Speak in a dialect:`True.

    • bebop-o says:

      Oops. I No take pharm # Rx- medications, yet, I do admit to sip natural teas.
      For it seems, for better or the worse:` I mean:`I wish thought:`No reproach?
      The point? The meaning of Life? No. `Not wish to remain in Blind allegiances.
      There are a few things we all can contribute in sincere comment that Guides.
      Oh, who can be so arrogant they assume they know Everything? Ideas matter.
      Cocktailhag? Ya ever heard of:`Rambling man fever? Ya need a jukebox? huh.
      I’d bum a nickel. Cocktailhag. It be a honor to be bleeping like a lame sheep?
      I mean:`To have Cocktailhag toss me out of here in my ear? Yes! WHOA! Yes!
      I mean:`You are as enjoyable as a naked lady in the forrest or a roaring seas.
      And please know … I am not saying anything nasty. As Dirigo say:` Yea Leer.
      In glad stiletto, sacrificing comfort,
      for height – Leer. No be malicious.
      Ya are not cold, nor indifferent. No.
      A pendulum swings, Ya waves, Yes!
      Tickling~Weeping? My wish? Mores.
      No aim to hurt another withshoes?
      Cocktailhag? Ya’d chew, shoo-fly-pie? Yummy.

      • Dirigo says:

        bop, ever hear “Ramblin’ Fever” by Merle Haggard. I think it’s his best. Sometimes I play it over and over. Then I have a beer, or two, or five, and play it again, over and over and over.


        • Dirigo says:

          My hat don’t stay on the same nail too long
          My ears can’t stand to hear the same old song
          And I don’t leave the highway long enough
          To bog down in the mud
          Cause I’ve got ramblin’ fever in my blood

          I caught this ramblin’ fever long ago
          When I first heard a lonesome whistle blow
          If someone said I ever gave a damn
          They damn sure told you wrong
          I’ve had ramblin’ fever all along

          – … from “Ramblin’ Fever”
          – … by Merle Haggard

  5. rmp says:

    I’m glad he’s toast. We don’t need liars as mayors or politicians. He used piss poor judgment on where and when to put his weenie.

    I hope it doesn’t get too much national attention. He has really done damage to LGBTers and people like me who want equal rights for everyone when he has just reinforced all the gay stereotypes.

    With the judgment he has used on this one, he obviously would be vulnerable to other bad political judgments. He was a disaster waiting to happen and it is best he take his weenie and put it in private, not public places.

    • bebop-o says:

      Retired Military Patriot (rpm). Out long time spouses may agree?
      After rmp and bebop-o croak, they will be on Jay Leno, ETC., huh.
      ‘Um will lauht when their Cranky-Pleasant-Spouse is six feet under?
      Ya. and let’s wear:` yellow flip flops, knee length kilts, and a sport coat?
      I meant: `undies, not thar Retired Military Patriot wear holy Granny panties.
      Who needs a farm ‘gig’ in lieu of drunk-driver of a `Good Humor Ice Creams
      I mean: ‘A Ice Cream pickup truck driver like Cocktailhag cursing aloud? Ya Yes.
      I mean:`Coctailhag can be annoyed? Fire a blog administrator? No. Sweat sweet.
      Foxfire? After decades, a dear Friend looks in a mirror and ask:`Do I look fat? Ya.
      But, only because Ya forgot to iron the bib overalls. This is the most stupid? Delete.
      What Ya got to do to be judged, despicable? Oh, cross skunks & ravens & get Zebras.

    • bebop-o says:

      typo. Not rmp, but I meant:`RMP. No rev-up machines and spin rubber on asphalt.
      Granted. I hope Grant and Lee No begin to fight another Civil War. Who a Therapist?
      Remember to smile? No be like a family photo gathering? Miserable? Then:`Cheese.
      Cocktailhag. You may delete any thought. I am not a Orthodox Rabbi, hen, but, a human.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I agree, rmp… The guy’s been in office 3 weeks, and it now looks like a nice setup that he hired the former Mercury reporter, who had been following the story, for his Office of Sustainability and Community Development. She has no experience in this field, but wouldn’t you know, it was left to the rival alt-weekly, Willamette Week, to finally break the story. The Oregonian, naturally, missed the story entirely, which is unsurprising, since they missed Packwood, too, for about twenty years.
      It really pisses me off, as you pointed out, that this does constitute a setback for LGBT people in politics, surely the opposite of what Sam would have wanted. I know teenagers can be kind of irresistible, as evidenced by the popularity of the word “Teen” in any porno search. but we grownups ought to know better, whether or not we’re in politics.
      A lame performance, and a lame outcome.

