We? You Pregnant?

Andrew Sullivan, in observation of the 9/11 anniversary, has a nauseatingly smarmy mea culpa up at Daily Beast, left-handedly apologizing for his once-maniacal support of the Iraq war.  Throughout, the bearish barebacker uses the the word “we” when what he means, if he were honest and not infected by Village Idiocy, would be “me.”  “We” were filled with a desire for vengeance.  “We” gloried in Bush’s tough talk.  “We” believed in weapons of mass destruction and so forth.  Guess what, Andrew; “we” were a lot smarter than you, from the Dixie Chicks on down.  Anybody who believed that horseshit, knowing about the Bush family obsession with Saddam Hussein, the Administration’s unhealthy alliance with Big Oil, and the nihilistic militarism that has infected the Republican Party since Vietnam, could see this coming a mile away.  Sadly, craven careerists like Sullivan joined with craven careerists across the political spectrum in supporting the addlepated policies of our nincompoop-in-chief and his so obviously corrupt and mendacious regime in supporting a war that has killed more than twice as many Americans as the Sept. 11 attacks did, to accomplish exactly jack shit.  Sullivan’s infuriating and barely readable apologia ends thusly:

Bin Laden and his henchmen failed, in other words. But our own fear won. Fear stopped us, overwhelmed us, as our ra-tion-al-ity (sic) deserted us. Yes, it was understandable, given what we endured that September morning. But we need to admit that our response was close to fatal. A bankrupted America that tortured innocents and disregarded its own Constitution is barely recognizable as America.

We?  No, Andrew dear, it was YOU, and those of your chickenhawk ilk.  We, that is, thinking Americans, remember those dark days a little differently. I was on my way to my mother’s house to help her clean it to put on the market (an arrangement she liked so well that we continued it for the remaining seven years of her life, despite her having no further intention of moving), so, unlike at home, I had multiple large-screen televisions to watch what unfolded. What first struck me was how wise Americans were for electing Al Gore in 2000, rather than this cowardly, bumbling incompetent.  Hell, his WIFE addressed the nation, and quite effectively, hours before the ol’ drunkard crawled out from under the bed (I speak metaphorically for emphasis…), and it immediately became clear that there were times when America actually needed a President who was at least vaguely up to the job, and this was one of them.   The White House Lie Machine naturally kicked into gear, explaining the President’s astonishing absence with what Maureen Dowd called “lame inventions” about threats and whatnot that prevented him from doing his fricking job.

The Patriot Act, which constituted the wish list of every dictator in history, was clearly already written; if they “hated us for our freedom,” than why wouldn’t we want to get rid of it?  That’ll teach ‘em.  It was obvious even then that Bush’s class warfare all but required a police state to keep order, and what do you know?   They had one,  all ready to go, and Sullivan, a purported “libertarian” up until that time, didn’t catch a clue, much less provide the long-suffering readers of The New Republic with one.  Like the rest of the Village, of which he was then a peripheral member at best, he fell for tricks that wouldn’t fool an average fourth-grader, and of course his career blossomed as a result.  He continues to provide his genius analysis, if you want to call it that, at the Daily Beast and The Atlantic Monthly, despite the more karma-appropriate fates of Judith Miller and Michael Kelly; the former now spouting nonsense at Fox and the latter pushing up daisies after finding out the hard way that in wars, people, even Republicans, do actually die.  (Rich Lowry, another callow chest-thumper who more wisely fought the war safely at home with the 82nd Keyboarder’s, just penned a Sept. 11 piece about the importance of PHYSICAL COURAGE.  Really.)

Is there no end to chickenhawk audacity?  It’s bad enough that they all wait a half dozen years to say “oops,” on the rare occasions that they actually do (see Cheney, Dick…), but it’s flat out insulting to be told that “we” were so dumb, bloodthirsty, and blind to have made such a dreadful mistake.  To them, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles; to the thousands dead, well, they probably see it differently.




  1. mikeinportc says:

    Nice to see you back , CH. ( Or was the deluge, here in Bingladesh, why I couldn’t see this?)

    We, eh? I seem to remember rather emphatic suggestions* that I wasn’t a real part of “We”, or shouldn’t be, because I wasn’t down with the BushCo program. “We” seem to have forgotten that .

    * As in “Jump off a bridge, and die, so we don’t have to listen to this drivel.”

    • cocktailhag says:

      I wasn’t really ever gone; my webmaster just completely lamed on me, not for the first time, and moved all his sites (except mine) to a new server. He apologized, but lamely. I lost all the comments from the month of August.
      I am so sick of this “we” thing; I’d like to remind war whores like Andy (also a gay Republican like my older brother Andy..) that they were the dumb ones, but the message never sinks in. (My Andy, to his credit, never fell for Bush, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for small favors..)

