Attack on Rupert Murdoch

I was anxiously awaiting the Murdoch hearings in Parliament this morning, when another horrible rainy day kept me home longer than usual, so I popped into the Guardian, and saw this.  My heart leapt.  It seems that just minutes after ol’ Rupert denied all responsibility for the hacking scandal, repeatedly and often angrily, some guy in the audience had enough and whacked the ol’ coot with a pie.  (I can’t find the video, but I’ll post it when I get it….)

Evidently Murdoch’s wife isn’t only forty-odd years younger than he, but she packs a punch when somebody messes with her meal ticket; the assailant, who appears to be quite large, nonetheless suffered a facial blow from the shrewish little gold digger.  Everything about this scandal is taking on a Twilight Zone quality…..   Half the police brass resigning, a canceled Africa trip for Cameron, a dozen high-profile arrests, a former NOTW whistle blower “found dead,” (“that means somebody killed his ass,” Angry Black Lady at Balloon Juice helpfully adds…), and now a pie in the face for Rupert Murdoch, and that’s just the last day or two.

Pass the popcorn.
UPDATE: Here’s the video….


  1. dirigo says:

    Ol’ Rupe says (like Sgt. Schultz) he knew nothing about the hacking. He also didn’t know the games his flunkies were playing would bring down a British government. Right.

    Notice how offended young James is about the flying custard. Boo hoo.

  2. Ché Pasa says:

    These people are the scum of the earth. I was literally sickened watching the codger “disremember” just about everything, while his Boy spun airy fables about Sorrow And Standards.

    Hang them!

    So I stepped away from the computer and missed the Pie Incident; the wrapup on the Beeb was hilarious though, with the Committee Chair vowing to “get to the bottom of this horrible incident!” Yes. Yes. Yes.

    You watch. There will be much skateage. But wouldn’t it be something if the Murdochs just happened to be “found dead” somewhere in Wapping. Pity that…

    • cocktailhag says:

      You mean, someone might kill their asses? Maybe the geezer, but James, too? That might get a bit suspish. But you never know. Rich people are being harmed, and that never turns out well for anybody.

  3. Ché Pasa says:

    They could have a “fall” you know, whilst out walking in Wapping, along the River Thames. There are all those old stairs along the riverfront… accidents happen…


  4. mikeinportc says:

    I was expecting total “skateage” for all but a low-level “bad apple”, or three, but that appears not to be the case. Maybe the other members of The Club* are tired of kissing ol’ Rupe’s wrinkled old ass, so are taking advantage of the present opportunity to toss him overboard. ;)

    ” It’s their club, and you’re not in it.”
    – George Carlin

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, whatever happens, they’ll still have FOX, and here in the US, people are known to be inept at dot-connecting. I think ol’ Rupert isn’t long for News Corp, but Ailes is still alive and kicking, so expect our own boil to fester while the British one is finally lanced.

  5. dirigo says:

    This just in …

    “The ‘apparent’ world is the only one; the ‘real’ world has only been lyingly added.”

    — Nietzsche