The Silly Season Ends

Given that I started this blog in January 2009, I never thought much about how I would handle elections; I hate projections unless they’re mine and they’re right, or they’re someone icky and they’re wrong.  Understandable, if not particularly lofty, and a good way to keep the tarnish off the CHNN brand.  Nevertheless, Retzilian successfully talked me into putting out an Election Predictions Edition, and since it would spare me the effort of working too hard to come up with something more original for today, I’ve decided to go for it.  Myself, I’m more than usually confounded with this election; some of the craziest righties are still dominating while their capable if bland (or in Harry Reid’s case, just bland…) opponents appear to be in need of moving boxes come January.  It’s with a heavy heart that I offer my first prediction, that Rand “Curly” Paul will be the next Senator from Kentucky.  They must like head-stomping down there, which makes sense, since lil’ Rand came out early against such scandalous liberal overreaches as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities of 1990, and Kentuckians seemed to think that was hunky-dory.  Why wouldn’t they like Paul?

More scarily, right here in the Northwest we may elect Chris Dudley, who has received NO major newspaper endorsements, and despite being 6’11,” couldn’t make a free throw in his salad days as a Trailblazer, as our next Governor.  Dudley ran his entire campaign according to the Sarah Palin doctrine: avoid the media and never say anything specific about anything.  Add money and stir.  And he’s currently neck and neck with two-term former Governor John Kitzhaber, in deep blue Oregon.  I’m cautiously optimistic, but it’s still possible that we will have a Bushian closet-teabagger leading our state in January.  (Official CHNN prediction: Kitzhaber by a hair…)  Up north, perrenial sore loser Senate/Governor candidate Dino Rossi, perhaps because Washingtonians like the Flintstones, might defeat two-term Democratic incumbent Patty Murray in a contest that seems too close to call, and could be the race that either deprives or awards the Republicans with Senate control.  (CHNN prediction: race not decided on election night because of slow count, but Rossi will lose again, and throw another tantrum about it, like he did last time….)

Now that I’m on a roll (and my second cocktail), why not throw caution to the wind?  Kirk will beat Giannoulias in Illinois; Toomey will beat Sestak in a squeaker in Pennsylvania, and Angle will narrowly best the pathetic Harry Reid in Nevada.  All but Kirk will prove to be horrible embarrassments to their states and not be reelected, damaging Republicans as they storm Washington, babbling incoherently.  In Alaska, the vagaries of her write-in candidacy will leave Lisa Murkowski battered, but perhaps victorious against Democrat Scott McAdams and demonstrably cuckoo person Joe Miller.  Either way, Sarah Palin loses, which gladdens my heart, but I want McAdams to win so badly (I have supported his campaign, natch…) that I won’t jinx him by giving him CHNN’s nod prematurely.

Dishearteningly, the law and order brigades of the prison-industrial complex may yet defeat Proposition 19 in California, which would finally legalize marijuana, thanks in part to the lameness and cowardice of the Obama Administration and Democrats in as a group.  (Indeed, every progressive defeat can pretty much be seen in that dispiriting, if unsurprising, context now…)  In California, Boxer will soundly defeat Fiorina, and Jerry Brown will easily defeat Meg Whitman, and though I’m in favor of more cocktailhags in government generally, I won’t be crying in my gin for those two spoiled, undeserving harridans.  They’ll have to shop sales now, having blown their riches making Californians despise them.  I like that.

Overall, I think Democrats will retain the Senate, but only by one or two seats, and lose the House by a similar margin; like Retzilian, I simply cannot believe that voters are so stupid as to deliver the kind of sweeping victory Republicans have been crowing about for at least a year.  Unlike the media, I take into account the accuracy of all their other predictions over the past decade.

If I’ve left out a seat anybody considers important (and there are many…), it’s only because my crystal ball is just too foggy at the moment.  I dream of 1998, when despite months of unanimous media babbling to the contrary, Republicans got their rather substantial asses handed to them; but I fear 1994, when Republicans launched a similar temper tantrum, and it worked for them (at least until 1996).  Either way, I’ll be drinking early.  I welcome any prognostications y’all might have in comments, and invite you too look back at Retzilian’s from two posts ago, which are considerably more daring (and less gloomy) than mine.

