Private Idaho

Now, I’m not usually known for my optimism, but the last couple days of very light blogging have yielded a few unexpectedly encouraging signs.  To wit:

UPDATED: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that the Boner, no less, dumped at least three anti-tax teabaggers off of their committee posts because they thought rather absurdly that the Ryan Plan was too, well, liberal. Better news could hardly be imagined, but yet there’s a lot more….

ITEM:  Tim Geithner goes on the Sunday talk shows and in talking about the Fiscal Cliff and, interestingly, Social Security, comes out sounding almost like Abbie Hoffman.  Or as Abbie Hoffman-ish as a Wall Streeter can possibly sound. Remarkable is an understatement for that performance.

ITEM:  President Obama tells Republicans, with unusual directness, to take a hike on their silly, discredited demands, to the great if entirely predictable consternation of the Village.

ITEM: Harry Reid tells Granny McConnell to take a long walk on a short pier regarding filibusters, and best of all, 2005 video footage shows McConnell, well, arguing with his 2012 self about this whole filibuster thingy.

ITEM:  Against the most fervent wishes of the banksters, Elizabeth Warren was appointed to the Senate Banking Committee. Hilarity can’t help but ensue.

ITEM:  Football night is almost, but not quite, knocked for a loop for a murder-suicide, and it isn’t Bob Costas, who called for reasonable gun controls, who made a fool of himself over the whole thing, but his kooky opponents.

ITEM:  Super-smart businessman Sheldon Adelson pissed away $150 million in 2012 for, basically, jack shit.

ITEM:  The Supreme Court, constituted as it is to promote Republican goals against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is too lily-livered to jump into the gay marriage question.

ITEM:  New statistics show that escalating corporate profits are coming directly out of everyone’s wages but the rich, as they have for 30-odd years. The former have never been higher; the latter have never been lower. All hail the Job Creators.

ITEM:  More Americans would rather spark a bowl than vote Republican, and would be well advised to do so, unless they get the munchies, anyway.

Maybe I’m living in my own Private Idaho, but evidence is piling up that it’s not me, it’s them. Color me (momentarily) delighted.


  1. nswfm says:

    Some good news there. nswfm cat approves. Especially about Adelson getting jack shit. She just went to cover him up with litter…she wanted to pee on Sheldon, too.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    But wait, there’s more…. Nancy Pelosi is pretty hanging a BA at the righties, too! More of this, please!

  3. Austin says:

    Hi Hag,

    Looks like your going to have a Merry Christmas!


  4. Ché Pasa says:

    Paradigm Shift at last?

    Or just another Pleasant Valley Sunday?

    Time will tell, but I vote for the Shift. Even Our Betters seem to be sick of the prattle and obstruction of the radical reactionaries.

    And they know it, too. Heh.

  5. mikeinportc says:

    I wouldn’t get too happy . Much of what I’ve heard O-Bomber and the other Ds say, sounds as if they’re laying the groundwork for a “Grand Bargain”. I.e., the Catfood Commission screwjob that was anticipated when it was put together.It won’t be as extreme, or as immediate, as Ryan & Co. would hope for, but it won’t be good , and will start the process of giving them what they originally set out to achieve in the first place.

    As for Medicare , not one person that matters ( Bernie Sanders doesn’t) has mentioned allowing Medicare to negotiate on drug prices , as do the VA, and other federal agencies.The one biggest thing that could be done isn’t on the table. It isn’t even thought of.

    More items : * While all this fiscal pothole/austerity talk is going on, the Defense Intelligence Agency announced a four-figure increase in spooks in its employ, in many more countries. No questions asked . Of course , with all the extra cash floating around, why not?

    * Because we’re so flush, all the nuclear weapons will be overhauled, and upgraded. Also, the plans for all those F-135s is still a go. Just like pitching, you can never have enough, eh? ;)

    * On the positive side, the Honduran Supreme Court struck down an attempt to privatize a city (forget which one) , and have it exempt from the constitution, and all federal laws. ( Especially -surprise- health,safety, and labor laws.) A little start-up, Bain Capital, is involved. Not over yet, but it has started the principals looking for another opportunity target. Maybe another coup* in the offing?

    * Did y’all happen to catch the Wikileaks release on that? Despite being told, in no uncertain terms, that it was an illegal coup, Obombem & Shillary lied (shocking!) , and supported it anyway. Another accomplishment! Bringing back traditional values to our southern clients neighbors.;) (Kidnappings, torture, and death squads.)

    • cocktailhag says:

      Okay, Gloomy Gus, go ahead and pee on my electricity. The recent unpleasantness (all 30 years of it) has led me, I guess, to the soft bigotry of low expectations. As I always say, drinking helps.