Bum Fight

Until today, I was pretty depressed about the political season; now my mood has perked up considerably.  In the aftermath of Santorum being labeled, once again, “a solid #2,” and reading headlines like, “Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Face Awkward Moment After Emergence of Santorum,” heck, maybe this crummy election will be good for some laughs after all.  You see, what we suddenly have here is a Republican Bum Fight, and the classic YouTube moments are bound to be constant.

First of all, it was clear last night that Newt Gingrich, who was unaccountably surprised at his loss, will now dedicate the rest of his life and non-Tiffany’s budget to clobbering Mitt Romney, presumably starting today.  Most deliciously, his tactics will include calling him a “moderate,” and a lying flip-flopper about it, to boot.  That ought to go over big with the “Live Free or Die” crowd up in New Hampshire, not to mention the God-botherers of the old Confederacy, without whom no Republican could hope to win.  Up till yesterday, the Frothy Mixture had no reason or inclination to attack Romney, but as his victory speech made clear, Santorum plans to attack Romney as the pampered, out-of-touch 1%er he is, which will resonate with pretty much everybody in the country with the possible exception of, say, Jamie Dimon.  Of course, Ron Paul has been leveling similar attacks, with some justification, at all the Republican wannabes, but to little effect outside his own base; things are clearly different now.

Best of all, this utter crackup on the right emboldened President Obama to finally go ahead and pick a fight with Senate Republicans, something that somehow never crossed his mind before.  He overrode Mitch McConnell’s phony “pro forma” non-recess and appointed Richard Cordray as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The spittle-flecked response from Grandma McConnell was as tone-deaf as it was predictable; so much so that even former nude model and soon-to-be-ex Senator Scott Brown had to side with Obama against his own party.  Turns out that fighting the good fight for the banksters is about as popular as Santorum, the man or the stuff, in a whorehouse.  Nobody told the Republicans, evidently.

In sum, the Republicans’ stupidity, mendacity, and all around repulsiveness are not only being loudly promoted by the Republicans themselves, but the resulting hubbub is actually creating room for the President to belatedly try to differentiate himself from them.  Just imagine what the reaction will be to Romney et al relentlessly calling Obama a socialist, while Republican voters are just as relentlessly being told by members of  their own party that the candidates saying this are the scum of the earth….  it won’t just help Obama, it might make socialism not look that bad, either.  Especially when Romney becomes the bloodied nominee and is finally forced to release his tax returns.

In this scenario, Obama may end up being forced to become more liberal, since the Republicans are not only writing all his campaign commercials for him, but they are also, one by one, discrediting each others’ lame-brained sloganeering that passes for a platform at the same time.

Let the Bum Fights begin; they couldn’t hurt, and they might just help.




  1. dirigo says:

    What? Whhhaaaaatttt?

    Only 5.4 percent of registered voters in Iowa got off their duffs to vote for the stiffs offered up by the Republican Party?


  2. avelna says:

    Pew Research Center did a recent survey on the public response to “capitalism” and “socialism”. Take what you will from the survey, it seems as though many of the youngsters among us have a better idea of the best way forward than the old farts do.


    • cocktailhag says:

      Part of the reason may be that the Cold War has been over for so long…. China and Russia now have the worst of both worlds: authoritarianism and predatory capitalism. Kind of like we have here, increasingly. “Socialism” now means the world’s few decent societies in Western Europe. People not blinded by commie-phobia can see this.

      • rukidding says:

        Yes, which is why the rightwing & 1% so vigorously attacks Western European “socialism” as this horribly terribly bad bad baddest thing evah!

        Can’t have none of that, now can we??

        • cocktailhag says:

          I think it also explains why the global 1% is trying so hard to clobber the European economy; the only problem is, they are too successful. Austerity has already failed, so they’re doubling down on it as fast as they can.

  3. loretta says:

    What I wish someone would do is stuff that Italian Immigrant Escaping from Fascism story right down Santorum’s myopic face. If he had Newt’s historical knowledge (haha), he’d know that Pennsylvania was settled by 30,000 plus Germans who were escaping religious persecution from …. THE CATHOLICS.