There will be a prize for the most accurate soothsayer, and to placate Steven Rockford, it will be a fur or jewel, just not very fancy ones…..  Voting will remain open until 5:00 pm Pacific time, when I’ll still be sober enough to do math.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and just make a guess.


  1. The Heel says:

    Prop 19 is toast here, I am afraid. But I worry more about Prop23.

    The chicks you mentioned will go down in flames and California stays blue and clear….

    • I agree with you Heel on Prop 19 and the chicks, but I’m not as concerned about Prop 23. Other than Orange County and some of the wealthier LA suburbs, I think people have seen through the pay-to-play proponents of this initiative. I also agree with CH on Oregon’s gubernatorial race – “Kitzhaber by a hair.” But, I do feel Reid will squeak through in Nevada. Even though he’s pathetic, Angle is patheticer (is this a word?).

      Here in AZ, it will be McCain for Senate and Brewer for Gov. Unfortunately, I live in a sorry state of brainwashed Goldwaterians (again – is this a word?)

      • cocktailhag says:

        I remember how spooked I was when I was in Phoenix and I drove past one of the many malls there and saw that the department store was called “Goldwater’s.” You can bet I high-tailed it our of there with the “Cinderella” sets. (Another ballet story for another day…) I picked out a nice fur for the prize, BTW….
        PS. I think “Goldwaterians” is a fine word. but I draw the line at “patheticer.” I hope, I guess, that you’re right about Reid, though; not because he’s worth a damn, but because the Republicans will be so satisfying bananas if he wins.

        • nancy says:


          Rossi—no way—too smarmy and obvious. The westside will find him too brown shoes and east of the Cascades they won’t like the ethnic-sounding name. Besides that, he’s a bag man without a cover story. Cathy McMorris Rogers is the Repub-in-waiting to claim Patty’s seat if the inmates take over the asylum.

          And I love the ballet stories–they dredge up many memories stuffed down the memory hole. Cheers, all.

          • cocktailhag says:

            That spelling makes it slightly less grating, admittedly, but I’m still not sold.
            I hope you’re right about Rossi. (They have a great sound effect of the Flintstone’s “Dino” barking that they play on KPOJ when they talk about him…)

  2. cocktailhag says:

    I’m betting 23 will lose… Too much bad publicity about Valero and Tesoro, and the Kochs. But I’ve been wrong before; thankfully being a cocktailhag makes forgetting easier.

  3. ouranos says:

    “I simply cannot believe that voters are so stupid as to deliver the kind of sweeping victory Republicans have been crowing about for at least a year.”

    You’re either less cynical or more generous than I am, and that’s saying something.

    Or maybe it’s that you don’t live here like I do, where even the so-called “Democrats” are running against Obama, in the middle of red state hell.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Like I said, I’m not seeing much good in my crystal ball (even though the matching turban is a great way to hide the curlers…), but I nonetheless hold out hope. Make some predictions… At least is your dire predictions are right, you can be comforted with a mink. The commenter with the most correct predictions, minus the flubs, wins.

      • ouranos says:

        My prediction is for a further lurch to the right. The Republicans will gain control of the House, and then we’ll see some real obstructionism. Obama will roll over some more.

        A couple of links will show you why I think we’re in for a bumpy ride.,2817,2371871,00.asp

        YouTube’s most viewed political videos. Two years ago all 10 top spots were for Obama. This year all 10 are for Republicans.

        An online poll which, while I realize it isn’t scientific, I believe still shows the mindset of the majority of the nation. Ignorance and self-centeredness abound. I read the comments… and weep.

        Georgia, where I live, is going to get even redder than it was before, a prospect that doesn’t exactly fill me with optimism.

        To the south, Florida is going to end up even further to the right, too. Rubio will win along with Rick Scott. Both bode ill for the state and the country.

        To the north SC will get it’s tea party favorite, Nikki Haley, as Governor, and DeMint will be easily re-elected.

        Clowns to the right of me and jokers even further right, stuck on the fringe by myself.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Yeah, I must say that living in the Northwest allows me to forget about the South and its political horrors, at least most of the time. This isn’t one of them, of course; every time Republicans advance, or even retreat, they get more Southern. (In a bad way…)

  4. dirigo says:

    The fibber will beat the wrestling lady for the Senate seat in Connecticut, by lesser margin unfortunately than would have occurred had he just fessed up to being a liberal chicken hawk.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’m with you on that one; another cocktailhag bites the dust.

