Oops, They Did It Again

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Well, it seems that yet another mysterious “lone wolf,” acting completely spontaneously of course, has shot recently reelected Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson parking lot.  In the head.  Coincidentally, Sarah Palin has suddenly removed her infamous, crosshair-dotted congressional map from her website, and Giffords’ Teabagger opponent Jesse Kelly has, just as coincidentally, also scrubbed reference to a campaign event billed thusly:  ”Get on Target for Victory in November.  Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office.  Shoot a Fully Automatic Rifle With Jesse Kelly.”  The Memory Hole is filling up fast, but MSNBC helpfully posted the video above from March of last year, when Giffords’ office doors were shot out by a teabagger yahoo.  Notice how the pudgy and brainless Chuck Todd and his bimbo sidekick both try to blame Giffords for drawing attention to the fact that the right is well, violently crazy, even when she was, unfortunately, doing no such thing.  The blue dog-ish Giffords slips easily into the “both sides do it” meme at the rather pointed direction of her interviewers, not knowing she would be, at least reportedly, assassinated in less than a year.

We do have a problem with political violence in this country, and it comes from one side of the aisle, period, the side that is most naturally violent, antidemocratic, and authoritarian.  The side that revels in war and torture.  The side that brings guns to political rallies.  The side that routinely declares that vast swaths of the American people are unworthy of voting because they’re less than fully American.  The side that immediately turns to “Second Amendment Solutions” when they deservedly lose elections.  Fox made the bed, and now Gabrielle Giffords is lying in it, along with several others.  This isn’t complicated.

Asked whether his daughter had any enemies, Spencer Giffords replied, “Yeah.  The whole Tea Party.”  Father knows best….   When we find out that the 20-something shooter was a devotee of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who believed that Obama was going to take his guns away, expect no one to be surprised except, perhaps, Chuck Todd.

More later on this CHNN station, and on CHNN news overnight.

UPDATE: Big surprise….  Rumors of Gifford’s death were at least somewhat exaggerated by our thorough, responsible mainstream media.   She appears to have come out of surgery alive and “responding to commands.”  (What, they’re already bossing her around?)  Federal Judge John Roll was among the six or so killed, along with a child under twelve.  The shooter’s name is Jared Lee Loughner, 22, who has some vague “law enforcement” background.


Knock me over with a feather; from HuffPost’s Sam Stein:

(Bold added by CH)

There will be, in the next few days, painstaking efforts to uncover and understand the background of Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. And right now reporters are generally going off of bits of information taken, primarily, from Google searches.

The most illustrative window is Loughner’s YouTube account, which appears to be hub of anti-government zealotry, obsession over currency and language standards, and, to put it bluntly, outright paranoia.

“In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can’t trust the current government because of the ratifications: the government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar,” he writes in one video posting. “No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver! No! I won’t trust in God!”

Here is a link to Loughner’s YouTube site.

There are also some biographical details that can be culled from the page. Loughner attended Mountain View High School, Northwest Aztec Middle College, and Pima Community College. He also appears to have been in the armed forces, at one point in time.

“Every United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix is receiving one mini bible before the tests,” he writes in one video. “Jared Loughner is a United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix Therefore, Jared Loughner is receiving one mini bible before the tests.”

If this guy isn’t a teabagger, then I’m Rudy Giuliani.


Arizona’s Cocktailhag-in-Chief Jan Brewer has this to say, on Fox News of course:

Brewer said law enforcement and government at all levels have a “shared determination to ensure justice is fully served.”

“I am just heartbroken,” Brewer said. “Gabby is ore (sic) than just a colleague, she is a friend. She has always been a noble public servant … It’s an unbelievable tragedy that the people of Arizona experienced today, one of which of course in our worst nightmares we never would have imagined.”

She added that the shooting is not something that shows favor for the state, but that the incident doesn’t represent the vast majority of sentiment among Arizonans. As is the case elsewhere, “We have disturbed people in our community that do terrible, violent things.”

