The Cuckoo’s Nest

On Thursday I wrote a post at FDL ridiculing the fact that Meet the Press host David Gregory was NRA President Wayne LaPierre’s choice for his “exclusive” post-Newtown interview rather than occasional journalist Chris Wallace on Fox News.   Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a canny decision, as the video below amply demonstrates.   Though Gregory was a little more animated than usual, he reverted to his primitive wood-carving self when it was way past time for follow-up questions.

It was Gregory at his dumbest; he had one question, one, written down, and repeatedly attempts to ask it for too many excruciating and pointless minutes.  Meanwhile, La Pierre is allowed to claim the mathematically unlikely support of “hundreds of millions” of Americans with nary a challenge, and uses the term “lunatic” and “monster” four and five times, respectively.  At no point did Gregory appear to notice, much less point out, that the man seated across from him is both of those things, and a blithering idiot to boot.

Perhaps the malignant narcissism inherent in media stardom is to blame, but that’s the most charitable explanation for Gregory’s epic fail.  It could be that he really is just that stupid.  Although one could conclude that he was simply too self-absorbed to actually hear the factually false and/or crazy things LaPierre was saying, and thus was unable to respond intelligently to them, but it’s just as possible that he really is a totem pole in a wig.

Here are the things, among many, that David Gregory thinks are close enough to accurate that even when they are said by a certifiable nutjob, they’re good enough for Meet the Press:

–In a nation of just over 300 million potential targets, “hundreds of millions” support the NRA, which boasts 4 million members.

Someone put the mentally ill out on the streets, yet that someone cannot be identified, since it happens to be Ronald Reagan.

–There is a (notably unsuccessful) anti-2nd Amendment “industry” at loose in the land, ready to pounce each time there is another massacre.

–Observable facts about recent shootings are not as they seem.

–”Foreign Aid” contains a treasure trove of free federal money lying around that can be diverted into the pocket of LaPierre’s paymasters in the weapons industry.

I could go on, but it’s just too depressing.  The fact that we are continually subjected to the paranoid rantings of nuts like LaPierre is because oafish nitwits like David Gregory who pass themselves off as members of our Fourth Estate can’t tell the difference between the crazy and the sane.

Although I don’t recommend watching such rubbish, I do feel compelled to record it for history:


  1. Teddy says:

    LaPierre chose his audience, or ‘interrogator’ if you will, very well. Didn’t need to answer a single question, not really. And managed to keep the discussion entirely on his own playing field.

  2. Teddy says:

    Yes, it was “tough” in that he resembled a small terrier, and would not let go of his single question, like a smaller rat in his maw. Unfortunately, this eliminates the possibility (used by even slightly more skilled interviewers, like Young Luke’s Dad) of saying, “Well, I see I won’t get an answer to my question, let’s move on, shall we?”

    And then you ask the next question.

    Fortunately for Bloody Wayne, there really was no Next Question queued up. I’m sure Dancing Dave got high-fives from the NBC-DC crew who worship him, though.

    • cocktailhag says:

      The lack of preparation was stunning. Have they no producers on that show? (I know, dumb question…) Nothing LaPierre said was really new, but Gregory had no, uh, ammo, against it. And letting that “hundreds of millions” bit slip by when such large majorities oppose him was like putting a cherry on his BS sundae.

  3. michlib says:

    Ol’ Wayne trots out the reliable straw men the NRA has gone too all too many times – ” gang bangers ” ( what dog whistle does that 90′s perjorative elicit ? ), the mentally ill ( conveniently de-homed and un-treated by St. Ronnie ), and , at long last, Grand Theft Auto.

    Problem solved – install more police state apparatus ( heavily armed, natch ) in all schools. Get those kids praying, too, per Huckleberry. What was valuable was a glimpse inside the paranoic, dystopic mind-set of, as Lawrence O’Donnell so aptly put it, a cornered rat. Just a shill for the gun manufaturers.

  4. Bill Schee says:

    Goodness gracious, Hag, didn’t you know that we’re now learning that Assad is launching hundreds of fucking SCUD missiles at the insurgents? SCUD missiles, no less.

    For those of you born in Rio Linda or who subscribe to Glenn Beck’s Church of the Hopelessly Ignorant, a SCUD missile isn’t a tactical theater weapon, it’s a strategic weapon and even with modern upgrades, is slightly more accurate than a WWII V-2.

    One does not use SCUDs to wage war against insurgents.

    On a more enlightened note, perhaps it’s time for Glennzilla’s followers on The Guardian to take a look at participating more here. It seems the moderators are hell bent on banning or censuring any of us who tend to display the slightest bit of criticism of Dear Old Fucking Israel. I do believe I’ll whore your blog over there and see what happens.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I have been following the comment over there just lately, but but not enough to notice AIPAC had taken over. Not that I’m surprised.
      For better or worse (I’m normally inclined to think better), GG has always attracted the scariest of trolls. It’s a gift, really.
      Ever since Heru and Nailhead slipped beneath the waves, I have been mercifully free, except for the odd frat brother or so, from arguing with the utterly dogmatic.

