From Russia With Love

Few politicians are as consistently revolting as Joe Lieberman, but this little display really takes the cake.  Notice how the loathsome little Likudnik fumbles over the patently ridiculous Fox charges of treason, and instead mutters something about “espionage” as he barrels forward like Brezhnev in the old commie days, sure that any excuse could be used for tossing somebody in the Gulag; never mind the law.  Laws are whatever Joe “Leonid” Lieberman thinks they are, any given day, and they are always there solely to punish his “enemies.”

Funny, isn’t it, that here in the good ol’ USA we used to make fun of the hated commies for lying when the truth would sound better, and resorting to such clumsy and obvious efforts to control the press, but now in Privatized America, the government (and people like Lieberman) can now make a few phone calls and bring Interpol, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Amazon, and some Swiss (!) banks along to silence whomever they please, and be CHEERED ON by our utterly captured Fourth Estate for their toughness.  Hell, Joe, let’s bring in Blackwater, to boot, unless they’re too busy with all their no-bid contracts everywhere else.  Who knew you could run a police state so much better on the capitalist model?

Of course, we know that Freedom Isn’t Free, so already beleaguered (non-rich) taxpayers can expect a big bill in the mail from each one of these globe-trotting corporate behemoths for their hooker-like favors, but nobody who pals around with Joe Lieberman will ever get one.  And nobody in the green rooms of the media would ever deign to take the sorts of risks Assange and Wikileaks did, so it’s their right to be smug; it compensates for the fact that they haven’t come close to doing their jobs for at least twenty years, and some uppity nobody came along and did it for them, making them look like asses.  That alone deserves a drone attack, according to our intrepid Watchdogs of the Press.

As many others have written on this subject, including Marcy Wheeler and Glenn Greenwald, the scary part about all this is that it appears to be the global elite’s final assault on what remains of press freedom across the world; like the commies of yore, they know that their candle is burning at both ends, and like any Vegas gambler, all they need is one more chance at the table to cash out for good.  Asking them to not try it would be like asking fish not to swim.  It’s their nature.


  1. dirigo says:

    Joe has a penchant for dropping in at one of the semi-famous, olde tyme Connecticut diners, to schmooze with pensioners and other oldsters, like his late mum, bless her heart.

    I need to set aside some time to follow him to one of these assignations, and inadvertently dump a bowl of tapioca pudding on his AIPAC tie.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

    • cocktailhag says:

      If I were you, I’d moon ‘im. Repeatedly.

      • dirigo says:

        Wondering how much better Joe would fare trying to bag a caribou, although, since there are no caribou in Connecticut, he would have had little opportunity to stalk them in his camo togs, like they do in the real wilderness.

        Perhaps, as a way to keep running at the wikis, he could learn how to track and shoot caribou on his I-Phone. He does need target practice of some kind, and his thumb muscles would benefit no doubt.

        I still would like to spill some tapioca on him, but there is none on the web.


  2. FunnyDiva says:

    Bravo, Cocktailhag!
    Depressing topic, but scintillating prose, as usual.

    Dude! Who stole my Country?!

  3. michlib says:

    Will someone please, PLEASE, lance this boil of the rump of the national body politic ?