I would add that she doesn’t show a lot of “favor for the state,” as they evidently say in Fox-ese, either, and that pretty much all of her supporters are, well, a little disturbed, if you’re going to get technical about it.  At least she (presumably) got through her statement without any embarrassing minute-long pauses.  On Fox anyway, she is growing in office.


Somebody gets it.

UPDATE V: (Sunday) Rebecca Mansour, Sarah Palin’s spokesmodel, informed us that the gunsight images Palin removed from her website were, contrary to what you’d think given Palin’s ostentatious gun-worship, not gunsights at all, but, get this….  SURVEYOR’S MARKS!  Those surveyors, you know, are always reloading those thingamajigs they use, and not just to perforate Bullwinkle with a varmint rifle, but to perhaps “survey” certain congressional districts.  The most hardened Palinbot will never believe such risible hooey, but there it is.  As Tbogg would say, “Shut up, Dumb Lady.”

UPDATE VI: The right wing fainting couch is filling up, due to Pima County Sheriff Gupnick’s accurate comments above.  Get a load of this steaming pile from local right wing hate talker Jon Justice (!)…

I feel incredibly bad for our brave Pima County Sheriff’s Officers who have to serve under Clarence Dupnik. Within hours of the horrific shooting that took place at the congresswoman’s event Dupnik was telling local media that talk radio and the media was partly to blame, only to repeat his statements again during the press conference that was receiving national attention. We have no idea at this point the motivation of this murderer’s act. Yet Dupnik took his moment in the spotlight to drive a political wedge into the event. They were reckless and dangerous statements made by someone who should have known better. He should have been using his time to help bring the community together. Instead his statements made Tucson appear to be a city full hate, bigotry and vitriol. To say, as Dupnik did, that comments made on the airwaves essentially motivated this person to commit this crime is exactly what he blamed talk radio of doing, inciting through pure rhetoric. It was complete misuse of his power and he owes the media in town, TV and radio, an apology for his horrible comments in the middle of such a tragic day. He should step down immediately from his position as Pima County Sheriff.

Really.  These guys may have small dicks, but they’ve got awfully big balls.


  1. avelna says:

    She added that the shooting is not something that shows favor for the state, but that the incident doesn’t represent the vast majority of sentiment among Arizonans. As is the case elsewhere, “We have disturbed people in our community that do terrible, violent things.”

    Such as killing people who are on the organ transplant list because the money would surely be better spent on financing private prisons or repairing the roof of a sports stadium.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Normally I’m in favor of more cocktailhags in government, but I draw the line at Jan Brewer. (Well, also Jane Harman, Dianne Feinstein, etc…). Beasts like her and ol’ Palin, as usual, are running up against some serious karma. Quelle surprise.

  2. timothy3 says:

    It’s an unbelievable tragedy that the people of Arizona experienced today, one of which of course in our worst nightmares we never would have imagined. — Gov. Brewer

    I believe she meant to say “dreams” rather than nightmares.

    Off to church she goes, along with Palin, to pray to the God of Lipton that similar justice will be meted out accordingly, to the proper targets, in due time, etc.

    Boy, but do I admire the religiously committed who mistake religious commitment for social madness.
    Then again, perhaps it’s always been thus.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Usually, yes. It’s kind of hard to come up with real evidence to justify such routine heinousness, so they go with the supernatural. Why wouldn’t ya?
      (Her response could put her in the running for a lead in the upcoming Condi Rice Musical Revue, “No One Could Have Predicted.” Younger gals will do the dancing, while she descends from the flyloft on a swing….)

  3. dirigo says:

    This is equivalent to the yelling fire in a theater legal standard.

    Will the “leaders” who incite by their gun-slinging rhetoric take ANY responsibility?

    Of course not.

    That would require courage.

    That would require character.

    No more crying!

    Except for the dead.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Rumor has it that the weapon was automatic, but maybe not fully automatic, as promised at her opponent’s rally. Only six or seven dead so far, so maybe not.

