Let The (Faux) Class Warfare Begin


It seems as though President Obama has belatedly discovered that aping both the rhetoric and behavior of his nominal political opponents for years doesn’t play so well with those of his own party, but more significantly, it also doesn’t play with the elusive but desirable “Independents,” either. Quelle surprise. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go to Harvard to get so dumb.  So, as per usual, Obama has chosen to shift into campaign mode, putting him in the more comfortable position of promising what he’ll never deliver, as compared to the dreary, popularity-sapping work of not delivering what he promised.  That’s nice.  We can either vote for the Republican and get uber-conservatism and more crazy, venal shills on the Supreme Court, or vote for the Democrat and get uber-conservatism and bland centrists on the Supreme Court.  Yay!  Put that on a bumper sticker and watch Americans rally.

Almost daily, I get urgent-sounding entreaties from OFA, nagging for money, and I find them frankly insulting.  Nobody has any money, you idiots, and since your entire term has been spent coddling the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, oughtn’t you be nagging them instead?  The stunningly dumb and and greedy nincompoop in the video above would be a good place to start.  Teabagger John Fleming, (R., LA), actually claims that he spends $200,000 each year to “feed his family,” a claim which is so ludicrous I simply don’t know where to start.  First of all, how big is your family, both in numbers and pounds?  Either you have 100 kids, or they are eating way too much.  Then, unlike normal families, who make much less primarily for the purpose of feeding themselves, he acts as though this ought to be a deductible expense, and his real income ought to be considered only after this alarming gluttony is taken off the top.  Even the MSNBC hostess is taken aback when he claims that the $400,000 remaining after everyone in the household has had their daily ton of caviar and foix gras amounts to something scrounged from the sofa cushions.  Really?

Obviously there is, as this video illustrates, a crying need for class warfare in this country, not just for the money, but simply to knock self-entitled bozos like Fleming down a peg, and what Obama is proposing falls far short of such a worthy endeavor.  In a speech today that many Obamabots are praising as “bold,” etc., the President says that billionaire hedge fund managers like Warren Buffet ought to pay the same rate of taxes as their secretaries, rather than stating the obvious, that they should pay much more.  Faced with the prospect that middle and working class people might be pushed into poverty, and worse, government assistance, if they had to “share” the inevitable “sacrifice,” the GOP has an answer, too.  Tax ‘em, and eliminate government assistance, for the benefit of “job creators” like Fleming, who is by all accounts an absentee rentier also drawing a taxpayer-funded congressional salary that nearly covers his family’s prodigious eating habits all by itself.

Sadly, such an arrogant lack of self-awareness coming from a bunch of wealthy Republican freeloaders like this guy, repeated ad nauseam, just might do the trick in awarding Obama a richly undeserved second term, but it’s unlikely to elicit much enthusiasm for the prospect, given that it’s only finally begun when it no longer matters.  Actual class warfare, rather than the fake kind we’re seeing today, might have made a difference had it been engaged in back in 2009.  Actually ending the wars might have done the same thing.  But those roads were not taken, and the economy is still in the toilet, the rich are still running things to their great advantage, and ordinary Americans are supposed to be cheered by the President proposing a plan that, though everyone acknowledges it won’t ever happen, does invite Republicans to make (even bigger) asses of themselves by proudly defending the indefensible.

If it’s all you’ve got, you might as well use it, but it didn’t have to be this way, and the President knows it.



  1. Annice says:

    I think the $200,000 went to his personal chef’s salary!
    Honestly who can eat that much!

    • cocktailhag says:

      That and, aside from many UPS stores, he owns a bunch of Subway Sandwich outlets, where the check averages are about $6. Taking from the poor to give to the rich, once again.

  2. michlib says:

    I wonder how this ” job creator ” votes on issues like the school lunch program ( competition for his Subway stores ) or the Bushwhacking of the US Postal Service ( see what brown can do for you – but not if you live toooo far in the hinterlands – get rid of competition for his UPS stores ). And a measly 200 grand for him and his tea baguettes doesn’t leave much for detailing the Bentley. I cry myself to sleep at night over the hardship and deprivations this country visits on these champions of free-market daring-do. Have we, at long last, no decency ?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Ed Schultz put it best, after doing a little math and coming up with a figure of $6000 per week for “food.” “Even Chris Christie doesn’t spend that much.”

  3. mikeinportc says:

    *Standing O* , CH.

    Lol at the “begin” part. It never stops, and guess who wins almost all the time? ;)

    • cocktailhag says:

      Correction: All the time.
      The much heralded Clinton tax hikes were an spectacular 3 point something, still leaving even the biggest billionaires paying under 40%, which they promptly quintupled during the stock market boom.
      I think the last time “we” won was in 1936 or so.

  4. The Heel says:

    Poor thing (pun intended) should not have used “feeding my family” so much. He obviously meant “providing for my family”.
    The disturbing part is that he seriously expects empathy and understanding form the unwashed masses for being so relatively poor – if compared to his fellow multi-millionaires in Congress. He seriously expects that voters will understand that with only $400,000 after providing for his family, he is barely better of than the rest.
    But in Congress, detachment from reality is apparently a job requirement and not a phenomenon…