Meet Your Monster

The Hag's nephew at left

The Hag's nephew at left

Today I met up with my brother downtown, and we went to the opening festivities of Mercy Corps, the Portland-based international relief organization, which just opened a new headquarters building in Old Town, right next to the venerable Skidmore Fountain.  (Inscription:  ”Citizens: The Riches of a City”….)

My nephew’s band, “Meet Your Monster,” was playing, and I was pretty impressed.  They have a lot of original music and some real talent; it was a nice way to spend a sunny fall Saturday, especially when ol’ Cocktailhag got a shout out,  ”My Uncle Tony, Cocktailhag….”


  1. The Heel says:

    That is cute!
    Great to see the boy again. Last time he was still wearing shirt and pants in one piece :)

  2. cocktailhag says:

    Geezerdom stalks you when your younger brother’s kids are almost as tall as you are, and they start driving cars and being in bands.

    • Ah, but aren’t they wonderful? Summer’s lease hath all too short a date, the Bard said, and rightfully so. When I see stuff like this, though, I don’t care. I don’t. It just makes me glad.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Ah, yes, all the fun without the responsibility…. Ted and I left without them, after they drained his wallet they were fine downtown on their own. I’m somewhat loath to admit that at that age, I spent my free time considerably less productively.