      • dirigo says:

        I was reading an article about the AK-47, the weapon of choice among “freedom fighters” worldwide over the last forty years. It was also the gun that put to shame the piece of shit known as the American M-16, lo those many years ago, long ago and far away (the M-16 turned out to be an exceptional club and bayonet holder, but not much more).

        Not that it matters much in this context, but, as I understand it, current law on guns in this whacko country restricts fully automatic weapons.

        Therefore as things stand now, it seems you can easily blow away a congresswoman, a federal judge, and nearly a dozen bystanders without the punch of an AK.

        But I’m no expert, being a Massachusetts native. You should probably consult with the NRA, which I’m sure has a chapter in Phoenix, if not Boston.

        Patriots in Boston throw footballs for the most part, although in certain urban, ethnic neighborhoods, turf wars do lead to bloody results.

  4. Arizona is a beautiful state (especially this time of year), but unfortunately we have a lot of nut jobs down here.

    The gun laws in this state are the laxest in the nation. Everyone’s packing heat.

    I’ve seen Giffords speak in the past. She is a great person. I wish her well.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’ve noticed a few nut jobs… Sadly, my dad is one of them, although I’m pretty sure he’s unarmed these days.
      I second your thoughts for Giffords… and America.

  5. nancy says:

    It’s an unfortunate metaphor, but this incident, to me, signals a bit of a death rattle. Arizona, a place that could not exist without lots of federal largesse, is filled with hateful, aging, and angry (not sure why–the easy winters also yield intolerable summers?) “patriots”. Remember the nasty Minutemen movement of several years ago, patrolling the borders as the posse commitatus? Well, their clockers are ticking (or tickers are clocking) and someone like Palin made them feel young and potent again. She’s toast and they are about to be. Surely, no matter what this killer’s story is, people won’t believe he just happened to go on a Wheaties-buying errand and ended up wounding a congresswoman and killing members of her staff as well as a federal judge who favored immigration reform.

  6. mikeinportc says:

    It’s an unbelievable tragedy …
    Because it involves members of The Club.

    ….that the people of Arizona experienced today, one of which of course in our worst nightmares we never would have imagined…

    Nope. Nobody couldathunkit.

    Now we’re into the Knowing,-endless-speculation-about-things-we-don’t-know phase…About the Congresswoman(CW) and the Judge.

    Blitzer et,al ” CW_JUDGE_CW_JUDGE_CW_JUDGE_SHOOTER_CW_JUDGE ,……oh yeah…..17 others. We know you don’t care about any but IMPORTANT PEOPLE, because we don’t’ & we’re just like you, but somebody might criticize us for it , so there ya go – we mentioned it . Now back to CW_JUDGE_CW_JUDGE_CW_JUDGE_SHOOTER_CW_JUDGE “

    • cocktailhag says:

      Funny you should mention that. I haven’t heard a bit from the parents of the nine year old that got killed, for instance. Guess they should have married astronauts or palled around with Bush Senior.

  7. meremark says:


    I would venture to say Gov. Brewer is in part responsible, shares in the psychologically sick indecency propelling this crime and other distress of the pattern. Sick mentally so she should be brain-scanned for holding office, and removed if her ‘inner self’ fails to show mental standards.

    Partially responsible in her fascist-favoring media part.

    Brewer is incompetent and unqualified in her title. Her position and actions are destructive. She must resign in shame, fully disgraced.


  8. mikeinportc says:

    I’m already hearing Fox-ready spokesmodels saying he’s a “lefty,”

    Ditto CNN, at least in the brief moment I had it on . I was just checking in to confirm that, yes,it’s still the only thing going on in the world. Also seemed to be headed into the those-damned-DFHs-and-their-awful-dirty-unruly-internetz-that-need-to-be-regulated line of “conversation”. Had something cooking, so turned it (TV) off , before it [the food, & appetite for it ;) ] was ruined.