      • dirigo says:

        Local reports indicate Linda! – and her bulky WWE partner, Vince! – are indignant over a more or less standard Justice Department warning to the McMahon campaign that handing out “things of value” to voters within 75 feet of a polling place MAY violate criminal law.

        Just a warning in this case, doncha know, about the spectacle (is that what it would be?) of Connecticut voters going to vote with WWE tee-shirts on, or LINDA!-autographed jock straps on their heads.

        Vince thinks the DOJ letter to the campaign is just another example of big government meddling. Nothing more or less irksome than that.

        But it could be another kick to the groin for democracy on your part, Vince. Ever think of that??!!

        • dirigo says:

          Well, notwithstanding, late, late vote counts yet to come in from outlying wrestling suburbs, it looks like Blumenthal beat McMahon by ten points.

          So Connecticut voters appear to have avoided a self-inflicted kick to the crotch.

  5. Pedinska says:

    Ever since the dems kicked Jennifer Brunner to the curb the only Ohio race that feels urgent and critical to me is Attorney General. Cordray has been a linchpin in the state AG’s lawsuits against the foreclosure fraud.

  6. mikeinportc says:

    I predict a lot of yelling at the teevee, regardless of outcome , as the analysis will, of course, be inane, and almost completely wrong .;)

    In the NY races, I predict that by this time Wed.,….. I still won’t care . Corporate Dems vs generic GOPers, pretending to be semi-Tea Partyish, all across the board. *snooze*

    Re my comments on the last thread , I went over to Salon, to read Glenn’s posts, & see Joan Walsh’s post on why she didn’t boo the Bushes.
    Respect “Diversity” (of opinion), & good sportmanship blah,blah, blah. She follows the announcer rules of treating them as just a couple more retired players.She’ getting ripped mostly , except for a few “Must Respect the Commander-In-Chief” authoritarians. The comment thread is still one page ( in case you feel so inclined ;) )

    • cocktailhag says:

      Oooh, I saw that and was afraid to look; now I have to.
      CONTEST NOTE: Winner will be chosen by # of right predictions minus # of flubs; I’d like to see more shooting for the fences here. There’s a mink at stake.

      • Hey CH! You said there would be no “furs or jewels” involved with this competition. It looks like you’re elevating this to a whole new level.

        Bring it on!

        • cocktailhag says:

          I did just purchase a lovely bunch of minks, with the paws, tails and everything, for the lucky winner. Make some more calls; the desert is cold at night.

  7. retzilian says:

    Ok, here goes. (Just another manic Monday in the land of Cleve.) I have given this a lot of thought, and I hate that my flubs will be subtracted from my correct prognostications, but here goes. I’m going to take the plunge:

    1. Ohio Governor’s race – Kasich by less than 3 points. I’m not happy about this prediction, but I feels it in my bones. I won’t cry if Kasich wins, even if he is a bland, stupid career politician with a crappy show nobody watched on Fox. I’m voting for Strickland, who was not my first choice in the primaries in 2006, but oh well.

    I think the rest of the state gov’t seats in Ohio will stay Dem – esp. Atty General, Sec’y of State and Auditor.

    2. Collyforny: Prop 19 is going to pass. Hahahaha. Hail Mary pass. Boxer will beat Carly and Brown will be eMeg.

    3. Elsewhere: Rand Paul will win in KY.(yawn) O’Donnell will get crushed by Coons, Blumenthal will beat McMahon by more than 5 points, John McCain will win in Arizona, who cares about Jan Brewer, and HARRY REID WILL BEAT THAT NUTCASE Sharron Angle. (please, God. I promise to not swear for a month.)

    LONGSHOTS: I hope for Russ Feingold’s victory, but I my crystal ball says otherwise. (Sorry.) I sure hope I’m wrong.

    Final count – Dems lose the House by less than 20 seats and Dems keep the senate. I can’t wait for Boehnhead to be speaker. What a moran.

    AND — off topic — The Giants won the world series so EFF YOU DUBYA! There is a God. HAHAHAHA. I have a baseball entry on my blob and it was written before tonight’s clincher. All is not lost!

