The Revolution Will Be Blogged

UPDATE: Well, we just left Occupy Portland well over an hour after the whole thing was supposed to have been rolled up once and for all, and it wasn’t happening.  Thousands of people filled both the parks and the surrounding streets, encircled by hundreds of supportive cyclists.  (This is Portland, after all….)  Disappointed helicopters still fill the skies, but I’m guessing this crackdown will stay the bust it appears to be.  More tomorrow…


It looks as though a bunch of folks from FDL and elsewhere will be heading down to Occupy Portland this afternoon/evening to witness/participate in its impending eviction.  I will be joining them.  More news later on this CHNN station, and on CHNN News Overnight.


  1. mikeinportc says:

    Good Luck Portlanders! :) I see on CNN’s map, that there’s a bunch of eviction efforts underway . All at the same time? What’s up with that?

    Meanwhile, back at the Republican Roundup, Rick Perry promises to be an effective torturer. The big news is , of course, that Huntsman and Paul say that they won’t do it . Coupla crazies!

    Perry also said foreign aid starts at $0, then go from there.I’m sure the Israel-Firsters will be OK with that, as long as it applies to everybody . ;)

    • cocktailhag says:

      Yes, the coordination seems a mite suspish… Here they are planning to just whittle away with harassment and whatnot, since they failed so spectacularly last night; I’ll write more later.
      That debate showed what everyone (except the media) has known for a long time: the GPO is batshit crazy. No two ways about it.

  2. mikeinportc says:

    All the mayors (& 1 Gov. -Cuomo) are Democrats, as it turns out. A bulletin from the “Socialist” version of Wingnut Central? I.e. , the WH? &/or Rahm ?