  9. Ché Pasa says:

    I’ve been ragging on Arizona as a secessionist cesspit for years. Too bad so much of AZ is so beautiful, the majority of its voting population is whack. Gramps McCain really does represent the attitude of so many cranky, crackpot Arizonans, none of whom could survive without the tender mercies of the damn-dirty Federal Government they despise and ritually denounce.

    Which is not to say everyone in AZ is whack, just that enough of them are to make everyone else miserable — and from time to time, like in this instance, dead.

    Couple of things:

    I heard that Bristol bought a house in Tucson a little while back and lives there these days. Wouldn’t it be interesting to follow that little tidbit?

    Last time I was in Arizona, I overheard a conversation between two employees at a truck stop. One was a young fellow restocking shelves, the other was an older man either supervising or just passing the time. The younger one said he was from Oklahoma and had moved out to Arizona to be “free.” The older man said, “Well, yeah. Welcome to the Police State.” The younger one said, “You got that right. I have been as harassed anywhere as I’ve been here. It’s not THIS bad in Oklahoma.” (This was in December and they were both Anglos).

    I’m still puzzling what that was all about. The place is full of wild-eyed secessionists, armed to the teeth, and furious at everything and everyone, particularly of the browner persuasion. They live in a pressure cooker of constant hatred and rebellion. It is their bliss. So what “police state” was that fellow talking about? Worse than Oklahoma — which really is a Police State? Is that even possible?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Bristol’s house is in Maricopa, a schlocky suburb of Phoenix….. Tomato, tomahto.
      Anything’s possible for these types; they live in Police States of their own minds, complete with headless bodies in the desert.

      • Ché Pasa says:

        Well. That’ll teach me to listen to gossip and rumors. Sounded good at the time.

        But still, their own addled minds are the Devil’s Playground. And that desert… it does do things to you, they say, even without controlled substances.

        Sam Shepard captured the madness of the desert and its denizens beautifully — in a manner of speaking — years ago (even though it wasn’t the Sonoran Desert) with Tooth of Crime, Buried Child, True West, and Curse of the Starving Class among others. It’s not just who is attracted to the desert, it’s what it does to you, too.

        Ask the Eagles… ;-)

        • cocktailhag says:

          I’ve only spent a little time there, once at a resort outside Tucson and once in Phoenix. There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed here, too, that natural beauty attracts spooky people. They like the isolation, and they make the place feel homey with their derelict cars, trailers, and junk-ridden yards. It’s the same in the desert, except the light is better.

  10. retzilian says:

    So, I was watching this C+ movie from a Stephen King novella called “The Mist” last night and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Tea party and people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin personifying the crazy charismatic woman in the story who incites a frightened (and stupid) group of people to violence. One of the best scenes in the movie is when the grocery store manager shoots the evangelical kook right between the eyes. Metaphorically, we have to end the reign of terror right between the eyes as well. If this event does not curtail the rise of Palin as a candidate for any office, then I guess there is no point in participating any longer.

    The media are as guilty of this murder as she is.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Can you believe those “news” anchors telling Giffords, months before her shooting, that maybe she ought to leave poor Sarah aloooone? I wonder what that despicable fatass Chuck Todd thinks now when he watches that revealing bit of tape.

  11. retzilian says:

    As an aside, I would be a thousand dollars that the perp was an avid “Prison Planet” fan. Although I agree with some of Alex Jones’ ideas (after all, I am a tinfoil hatter about some things), he has advocated the “gold standard” conspiracy (a la Ron Paul) and hates Obama. I don’t know if the perp is the right age group to listen to Beck, but I am curious, extremely curious, to see what his parents listen to.

    The silence is deafening on the part of his parents.

    Back when Klibold and pal shot up Columbine, I partly blamed the parents of the killers because they were so blind, willfully blind, to their kids’ activities and web presence. It was criminal negligence, really.

