Oops, They Did It Again

One kind of funny, and certainly satisfying thing about the conservative “successes” of the past few decades is that so many of them are still just lying around, like turd piles in the yard, that they keep getting stepped in at the worst possible moments. About five minutes before or after John McCain picked Phil Gramm as his economics guru, Gramm’s biggest legislative “achievement,” the deregulation of the securities markets, blew up in the worst global collapse since the great depression, and McCain sunk in up to his ankle in Republican policy shit.  Good luck selling that Free Market business now, you bilious old coot with an indeterminate number of tacky houses.  For Republicans, getting what they wish for nearly always means a lot of people get ripped off, killed, poisoned, etc., and few of them seem to have the decency to do so only when no one will notice.

It happened again during the health care debate;  just as Republicans were darkly evoking government takeovers, death panels and such, the insurance monopolies went ahead and raised rates 20-40% on all their customers and then quite publicly dropped some ailing customers, showing everybody the Free Market and death panel thing, Republican style.  Suddenly even the Democrats’  crummy shambles of a plan looked pretty good, if only by comparison.  Calling  any Wall Street Reform another “bailout?”  Great idea, Luntz, but too bad Goldman Sachs’ unbelievably revolting swindles and $5 billion in bonuses had to both blow wide open as soon as Mitch McConnell opened his lying mouth…..  The credibility bank was again seriously overdrawn, and even the infuriatingly reticent President Obama couldn’t help but almost laughingly call out the lies as soon as they were uttered.  Again, no credit to Democrats, only to Republican policy so horrible that it produces such large and damaging revelations every day of the week that they can no longer be treated as, say, weather, even by our somewhat inadequate news media and our relentlessly forward-looking politicians.

Basically, it’s getting so disasters can almost be predicted by whatever Republicans are most maniacally bleating about in a given week, at least by caregory….  As soon as the first Luntz-generated pro-industry smears were being trotted out about the upcoming climate legislation, 29 miners were killed by unconscionable safety violations at a coal mine owned by a FOX-addled, anti-union, teabagging wingnut, a Chinese freighter crashed into the Great Barrier Reef  and befouled it with oil, and a derrick off Louisiana exploded and collapsed, killing several and spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  What’s next?  A nuclear meltdown?   (Well, pretty close…)  A pipeline explosion?  (Well, er, yes…)  Another fish kill?  (Yes, if they get their way…)  Please, Republicans, could you talk about something else?  At least for Earth Day….

Republicans once again are victims of their own success; they got what they wanted, and now we can’t help but see the horrifying results every day, which does prove problematic whenever they try to sell more of the same.   They’re down to predicting ever more unlikely disasters as a result of their political opposition, but even if they all came true, they’d still be way ahead of any Democrat in the disaster department.

There are just too many piles lying around not to step in one.  Oops.


  1. timothy3 says:

    a Chinese freighter crashed into the Great Barrier Reef and befouled it with oil ….

    Don’t know if you saw this but it’s worth a look:

  2. cocktailhag says:

    Very cute. I was going to blame Chinese driving, but I thought it might be politically incorrect.

  3. Pedinska says:

    Well, since it was Chinese, it’s unlikely a blonde was driving. ;-}

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, you never know these days, chemicals being what they are. But it’s still a pretty good bet it wasn’t a pint-sized torch singer from the midwest. Whew.

  4. nailheadtom says:

    Just think, if Republicans joined the Great Auk and passenger pigeon in extinction there would be no Chinese ships running aground, no mine disasters (even in China), health care would be free and instantly available to all, drill rigs wouldn’t catch fire and nobody would ever lose money on Wall Street or a home purchase. And the utopian/Democrats, such as yourselves, are so much more clever and entertaining than those stodgy, witless Republicans.

    • dirigo says:

      Say, Tom, what do you make of the news, thrown over the transom last night, concerning the viewing habits of high-level SEC leadership as the financial crisis built right in front of them (in another window) during ’07 and ’08?

      Who were they working for? Hmmmmm … ?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, as far as mine disasters, anyway, the mere extinction of just one Republican, Don Blankenship, would lower the death toll considerably.

      • Is it just me, or has Tom been particularly toothless lately? Has his fax machine broken down, do you think?

        And on the fashion front, did anybody see Blankenship in his American Flag shirt with matching cap? I do wish that the camera had panned down, so I could see if he was wearing American flag platform shoes, a la Joe Cocker.