  6. rmp says:

    NPR covered the story this morning based on an AP story. It will get plenty of national attention.
    Oregon’s AG Investigates Portland Mayor’s Affair

  7. rmp says:

    I have very fond memories of bib overalls that were worn by my grandfather and great uncle. Especially in the winter, they could drop those overalls at the house entrance and keep some of the farm smell from entering the house and then could put those suckers on just as quickly when heading to work. Do you wear some? It’s great to hear from you on the Hag’s blog because you are missed on that delete blog you used to inhabit.

  8. bebop-o says:

    RMP. Thank Ya. No problem. Ya need a GED, RMP!
    It’s okay. Now, there is more time to read Ya folks.
    RMP. Ya no needs GED’s to sing piglet-yodels. hum.
    I still cancan think-imagine I’m a jukebox violin. huh.
    I am going to buy a violin for my Granddaughter. Yes!
    She dances. She’s the most wonderful ballerina. O Joy!
    I’ll watch her for hours. Friends give musical gifts. P. ?
    Pedinska visited and gave gifts: `Ballet books, O hymn.
    She’s already a composite of great people who, O Loves.

  9. cocktailhag says:

    Bebop… Sounds like fun, if Pedinska was around.

  10. Pedinska says:

    I’m here, just late. Par for the course since the New Year’s begun.

    I am so glad Annabella’s enjoying the ballet book and music. I remember what a big difference one ballet book made in my life. She is a wonderful ballerina! I hope it becomes a lifetime love for her, just like it did for me.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Pedinska… My friend Denise, authoress of the famous song, “Oh, Hell, You’ll never be Giselle, You’ll always be Queen of the Wili’s,” had this to say about being a ballerina. “My idea of the perfect ballet is when I never touch the ground.”

      • Pedinska says:

        Hag, dahlink, I had ankle surgery 15 or so years ago. They gave me my pre-op sedation, so I was pretty loopy, when they took me into the OR. The surgery resident working with my doc was a lovely hunk of a man. He gathered me up in his ginormous arms and moved me from the gurney to the operating table, then winked at me. SWEAR, I thought something very much like what your friend Denise said.

        I felt like the heroine of a fairy tale. There’s definitely something to be said for those pre-op drugs. ;-}

        • cocktailhag says:

          There’s nothing like being tossed around a bit…. and for dancers it means their pointe shoes last longer and they avoid pesky injuries. For the standard mantrap, like you or me, it cuts down on the work, at least.

  11. Jim White says:

    Did the relationship start before Beau turned 18? The reports I’m finding all claim that they waited until he was 18. That would seem to be the key point to me. Before the birthday, it’s statutory rape. After, it’s just consenting adults and nobody’s business.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, they both went pretty crazy lying about it (Breedlove at the urging of Hizzoner), so I’m guessing the calendar date got missed by a bit. I’m not trying to be judgmental, because I think consent laws are, if not silly, at least set a bit high. But at the same time. I think the standards are a bit different for the aspiring first gay big-city mayor in the country. The bar may be set a skosh higher. And some more oddities have emerged, too.
      I’m with you on the unfairness of it all, Jim, but political realities are what they are.

  12. rmp says:

    I guess when you have to have a birth date to make a law clear, they matter. Some youth are ready for adult sex much earlier than others. My problem with the mayor is lying and denying. I’ve had enough with that kind of politician.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Me, too. Or at least I prefer my liars on the other side of the aisle. I want to put to rest this “they all do it” crap, and one way is for liberals to, unceremoniously dump liberal liars. Let’s not let people get the brands confused.

  13. timothy3 says:

    I read about this somewhere (sorry for that excruciating bit of specificity), but I do recall it was a national publication. Which reminds me, I also saw (again, don’t recall where) that the disgraced Mark Foley has a MySpace page, or somesuch.
    Hey bebop-o.

  14. timothy3 says:

    By the way, why do you refer to Portland as Little Beirut?

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s what Bush Sr. called it, when we had the largest peace rally in the country against the first Gulf War, which I attended, naturally.
      Of course, the shiny new military bases that came out of that war were what motivated Bin Laden, so what goes around comes around. New post up, by the way.

  15. Suzy Fulp says:

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