    This kid did not come up with this violent fantasy in a vacuum. If he is mentally ill and untreated, it is definitely his parents’ fault.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Yeah, when I was 22, my only thoughts about currency was that I never had enough of it. I had other things to woryy about than what it was based on. This is where the middle-aged accomplice theory sounds plausible, like the father/son Turnidge bombers here.

      • retzilian says:

        Or the Beltway snipers, for that matter. Good theory. It rings a little bell. I suspect there is some older man in the picture, if not the father.

        • retzilian says:

          Oh, and if Gabby were targeted because she was Jewish, well, that’s a horse of a different, and certainly not “left wing” color.

          If they can show a relationship between the perp (and a likely mentor) and anti-Semetic white supremacy, well, the tea pots will have a hard time disowning him.

          • cocktailhag says:

            It’s a big dilemma for the ‘bagger set…. Do we love the Jews because we hate Habibs and want to bring about Armageddon? Or do we hate them because they’re overeducated, powerful elitists? That’s a toughie.

  12. timothy3 says:

    So this kid looks so much like my nephew, a student at AZ U, that I felt my blood pressure rise for a moment. It was until I confirmed with my sister that he was still here in Boise on holiday that I was able to return to my normal hypertensive state.
    Anyway, these reports that the guy is a lefty are as believable as FoxNews’ “We report You Decide” nonsense.

  13. dirigo says:

    A Republican senator can only go on background with a beltway news outfit to plead forlornly that the rhetoric be dialed down.

    Add to that the continuing meaningless of the response on the right to Tucson.

    “No, those weren’t bulls-eyes on Sarah’s campaign map! They were Home Depot target markers, used by benign surveyors trying to find a place to build a foundation, or drill for oil on Mr. Johnson’s farm !!! ”

    The leader of the Teas, one Judson Phillips, has quickly (as in a New York P.R. minute) fashioned the new formulation for who the shooter is, a neat, alliterative distancing and with it of course a refusal to take any responsibility.

    Phillips says the shooter, who has read Hitler, is a “liberal lunatic.”

    On to the rebuttal in the dry gulch of American political “debate.”

    Oink …

    • cocktailhag says:

      Lunatic, yes, but liberal? Was Giffords wearing a mink or something? Serving veal? Sheesh.

      • dirigo says:

        These words mean nothing; these people are incoherent; their assertions and bleatings that what they say is meaningful, or even gospel, is ludicrous.

        And they are courted and covered every day by news organizations as if they are contributing to the national debate.

        They are not.

        Instead, although they deny it, and have plausible deniers operating on their behalf (check out Tennessee Lamar’s defense of Mrs. Grizzly), they are inciting hate and anarchy, the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

        For shame.

  14. nancy says:

    Unless I’ve missed something, Boehner’s tears have been conspicuously missing since Saturday. Says something, but I’m not sure what. This guy can tear up over stimulus packages but not gun-ravaged dead innocents? Targeted colleague and her staff?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, he could have been at the bar, you know. At least (so far) he isn’t running around talking about how mean and censorious the “left” is because of this… he’d have plenty of company.

      • nancy says:

        No, he won’t do that because Eric Cantor will. On the floor, during the State of the Union address. With his blackberry. Or does he now get to sit on the dais with the grown-ups?–that will make even more of a statement. Who gets the “you lie” moment this year do you suppose? Also, if you have the stomach, check out the NPR piece from last week called “Meet the Freshmen: the Rising Stars of the GOP.” We’ll apparently all be fascinated to watch the rise of Ben Quayle along with a Palin clone from South Dakota. Fresh-faced, plain-spoken, mother of three…..”Palin from the Plains”. The new template in national politics–young and “hot” Republican female. Feminism really deserves better.

        Retz–your guest post nailed this. I should have thanked you at the time.

  15. dirigo says:

    Surveying this list of burgeoning independence movements worldwide, I wonder, Sir Hag, where you stand on the possible formation of the Republic of Cascadia.