        I hope these teabagger fools understand that they have to haul him down at sunset and fold him up, and never let him touch the ground. Real patriots are just not into flag desecration, right?

        • nailheadtom says:

          Ah, yes, the teabagger fools. Genuine citizens that object to the government taking over more and more of the decision-making process in their lives are fools. Citizens concerned enough to appear in public objecting to deficit spending that will impoverish those as yet unborn are fools. Citizens that exercise a right of assembly guaranteed by the constitution, just as was done in the ’60′s, are referred to in derogatory, homosexual community terms by a despicable pseudo-intellectual such as yourself. Hopefully, your nonsense will circulate in cyberspace forever, so that your descendents, should such unhappy individuals ever be born, will know from what pathetic genetic background they spring.

          • cocktailhag says:

            Genuine citizens blabbering on about utter nonsense. The deficits were caused by Bush, dummy, but these dimwits didn’t squawk a bit for eight years, nor did you, I’m certain. That little fact punctures your arguments, once again.

          • nailheadtom says:

            A punctured argument to match your punctured cerebrum. What does an objection to deficit spending have to do with Bush? Just because the Congress shovelled freshly printed money out the door during the previous administration means that no one should find a dramatic expansion of the policy reprehensible for ever more? Evidently a vision of the world seen in a fun-house mirror causes mental health issues. You should get out more, maybe to a therapist.

          • avelna says:

            Ah yes, those teabagger fools, almost all of whom are or will be receiving government “handouts” in the form of Medicare and Social Security. ‘Stay the hell out of my life but don’t even think about touching my Medicare!’

          • Fools by definition believe things that are obviously, blatently not true, and as a consequence, act against their own best interests. Which makes both the teabaggers and your snarling self fools. QED.

            And I’m still gonna eat your liver.

    • michlib says:

      Witless Republicans – beautiful tautology.

  5. cocktailhag says:

    Congress? How about the Bush tax cuts #1 and 2? How about Iraq? How about medicare part D? All huge giveaways to favored constituencies borne by all, all created by Bush.

  6. Flasher55 says:

    I can smell the piles all the way down here in Paso Robles…can we just take all the Republicans and put them in their own third (turd) world someplace???

    • cocktailhag says:

      California is a great example; the Republican minority runs the legislature, and then blames California’s plight on “liberals.”

      • Flasher55 says:

        This again is true, but being born and raised in the greatest state in the union, do I just sit back and watch these right wing Teahags take over? I believe in justice and in helping out my fellow man, that is just how I was raised by my immigrant parents, so in short it rubs me the wrong way when these nut cases get on their platform and blame everything on the illegal aliens. Let’s try giving all the American citizens who are currently on welfare the jobs that we take away from the illegal’s once we send them back home and see what happens. I will tell you what happens; most will not take the jobs these illegal’s will do for practically nothing, why? Because they are lazy and it is easier to suck off the governments tit than to actually go and get a job. Companies love cheap labor that is why there is a market for it, (supply and demand). As long as Mr. Corporate America needs cheap labor there will always be a supply for it. I wish these TeaHags would educate themselves before opening their yaps.

    • The Heel says:

      you are in Paso Robles? So am I!
      Want to get together for a beer to forget the smelly piles?

      • Flasher55 says:

        The last time we got together, your wife had to drive me home!!! LOL!!!

        • cocktailhag says:

          That Heel does sometimes tip over, I’ve noticed.

          • Flasher55 says:

            Yes, and when he breaks out the Tequila, watch out!!!

          • The Heel says:

            Ok, never mind, Henry :)

            It slipped my mind (when I tipped so kind) that I showed you the tart’s blog when you forced me to drink this agave destillate. Come by later today for part II – the heel’s revenge. I had a rough week and need to hit some reset.

  7. Flasher55 says:

    I will be by around 6:00 – 6:30 tonight to help you on the reset button…. Will Timmy be there? And by the way, DO NOT break out that Tequila again, it took me 10 days to recover from the last visit to your house. I will bring my DD with me this time. Let’s invite your blog hag friend here to drive on down and party with the Paso Robles boys?

    • The Heel says:

      Deal, and yes, Timmster will be there. So will be Helen, our Swedish house guest and Sarah said she will join, so will Liz. I’ll share my chicks with you, though…Bring your wife, just to be safe. Oh, and that bottle wasn’t replenished, so don’t worry…

      I doubt the hag will come unless you pay her – she does amazing things for money, though :)

  8. Flasher55 says:

    LAMO!!!!!!!! >>> she does amazing things for money, though