    • cocktailhag says:

      I love that one, too; I had a hard time choosing. But in the end, I picked the one where Natalie’s false eyelashes were more fabulous.
      My fantasy is that she pulverizes Rich Lowry, Tom Friedman, and ol’Andy without even coming unglued at the edges.

  2. meremark says:


    I carry a red Sharpie marker for coloring away letters on the magnetic ‘ribbon’ decal on bumpers and back-hatches so it says, “Support our __oops

    Well, no, I don’t. And haven’t. And ain’t going to.


  3. michlib says:

    ” Our own fear won out “. Really ? Another example of neo-conpoop shooting the wounded, then patting themselves on the back for a job well done. If memory serves, said state of fear was assiduously kindled and fanned by darth, condoleassor, rummy the dummy; heck, they even got the otherwise credible Colin Powell to join in the bonfire of the sanities.
    When incompetence is THE defining characteristic of an administration, there will be a whole cottage industry of damage control apologists surfacing with the passage of time with the aim of obfuscation and mendacity. Blaming a shaken and scared populace for believing the lies of an appointed cabal does not, sadly, suprise me.

    • cocktailhag says:

      No one could have predicted, and all that. If I hear that shit from one more purported “liberal” who nonetheless got all bipartisan and supported the war (Bill Keller at NYT is just the latest…), I think I might do something desperate.

  4. rukidding says:

    Color me unsurprised at the dumb “excuses” pooped out by conservatives to “explain” 9-11 to the dumb rubes. Spare me. After 9-11, those of us who dared to disagree with the fascism that was being rammed down our throats in the name of “safety” were called out for Treason and shouted down that if we weren’t “with” the Bush Crime Syndicate, then we were anti-American’s who “supported” the terrorists.

    Phil Donahue, who dared to speak the truth, was FIRED from his job.

    Those of us who protested the War in Iraq were called traitors, and we were shrieked at that we were giving “aid & comfort to USA enemies.” And so on.

    The conservative/MIC/corporate propoganda machine was on full-time drumming up FEAR FEAR FEAR (remember that stupid color code for terroirst threat levels??) amongst the rubes in order to more easily manipulate US sheep into giving up both their *rights* and their money to War, Inc., which inured to the financial benefit and gain of creeps like Dick Cheney. Pallots of Yankee dollars shipped wholesale on planes to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan… never to be seen again. Up in smoke and no accountability.

    Rightwing TOOLS like Sullivan should be on his knees abjecting *apologizing* to citizens for being well-paid to spout spurious LIES to US citizens. ’nuff said that Sullivan doesn’t have the cojones to actually, you know, OWN HIS CRAP and ADMIT that he was part of the problem and certainly remains part of the problem to this day.

    9-11: now a fully fledged porno industry…. grrrrr

    • cocktailhag says:

      If you haven’t read Glenn Greenwald today, you should; he points out how laughable it is when the President says, “We refuse to live in fear.”

      • rukidding says:

        Greenwald, as always, worth the read. The one blip of 9-11 porno that I unfortunately heard this weekend was exactly that spurious LIE burped out by Oilbummer “We refuse to live in fear…” Luckily I turned off my radio before I got so irate that I smashed it to smithereens. I would say that Trojan Horse Obama has a lot of nerve to say that, but it’s clear that Obama is a well-paid shill for the MIC and will say exactly what he’s paid to say.

        So some couple tries to join the Mile High Club on a flight from Denver to Detroit, and NORAD calls out the F-16s???

        It’s not about fear, it’s all about the CHA-CHING!!!!! How much money can the MIC rip off the credulous rubes for??

        Undie bomber, anyone??

        • cocktailhag says:

          That’s a pretty embarrassing way to get busted for that, you have to admit. I hope it was good. (I certainly got a kick out of it…)

          • rukidding says:

            Eh? I confess to having joined the Mile High Club many years ago when I was young & frisky (really). Believe me, *nothing* “good” happens in a airplane bathroom. It’s more for bragging rights than anything else. I’m sure this couple feels pretty foolish today, but it’s sure a good story to tell later!

        • michlib says:

          Lifetime MIC charter members Boeing and Lockheed have produced two super uberfighter jetplanes that apparently are being used solely for Mile High Club inductions, as neither of these hothouse flowers ( running multimillions a pop ) have seen any sevice sorties in Iraq or Afghanistan fightin’ for ‘merica’s freedoms.

  5. cocktailhag says:

    I never became a member myself, and now it’s evidently too late…

  6. Annice says:

    Turns out there was no Mile High Club Induction!


  7. Annice says:

    Now, if I was flying home that day….maybe the story would be true!