    Would you buy a Glock and begin firing indiscriminately from the penthouse balcony of CHNN Towers to make it happen?


    • cocktailhag says:

      Nah. The only people who need killin’ that I could hit from here are the bad musicians outside the Farmer’s Market. Play the theme from “The Dating Game” on your trumpet one more time? BLAM! How about the theme from “Star Wars” on your bagpipe? KABLOOEY!

      • dirigo says:

        Glocks can do a lot of damage to bagpipes from a couple of hundred yards, especially if the pipers are playing really bad Wagner.

        They can also put some big holes in kilts from a fair distance. Right between the legs.

  16. meremark says:


    “perforate Bullwinkle” – I swear you craft the cheesiest word confections, CH.

    The attempted huffing’n'puffing reactionary blowback is epic dumb against the Pima County Sheriff who shot the truth right between the close-set beady eyes of hater-face monovision. Since Sheriff Gupnick has an invincible street cred on the subjects, of calls and disturbances by the gonzo galoots, caused in his precinct. Six souls murdered is not the only clue Gupnick knows that ties the obediently-violent primates to the magnified voices of the Order of Hate. Imagine the threats and idiocy his department’s dispatches collect in a year. Unimaginable.

    Book readers who might “Ask the Eagles” (Ché Pasa), Whither dark desert hiways?, can likely enjoy a house tour of the Eagles’s incubation aerie. ‘Chapter’ 1 of 16 starts at this link, the next link is at the end of each ‘chapter’:

    (Hag, you might enjoy the read, too, if you haven’t seen it already — muy morte en los angeles’ diablo arroyo.)

    (retzilian) betting “that the perp was an avid “Prison Planet” fan” — I’d bet not. A.Jones ‘fans’ tend to ken of conspirators in every conspiracy, and so be on a wary lookout — they don’t really believe that sh!t, they don’t really believe in themselves.
    (Also, iffy betting) “mentally ill and untreated, it is definitely his parents’ fault” — perhaps that’ll Show. Or Place. To Win, my money is on mentally ill BECAUSE ‘treated’, which would be what the “older man accomplice” who disappeared was doing there: treating.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, Madame Hag (perhaps to don a Giuliani mask), let us venture where Liptoneers are lost, extinct, in a wider wisdom of a Big Perspective made of spooks and mirrors full-length, from foggy bottom to towering hubris, looking out and into windows on the world. Let us go where normal folks are not, where we hardly picture any thing of the place any time, into a situation all around us we have never been or seen into, eavesdropping. [n.b. Old CIA motto: Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. -- the 'yellow pages' idea on steroids ... and hallucinogens.] (Draw a nailhead troll, here, soon.) It must be strongly emphasized that pica you’uns have never known the unthinkable elites, boldfaced.

    There is a link (below) entering otherworld. The residence is a nest of veterans today writing diaries of their offices, dutifully done and honor bound. Believe it or not, out of the beltway bubble: Essay to read. Reading is difficult in the diaries, taking immense effort: work at it — in part because it’s unbelievably grotesque and obnoxious, eyes and gut get woozy and dizzy — in part because it’s unfathomably duplicitous — in part because of gaps in the composition and passages that got no grammar teachin’, like simile syntax.

    Meet the writer who the link leads to reading [maybe not his pen name, or not maybe ... in mirrorland]:

    JB Campbell was born in Chicago in 1946, grew up in Oakbrook, Illinois, then the polo capital of the world. Graduated from Carmel HS in California. Raced cars in Australia and England for two years. Three years of college, mostly at the University of Nevada, Reno. Operated the School of Slide Control to train racing drivers and others the technique of slide control. Commercial (oilfield) diver in Texas and Louisiana for two years. Campbell was in the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia in the early ’70s and was a Section Officer in Support Unit, the anti-terrorist group. He was the first American in the BSAP since 1923. Campbell started the modern militia movement in 1989 with his book, The New American Man – A Call to Arms. The militia movement lasted until ’95 with the state-sponsored destruction of the OKC federal building. The State Department considers him a “mercenary.” The FBI considers him a problem. The Secret Service considers him a terrorist. Campbell couldn’t care less. Campbell makes his living as a drilling supervisor, mainly in southern California.