    What a maroon. He should take five minutes to realize that the Catholics didn’t get to PA until long after (100 yrs) the Lutherans/Menonites/Calvinists got there, and while they had their family values and all, they despised the pope.

    No wonder his Catholic schtick saw him losing by 18 points last time. That crap will not wash beyond pre-Vatican II Catholics, and how many of them are still around in PA??!

    • loretta says:

      Never mind the rest of the country. And wait until the sane population gets a load of his defense of priests molesting boys throughout the years. I wonder if he’s commented on Jerry Sandusky yet. He could go down in flames like Ashton Kutcher.

      • cocktailhag says:

        I think you’re right; the only reason Santorum won was because his “surge from behind” was too late for any real scrutiny.
        Contraception is bad? Really? As for the pedophile priests/coaches, I’m sure he’ll blame the 60′s.
        Not ready for prime time is something of an understatement.

  4. loretta says:

    In the last two days I’ve probably learned more about Santorum than I ever wanted to know; I know I was happy when he lost his senate race in 2006, but since then I’ve ignored him. However, I can’t help but hope that someone besides me is paying attention to his new-found concern for manufacturing in PA; considering that the rust belt of which I am an unfortunate denizen, has been hemorrhaging jobs since the mid-90s, and considering Mr. Frothy was both a congressman and senator in PA during the worst of it, where the hell was his concern back then?

    If I saw him in person I would just say, Shut up. Just Shut Up.

  5. Ché Pasa says:

    The only thing I can figure from watching some of this clown show (which is an insult to real clowns) is that TPTB have decided to give That Nice Colored Fellow another four years on the Throne. On the off chance that he’ll do something Really Stupid between now and the election, they’re keeping Mittster in reserve (with his unlikely companion, Little Ricky yipping along beside).

    Really Stupid actions by Obama between now and November could include, for example, attacking Iran (or letting Israel do it) and watching it turn into a clusterfuck like the other imperial wars of aggression the US has engaged in for lo these many years now. Enabling another bank bailout (that we only learn about after the fact, October Surprise-wise.) Ruffling Chinese feathers unduly.

    Those sorts of things.

    Otherwise, it looks like there will be a sort of WWF-model knock-down drag-out for entertainment, but the winner has already been chosen. Needless to say, no matter who sits in the Big Chair, the People lose.

    But then, I’ll probably change my mind several times before November…

    • cocktailhag says:

      I wrote the same thing a while back, and I’ve found no reason to change my mind thus far. Karl Rove and the gang are just spending the money to “catapult the propaganda,” so the House Negro in Chief is reminded of his place. (Somewhat unnecessarily…)

  6. rukidding says:

    Eh? I think the whole “Republican Primary Race” is just so much Kabuki Show (like all else in Wash DC, for that matter). Poppy Bush annointed Willard some weeks ago publically, so there’s your “Republican candidate,” folks. Done and done.

    The rest of this is just window-dressing to make the rubes think that they have actually have a “choice” and some kind of “say” in what happens, as in that other happy fairy tale: your vote “counts.” Well yeah, the PTB “count” your vote and then change it to record the “winner” that they have chosen.

    I’ve always felt that the House Negro is a shoe-in for Pres this year, because from the POV of the 1%, what’s not to love? Obama has stepped ‘n fetched it for the 1% and done a damn fine job for them. If Obama does anything that appears marginally “liberal” at this stage, such as the recess appt of Cordray??? Never fear: nothing “bad” will happen to the 1%. Whatever Cordray “does” will just be more Kabuki Show to convince leftie/Dem voters that they, too, have a “choice,” and that their vote “counts.”

    and so on… blah blah blah

    The “cage fight” will be between Mittens & Barry Zero. In that horse race, does it matter which one “wins”???

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, only marginally, and that is in the area or court appointments. With Obama, we’ll get bland, corporate-approved centrists. With Willard, we’ll get fiery, corporate-approved nutcases. Ah, Democracy….