Dunces of the Confederacy, Continued


As the Clown Car heads for South Carolina, let’s not forget what they’re getting into; for all the talk of “Family Values” certain to be polluting the airwaves, the fact is that the whole state is teeming with drunken, trailer park idiots like the genius above.  Until, say, yesterday, Thad Viers was considered a “rising star,” in that murky firmament, and was favored to jump from state government to the US Congress as a Republican in the newly-created 7th district.

Now, in these parts, it makes no never mind if you’d, say, been arrested a time or two for harassing and threatening your ex-wife’s new boyfriend, been in a drunken brawl now and again, or even rumored to have slept with Governor Nikki Haley.  (Threats to sue over this slanderous charge were never pursued by either party….)  But it seems to cross some line if you get arrested right during election season, and ol’ Thad did decide to drop his run for congress today after a five-month stalk-o-rama of his latest ex-girlfriend that included unwanted visits to her work and home and unceasing texts and phone calls, came to light.

As the video above shows, the guy’s looks match his personality, and one must wonder how awful the rest of South Carolina men are that he is even able to find women to harass.  One did pour a drink on his head; maybe she was from out of town……    Perhaps the fact that he still has a full set of teeth set him apart, but a few more bar brawls ought to take care of that in a hurry.  But then there’s the brains; the guy who rails, proudly, for 40-odd painful seconds about “unmandated funds” and whatnot, then proudly posts the semi-coherent babble on his YouTube page, fancied himself Congressional timber until literally hours ago.




  1. loretta says:

    Nobody commented, but I just wanted to say that there is something really wrong with guys like Thad Viers. They operate from this core of pathological fear and rage. A history of not letting women leave him, or having to be in control of these things is the same kind of disorder that leads to spousal murder.

    Sure, he dropped out of the race, but he should be jailed.