Silvio Berlusconi, the uber man’s man of Italian politics, arrived in Pittsburgh this week for the G-20 summit and appeared to have lots of energy, judging by these pictures wherein he greets First Lady Michelle Obama – and the other fellow.

He’s my kind of guy!


  1. The Heel says:

    I love it. Absolutely love it. A fellow heel.

    Ciao bella ragazza, mama mia,….

  2. Karen M says:

    I’m sorry, but he’s just a lecherous old man, and not particularly good looking, either. And that self-satisfied smirk doesn’t help his case any.

    Iow, I don’t really believe he’s your kind of guy, Dirigo!

    • dirigo says:

      This is true, my dear Karen; but overriding it all is the delicious, irresistible, hilarious farcical character that Berlusconi is.

      Case? What case? He’s being himself, as best he can.

      Not trying to argue really, or defend his political clout and manipulation, but the joke is on him; and it’s sad and funny at the same time – the Janus faces of theater.

      He’ll give Italian writers material for decades.

      • The Heel says:

        I second that notion.
        Gotta love those Italians for the quality of people they elect. What ever happened to Ilona Staller?

      • Karen M says:

        Sorry, Dirigo, I had to leave for awhile and am just now returned (briefly).

        Apparently, I didn’t get your point, at first. Now, if you had mentioned farce, all would have been well.

        Of course, someone else commented on my post at The Seminal that Kyl was probably one of those guys who thought his using Viagra was a gift to women. I confess, I was still feeling disgust at that notion.

        • dirigo says:

          Karen, I know that most of the antics of these kinds of men – of a certain age, representing “authority” – are not at all funny to women. There was a time when I was under their authority and had to take them seriously. It wasn’t funny when I went through it; and look where that got me.

          Kyl is sad and unfunny. Boorish too. That he is saying the things he’s saying in the context of health reform is morally dubious I think.

          But when men laugh at men, they are all, as I listen to them, letting out whoppers and knee-slappers I’m so amazed by that the only response is, at least, nervous laughter or guffaws, because it’s hard to believe they’re so obtuse in this day and age.

          Berlusconi, with all that, is over-the-top hilarious when viewed through the prism of farce.

  3. dirigo says:

    What’s all this then?

    The president appears to give Michelle the evil eye during G-20 ceremonies, and later, looks like he’s stealing a move from Sil.