    • Pedinska says:

      Re: the Giants win. We were SO there with you on that!

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’m sure you’ll look great in mink, if you’re right. I should have tossed in Feingold’s eulogy, which I too expect to hear, albeit attributed to all the wrong things. Not so sure about Angle.

    • Unbelievable! The Giants win the World Series. I have been to hundreds of home games at Candlestick park, and a few at AT&T. Throughout all those years I came to think that winning “it all” would never happen (before that I was a Cubs fan, so those of you who live in Chicago know how I feel).

      I wish I could be in SF tonight.

  8. Pedinska says:


    Murkowski in Alaska.
    Feingold’s going to lose.
    Kasich and Cordray in Ohio (cause we’re a little schizo these days).
    Stivers over Kilroy.
    Tiberi in my district.
    Portland is going to stuff Fisher for the Senate seat from Ohio (Brunner would have won that one).
    O’Donnell’s going down (everyone knows this, but who can avoid a good pun opportunity).
    Toomey’s going to win to Ohio’s right.
    and Coats in Indiana as they move back to the right (they’ve been just itching for an excuse).
    Vitter will get to keep special senate bloomers.
    Kentucky is teetering on the cusp but Paul Jr.’s gonna pull that one out because he’ll benefit from attention being commandeered by the crazier TPers.

    Ok. That was exhausting. I’m going to bed!

  9. retzilian says:

    Oh, and just for chits and giggles – Junior Creepy Quayle will LOSE.

    Paladino will get trounced by Cuomo.

    Crazy Michele Bachman will win, but one hopes her district will disappear after the census is resolved.

    Sestak will win in PA by a slim margin.

    Sink will beat Scott in Florida. Not that anyone cares.

    Dead heat in Colorado requiring a recount – but Benet will prevail.

    And in the really going out on a limb category – McAdams will win in Alaska!

    • cocktailhag says:

      OK… I’m piggybacking with you on Quayle and Paladino, but nervous as a whore in church to sign onto any of the others, though I’d like to. I am, as a sentient being, opposed to Bachmann, and gave money to Tarryl Clark, but I don’t expect to prevail… If McAdams wins, I’ll go to midnight mass this Christmas.

  10. daphne says:

    Kirk will go down if my man and I have any say in the matter, and there’ll be a whole lot of too-close-to-call Senate contests including Alaska and especially Nevada (can you tell I almost never make predictions?).

  11. Bill Wenzel says:

    The argument goes this Obama wants to get in touch with a demographic that wouldn’t readily vote in midterm elections with regard to the candidates performed screeching, off-key addresses of Whitney Houston tracks. Wasn’t it just the other day that the media was slamming Obama for “demeaning” the office of the President of the united states by appearing on the actual Daily Show? I can’t wait that will hear what the pearl-clutchers inside the media have to say relating to this latest GOTV effort from the President.

  12. Amanda Whittier says:

    Just imagine the horror of being surrounded by conservatives who are proudly voting for Carl Paladino in the New York gubernatorial race. After months of being called on the carpet for racist emails, the man posed for a photo on Halloween with someone in blackface. Classy. If this guy actually manages to get elected there won’t be enough alcohol on the planet to help New Yorkers deal…

    • cocktailhag says:

      Is Rochester a Paladino stronghold? Shee-it. No wonder you love it so. Fortunately, I think ol’ Carl will be little more than a comedy footnote come tomorrow. Or so I hope.

  13. retzilian says:

    I just came back from voting and it was the nicest voting experience of my life. They changed my voting place last year to the huge senior residential/assisted living/nursing home across the street and the usual little old ladies were there in the cafeteria, five empty voting carrels (four empty), we have paper ballots. YAY! I had to fill in the ovals and stick the ballot in a box and heard it land. But, the best thing besides walking in with no wait was that they served coffee and muffins out of a beautiful silver tureen. Omg, it was so nice.

    See you on the flip side this evening.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Sounds like your district is a bit Republican; no rednecks hovering over voters there.
      I’m going to the art museum for a tour this afternoon; I think I need some culchah.
      Be back around 5:00pm pacific, when the first returns from back east start coming in.