  5. dirigo says:

    Heru. Nailhead. We hardly knew ye!

    How ’bout a Scud missile battery on every school roof?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Now there’s an idea. The neighbors might balk, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

      • dirigo says:

        Why would they balk, with benevolent advocates like Li’l Wayne and true blue lobbyists like Asa watching over things. This here is about big contracts for big solutions. Bang for the buck. As for quibbles about tactical versus strategic, why, sakes alive, we’re talkin’ school-forts! Who cares about book learning? We’re way beyond that now, brother.

  6. avelna says:

    Has anyone tried to point out to lil’ Wayne that keeping the guns out of the hands of the “monsters and mentally deranged” is gonna be a little difficult (uh, impossible) if the gun-show loophole isn’t closed? I wonder whether he’s actually cognizant enough to see the contradiction himself or just knows that he can pull the wool over the eyes of everyone else who counts.

  7. avelna says:

    And, here we go again:

    At least two New York firefighters shot dead at scene of fire: report

    (Reuters) – At least two upstate New York firefighters were shot and killed and two wounded on Monday at the scene of an early morning house fire in a suburb of Rochester, according to local news reports.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Firefighters are union thugs, you know. They had it coming, what with their lush pensions and Cadillac healthcare.

      • RUKidding says:

        Indeed. Just what I said elsewhere. Shiftless moochers in the 47% with their hands out.

        I have a friend who still believes in the “system” here in the USA. When I told her about the fire fighters being killed, she expressed sorrow, of course, about that, but then said: well NOW the PTB will “do something” about gun control. I said: yeah right! And Santa will give me at least $1million for Xmas this year. Guess what? No visit from Santy Claus. Do not collect $1mill & Wayne LaPierre can go straight to hell.

        Hey: the PTB that don’t one iota of a shit about some damned mooching unionist lazy slacker fire fighters getting kilt by some nutjob with assault weapons. So effen what? The 1%ers all have personal security details, which probably include fire fighters. Screw the 99% fire fighters. Who gives a shit?

        And what HAVE we heard since about the fires that burned down like, what?, 4 houses & 2 dead fire fighters & 2 fire fighters shot by this deranged nut job? Nada nada enchilada…. yet more “nooz” about Xmas sales. That’s what’s sooooo important in the “liberal” media.

  8. mikeinportc says:

    Foreign aid? Holy #%$&(%! The over-over-over*whelming majority of foreign aid is military. A large chunk of that, if not a majority, is cash, with which to buy weapons from our great patriotic Pentagon suppliers. It’s done to keep them in high clover , so that they’ll be in good shape, if and when, the Pentagon goes on another spending spree. ( beyond the already insane and obscene “normal”.) That’s not me, deducing the purpose of all that. It’s the Pentagon’s publicly stated reasoning.

    * Back in W’s glory days,god-bless-him, he tried to get non-military foreign aid upped from 18c/per person/yr , to 30c/yr . He was resoundingly rebuffed by Republican congresscritters, for his Carteresque DFHism. As far as I know, those numbers have changed little to none. As it is, most of that foreign aid is administered by USAID, the banksters diplomatic arm, and serves their purposes . ( A little, moldy , carrot, now, in exchange for a big stick, later, good and hard where the sun don’t shine .)

    • cocktailhag says:

      To the right, “foreign aid” is like welfare, only worse, because it isn’t even for Americans. Little do thy know where it really ends up.

      • RUKidding says:

        Righties constantly bitch & whine about what they believe to be foreign aid bc mainly they think it’s THEIR precious WHITE dollars being spent on dusky hued Moozlins or worse. Why perish the thought.

        Of course, if they frickin’ realized it was being spent on killing the same dusky hued types overseas, they’d clap & cheer & sing Hosannas at their Church on Sunday.

  9. RUKidding says:

    Well I missed this hot air festivus, but I’m mightily glad that D. Gregory managed to maintain his ability to resemble a Totem Pole with a wig on it. Isn’t that what you said on FDL the other week?

    I would’ve been soooo disappointed to learn that lil Davey-boy abandoned his principles to actually, you know, ASK a Goul LaPierre a real question. Why how gouche that would’ve been. The very idea that a Sunday am “nooz” show would actually inconvenience their lauded “guests” with inconvenient questions. Nay: Never. Perish the thought.

    I, too, am getting mightily sick ‘n tired of hearing how “millions” of Americans support so-called “2d Amendment rights” and want every nutjob out there to have an arsenal big enough to support a small army.

    No, no we don’t. But those of us who wish to live peacefully don’t have any rights any more, just in case anyone didn’t notice this salient factoid. It’s only the gun nuts & crazies that have rights courtesy of the Gunz ‘n Ammo industries and their bought-off whores like lil Wayne La Pierre or the sold-out fluffers, like Dancin’ Dave, the Totem Pole, Gregory.

    No surprises.