Warren for Pres…Oops, Senate

“We have always known that Scott would be the underdog against whichever candidate wins the Democratic primary next September,” Reed told Talking Points Memo. “But Scott has been an underdog his entire life, and has always come back to win against all odds. This campaign will be no different.”

Here he is back in his salad days, posing as Underdog in Cosmopolitan, minus the, you know, stuff underneath:

Long before he was a politician, the Republican candidate vying for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat posed nude for the centerfold of Cosmo. Scott Brown won our “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue. In those days he was a 22-year-old law student at Boston College who was cramming for finals just days before stripping down for our photographer.

My, but that boy has just always been an underdog, hasn’t he?  Elizabeth Warren wiped the floor with the cowed and overmatched Morning Joe bunch today; to no one’s surprise except possibly their own.  It’s must -see TeeVee, but sadly, I can’t get the video to embed, so go look yourself, and gape in astonishment.  One week after her announcement, she’s polling ahead of the “underdog.”  Fancy that.  Now I know one place where the money I save by stiffing ObamaCorp will go.  If Warren can’t beat this admittedly hunky shill, it’s game over, to use her own words.   Tellingly, by the end, no one on Morning Joe disagreed, even the slimy, dumb, and visibly defeated Mark Halperin.  Pass the popcorn.