  14. avelna says:

    Okay, I live in Colorado in Weld County, the redneck armpit of the state. (Also where Ken Buck is currently – and hopefully continues to be – DA.) The Weld County clerk is predicting much lower turnout than in previous midterm elections which gives Michael Bennett a better chance of winning. Betsy Markey is predicted to lose but I have seen very few political ads from her opposition and hers have been about her “accomplishments” rather than the opponent’s shortcomings so I’m not so sure about that one. Hickenlooper has a pretty good chance of winning the gubernatorial race (I hope – fingers crossed) despite Sarah Palin’s last-minute endorsement of Tom Tancredo.

    • cocktailhag says:

      If both Hickenlooper and Bennet pull it out, it will be a good night for Colorado Dems. Personally, I fear Buck will win; I’d love to be wrong.

      • avelna says:

        I fear you’re right but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Buck and Angle would (I say would, not will!) make quite the pair in the US Senate.

  15. mikeinportc says:

    ” Re: the Giants win. We were SO there with you on that!”

    Yep. I didn’t care, but after the BushCo celebration , I wanted the Rangers & their fans to suffer . ( non-violently)

    Yeah , Palladino won’t even come close .I thought that was a given, not really worth mentioning. I forgot about one that might appear to mean something . The Hinchey/Phillips referendum on fracking . Gven the district was gerrymandererd to take in Ithaca ( the San Francisco of the Northeast) & Kingston, I expect Hinchey to win. It really doesn’t mean anything by itself, as drilling is a state matter, & Hinchey’s bill to require full disclosure has gone, & is going nowhere. But….. the state might take it’s cue from the outcome , if decisive enough. I liked Hinchey, until he sold his soul, and started shilling for Obama on AfPak.

    In my district, 2 stone throws away (literally) , there’s the < worthless Arcuri , attacking the principled*( for ~ 5sec.) Republican Hanna, for being soft on defense , & an Islamofacist-terra-ist-lover . Lol! ( Except, Arcuri appears to actually mean it.) Arcuri wins a close one .

    * Hanna offered the tepid proposal of cutting the Pentagon budget by half, over a period of several years ( 10?). He also essentially told the other GOPers yapping about Park 51 to stfu & mind your own business. That lasted until Arcuri jumped on him . Then he backpeddled like a troup of unicycle clowns on speed.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I love the unicycle image…. Familiar to all of us dispirited Democrats, natch. You’re near Rochester? You should meet up with Amanda (who was my roommate for several years, back in the day…) some time; she’ll drink you under the table.

  16. mikeinportc says:

    ps , re the mink. Naw. If I’m ever in the mood for mink, I’ll just take a short walk to the river, and watch live ones.( Hint : look for the piles of crayfish carcasses.)

  17. michlib says:

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming kiss and make up parties between tea bagger winning candidates ( there will unfortunately be some ) and establishment Republicans. Tea bagger supporters ( foreheads ? ) have VERY high expectations in the ability of their chosen adolescents to ” transform ” Wasington. haha

  18. nancy says:

    Are you expecting Tom to drop by to gloat? Seems like it’s been awhile, and surely he wouldn’t miss this opportunity. We’d planned on skipping the pundits tonight, but since I have contracted some sort of crud, instead of going out for a movie, it’s going to be “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”. (At least until the familiar Democratic need to wag and self-flaggelate kicks in). Then it will be the endless cable loop and a need for chicken soup. With sherry in it.

    A cliff hangar for us is …….the county commissioner race. One woman who stands between us and handing over the city to the knuckles-to-the-ground folks who never saw a quick-buck developer they couldn’t love.

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  20. retzilian says:

    Early returns are projecting Strickland to win. I am surprised but cautious at this time. There are some red places in Ohio that probably haven’t reported yet. For the first time I got an exit polling phone call from the Ohio Democratic party and they asked if I voted for Strickland and I said yes and they said he’s running ahead of Kasich and they think he’ll win.

    So, I may have a FLUB – but it was cancelled out by O’Donnell’s huge loss already pretty much in the bag.

  21. dirigo says:

    “Scuse me!!! – but I have a minor query: why did the DNC allow Feingold to go down?


    I mean, I don’t know anything about cheese, or cows, or the Packer thing. Whazzzup?

