The 1% Strike Back

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Wow, that was quick, wasn’t it?  As if by some act of divine intervention, Occupy Wall Street and most of its larger offspring elsewhere, just vanished into thin air in a few days, albeit aided by everything from foaming editorial pages to pepper spray and media blackouts.  When I went to the GA today at Pioneer Square, there were only a hundred or so people, the mood was grim, and the only person I knew was a guardedly supportive 1%er.

Admittedly, watching what happened in New York, where midget billionaire Mayor Bloomberg actually banned not just reporters, but news choppers from the skies, I felt as though I lived in some hippie utopia by comparison.  Rail as I might about vapid local news reflexively touting the values of the 1%, while “covering” the city, expensively but ineffectively, from the air, now I’ve suddenly come to see those annoying choppers in a new light: as birds of freedom.  We got shut down, too, but Fox and KATU were allowed to cover it.  The Founders would be so proud.

They’d be a little less proud of Bloomberg, I’m guessing; in a matter of hours, he wiped his pampered ass, repeatedly, with the Amendment they bothered to put First, defied a legal court order, and basically bragged about it afterward.  He makes Dick Cheney look like Ghandi, and he makes Hosni Mubarak look like, well, a taller, swarthier Michael Bloomberg.  In a manner typical of the .001 percenter he is, he solemnly condemns the petty annoyances of the Little People, while in the same breath praises his own far more serious lawbreaking, and those of his puppeteers on Wall Street.  He expects no consequences simply because, in his world, there never are any consequences.   None of his pals who crashed the economy and are now demanding ever-larger sacrifices from everyone else to make up for it has been even inconvenienced, let alone punished, in their entire worthless lives.  Perhaps that’s why a few hippies hanging around, or a tart word from the President, just gets them so upset; their lives are so blissful, their minions so subservient, and their actions so free of consequences that OWS is quite literally the first bad thing ever to happen to them.  No wonder they reacted so poorly.  Like the the Queen, they looked around and said, “We are not amused.”

Well, I’m not amused, either.  In the space of a few months, flippant disregard for law amongst an untouchable elite has rocketed to its next, inevitable stage: outright repression on a nationwide scale that prides itself in its explicitness.  Through it all, few in our corrupt and complicit media have made so much as a peep, all but announcing that they’ve taken sides, and it’s not with us.

It’s possible, but by no means likely, that OWS will emerge from this latest authoritarian outrage stronger, but not if what passes for the Fourth Estate doesn’t get its act together.  In other words, when pigs fly.


  1. Annice says:

    I don’t think that they will return to camp out again, but start assemblies in other venues to keep the momentum up.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, they don’t have much choice; the 1% have spoken. Not so in NY, thousands are heading back to Zuccotti right now. Maybe it was a mistake to arrest and rough up guys from the anti-OWS Daily News and Murdoch’s NY Post. Maybe New Yorkers are more easily pissed off. I hope so.

      • Annice says:

        Last I read on NY, they didn’t think they should go back…..Yeah! Glad to hear they have gumption!

        • cocktailhag says:

          They’re allowed to go back, but have to be frisked for camping gear first. That won’t stop rallies, though. (Last night they did close down the subways and streets for blocks… subtle.)

  2. nswfm says:

    Follow williambanzai7′s twitter and blog posts on Zero Hedge and his own blog. Very powerful images and writing to spread the word.

    Mustaches on Bloomberg.

  3. avelna says:

    And it’s all being coordinated by the Feds apparently:

  4. Ché Pasa says:

    Through it all, few in our corrupt and complicit media have made so much as a peep, all but announcing that they’ve taken sides, and it’s not with us.

    Livestream’s where it’s at, baby.

    It was true the Egyptian uprising, and so it is now. State run media lies (state and media are the same in this country, yes?)

    Were it not for the abundance of video streams from every Occupation on the face of the Earth, we would know nothing at all about what is really going on among the Rabble — without actually being there in person.

    I’ll be writing more about this at my place later (today? Well, maybe), but for now, I’ll just say that the various video streams have kept me informed about OWS nationally and internationally the way nothing else could. The Livestreams from NYC though were often so bad and so unreliable that I pretty much gave up on them until yesterday when I was absolutely riveted to Tim Pool’s extraordinary video documentation of the eviction and its aftermath through the early morning, day and night. It was amazing.

    Except when he gave out his phone number and people started calling — which cut off the stream every time a call came in (he eventually stopped by a convenient Sprint store and got a new number) — he was on duty and video streaming non-stop for 19+ hours. His stream was so reliable, it was also on, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post and lord only knows where else.

    Sleep deprivation is the primary hazard of becoming a Occupation video streamer. They are all suffering madly from it. Spens(c?)er in Oakland has done a bang-up job (as OakFoSho) too; but he was majorly burnt out this morning at UC Berkeley.

    The local video streamers here have done an excellent job as well.

    All this amateur videographing and documenting of what is going on is taking the place of our decadent and corrupt major media. Stopping it will be tried. Of course. Just like Mubarak did.

    Meanwhile, if the mood is desultory in Portland, it’s not so in Oakland, Berkeley, or — at least as of last night — in New York.

    There is dancing.