    Preview the conclusion that the reading leads to:

    “… we’ll find that this guy in Tucson will also have been worked on by professionals for some time before going to that shopping center.

    Where. Thing. Time. got Any?

    Prepared to enter a world of nonfiction nonsense at its twilight, a world where bizarre is norm and true to form. Park and buckle up for wild wordrides where eyes pop open inside the enlightened head, shades up, scales down. Like Disneyland.
    Actually, (1955), Disneyland’s a copy.

    Enter in Midway Scene 2

    Due to the atrocity in Tucson, the following experience is offered. It is extremely disturbing and none of our friends would even comment on it at the time. … It also happened in Arizona and is described in part two, which I’ll post later, along with the video of the victim’s carefully induced grand mal seizure …. The piece was written by me, in the as-told-to style. The third guy referred to by Mike was Brian Quig, who was himself murdered in Phoenix a few months after this was written. Some of Mike’s memories never actually happened, as will be made clear in part two…

    “My name is Mike Gadbaw.

    [Maybe. Maybe not.] I’m a US Navy vet and apparently I’ve been groomed as some sort of “sleeper” for a number of years, for what purpose I do not know. …


    Dream-Sequence Flashback Scene 1

    The first article ended with Robbi leading Mike away from Kingman, Arizona to the Navajo reservation near Window Rock. She felt that he could hide out there for a while and be protected by her friends there. This turned out not to be true and Mike had to move on ….

    He made his way back to Kingman, meandering around, visiting three small lakes – Munds, Indian and Groom – in central Arizona. He said that the names of these obscure lakes triggered something in his mind. It must have really triggered something because he kept going from Kingman to Searchlight, Nevada, from where he called Robbi, late at night. “Who is Harry Reid?” he asked her.


    “I’m at his compound in Searchlight, Nevada.”

    “What are you doing there?”

    “I don’t know. Who is he?”


  17. dirigo says:

    Palin keeps going off a cliff.

    Addressing critiques of extreme rhetoric – hers and that of others – and the possible connection to the Tucson disaster, she attacks the media for aiming a “blood libel” at her.

    Dicey stuff, since, assuming one knows the provenance of that term, Congresswoman Giffords is Jewish.

    But no matter. Congressman Clyburn has called Palin out as an idiot, and none too soon.

    The day she recognizes that will be a bell-weather for us all, and hopefully, her castle of cant will collapse in a heap.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Every time somebody giver her something to whine about, whine she does, and in the most tone deaf and addled way. What an idiot.

      • dirigo says:

        Since she doesn’t know she’s stupid she can’t admit it, but her handlers know, and they gave her a nifty speech to read.

        Looking at more of it you can see she could not possibly have written it

        Interesting to wonder how the incendiary phrase “blood libel” got in there.

        An idiot would not know any better; a clever political adviser would though.

        • meremark says:


          ‘blood libel’ is coined into circulation buzz by the same source who coined ‘congenital liar’ (and applied it to Hillary, circa 1995 as I recall)

          that lingui-psycher ‘Frumm’ or whatever his name is

          Rash Lamebrain tries coinage, too, and he’s batting about 1 out of 1000, point oh oh one, and that single one-time hit is perhaps ‘feminazi’

          ‘they’ used to have Safire or the Alsop bros. to do this despicable coinage mudwording for ‘them’
          Buckley never got the feel of it, kept tossing his bon mots over the heads of the hoi polloi who are required to catch it for mob-making