  22. retzilian says:

    Hmm. They’re projecting Kasich winning after all. Looks like my predictions are going pretty well, unfortunately. I am still waiting on the Alaskan race, but it’s too early to tell. Looks like a 3-way split right now. I’m way off on the Republican seat gain in the House, but right about them keeping the Senate.

    The Oracle of Retzilian called most of it right:

    Quayle is losing in Arizona. I’m still betting he loses.

    Paladino was trounced by Cuomo.

    Bachman won.

    Sestak won.

    The Sink & Scott race is too close to call. My money’s on Sink.

    Bennet won in Colorado.

    Kasich probably will prevail, unfortunately, so I was right about that.

    Jerry Brown won.

    Fiorina lost to Boxer.

    Prop 19 is not looking good. (FLUB)

    Rand Paul won.

    O’Donnell was crushed by Coons.

    Blumenthal beat McMahon by more than 5 points.

    John McCain won.

    The Reid – Angle race has not been called, but it looks like I can keep on swearing. (FLUB)

    Feingold lost.

    Nate Silver can bite me.

    • cocktailhag says:

      You’re going to kick my ass, looks like. Of all the Democrats I wouldn’t have minded to see lose, Harry Reid’s coming along to frustrate me again, by winning. Think I was right about Rossi/Murray, but that’s still afloat, too. It might take the CHNN accountants a day or two to sort this all out.

  23. retzilian says:

    I’ll have to find out about Reid tomorrow. He might pull it off. Every website says something different.

    The races still to determine – Sink, Reid and McAdams. My predictions remain.

  24. retzilian says:

    Sink conceded, Reid won, McAdams probably lost to Murkowski (odds were against her), so there ya go.

  25. avelna says:

    Well Hickenlooper won easily and it looks like Bennett will win by a hair. I guess it’s a good thing for Buck that he kept his job as DA though frankly I wish he had quit. Did Patty Murray pull it off?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Not yet, but she probably will. Rossi is known for recounts, though. I probably won’t be able to print results until at least tomorrow, since even the governor here is still up in the air. I’m writing about the idiotic Democratic response, to be published soon.

  26. mikeinportc says:

    I had 2 out of 3 . Worthless Arcuri lost . Don’t expect his replacement to be better, but his predecessor wasn’t bad, though a Republican ( the tea party types hated him – good environmental record , not a religious or anti-gay bigot , etc) , so who knows .?
    One encouraging thing wa in the governor’s race, Jimmy McMillen of The Rent’s 2 Damn High Party
    & Kristin Davis of the Anti-Prohibition Party
    had respectable showings. They, along with a few of the Other candidates gave None of The Above a good day . :) ( I asked my co-workers who wanted to be The Gov , but got no definitive answer, so had to pick one at random . My father went for Ms Davis. I haven’t heard yet from others.)

    retz, that sounds similar to my normal voting experience . If you go at rush hour ( ~6-7pm) , it might be a litle different,though . I once had to wait for 5 people in front of me. :o Btw, why do the old ladies seem to be getting younger? How’s that happen ? I even know some of their children. ( not grandchildren) :)

    You’re near Rochester? You should meet up with Amanda (who was my roommate for several years, back in the day…) some time; she’ll drink you under the table.

    No. NE of Binghamton, SE of Cooperstown, just west of Delaware Co.( ” Two Stones For Every Dirt “ ) She probably could drink me under easily. Don’t do much of that anymore. ( Not that it was ever a lot, except on rare occasion.)My schedule is erratic, with every day different. ( 7 different times April-Sept, 5 now) . It makes me sleep too well. Have to be careful . :(

    ps Relax! You’ve got plenty of time . Working after dark, in a snowstorm ,(planting!) isn’t really that hard, once you’re used to it . ( Just ask Anne Chu. )

  27. mikeinportc says:

    Huh? – Ooops . Copied the tail end of an email to here .CH, not really sure if you have to hurry or not . ;) ( I suspect that you have more time than the recipient of that.)

  28. mikeinportc says:

    Btw , Chris Floyd has a good post-election analysis, probably the best we’ll get. (& maybe one of the best ever?)
    [ You'll probably do that in the Humor category . Chris normally just sticks to the Depressing Reality genre ;) ]