          Half-Governor Failin got her 15 seconds of fame — wasn’t that, verbatim, what Warhol coined: “15 secs of fame” not “15 mins of fame” for everyone taking turns? — accidently backasswards (you might say) coining ‘refudiyaddayadda
          This ‘event’ sticks her in the wax museum, encased inanimate in the lore of History, preserved in amber as curio in the same way pins skewer pretty spread-wing butterflies as specimen inside a glass case

          Also, media masses has discovered the verbal ‘mop water’ which melts Half-Gov.Failin when slopped on her: “show us the birth certificate of the Downs baby whatsisname” … which has not been published … media masses is suspecting there lurks liability in that bloodline blood test … possibly statutory violations of un-sixteen-sweetened

          • dirigo says:

            She may have just hit her iceberg, and the slow but deadly leak is underway, threatening the engine room and steerage.

            Lower the lifeboats!

            Get the string quartet working on the bow!

            Wimmen and childfolk first!

            (Sorry, I’m mixing my metaphors and imagery. She’s just so captivating, I don’t know which way she should implode, but implode she will.)

          • meremark says:


            I’m saying frozen in the headlights of time-and-event headlines

            meaning: immobilized, she can never make another public appearance and so little as a TV cameo is too much risk, liability of the blood being what it is. (besides, FOX is outcasting her, after TLC cancelled her show)

            she’s now a dust bunny in History’s bin — beenhistory

  18. meremark says:


    Glenn is a good ‘get’, today again

    yet he still doesn’t get it
    the masses void of abstract reasoning means news info has to be published, depicted, as a face and speaking dialect so that the news info is ‘personalized’ (in TVdrama-speak), not word-pictured since reading comprehension is abstract art (even Glenn’s good words not good enough) while media masses is artless … good thing Glenn is making Skyped TV appearances for his points, too, personalizing his ideas
    but I still stay he doesn’t get what it is (the idea) that needs to be coined and that he should write about and telecast-talk about

    that mysterious ‘idea’ is the one written down (beside writer’s face photo) in the two-part story linked in my earlier comment, upthread

    Please DO make an effort to read the two-part story at the links
    afterwards, you might see your mental ‘image’ (abstraction) of the Tucson ‘event’ appears in your mind’s-eye radically redrawn
    and you tell two friends your new ‘picture’ story
    and they each tell two friends
    and they tell two friends

    • cocktailhag says:

      I did want to read the Laurel Canyon link, since I used to live off Lookout Mountain on Greenvalley, but the link didn’t work. I just finished a post, so now I’ll check out the others.

      • meremark says:


        oh my, SOTT.net (Signs Of The Times) jettisoned the Laurel Canyon ‘book.’ Sorta strange. Maybe the ‘book’ is too risque, what with invoking CIA and all that ….

        Here’s a new link, same ‘book’ by Dave McGowan, on his personal website:


        That link starts you along the chain, link to link, chapter to chapter.
        This link steps back to the directory webpage, with a look at all of McGowan’s stuff, the Laurel Canyon story only one among several:


        Thanks, CH, for noting the lapsed link.
        Now if it clicks for you, and you start reading, consider cancelling your plans for tomorrow since you can’t stop reading all night.


  19. michlib says:

    The most repellant of sistah Sarah’s ” qualities “, and there are a boatload, is here gobsmacking talent ( along with fellow traveller Sharon (obtuse) Angle ) to interpret ANY tragedy as featuring thenselves as the injured party. That bespeaks a degree of narcissism heretofore unknown.
    Popcorn popping starts in 10,9,8, …

    • cocktailhag says:

      They used to say, about Teddy Roosevelt, “he wants to be the bride at every wedding, and the corpse at every funeral.” Sounds like Caribou Barbie to me….

      • meremark says:


        The signifyin’ monkey perforating Bullwinkle ….

        I am soooo going to steal that ‘perforating Bullwinkle.’


        • cocktailhag says:

          You’re welcome to it… I settled on “perforating” after considering other terms, but I was never totally happy with it. I only really liked the Bullwinkle part, but I was too lazy to drag out the thesaurus. (print edition, which I still use…)

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