My Old Bank

Here’s a Portland picture I found at Digby, and it’s my old bank branch, where they used to retroactively explain their many fees to me.  Nice to know somebody’s got their back.



  1. nswfm says: coolhandnuke November 18, 2011 at 10:25 pm
    “When this Portland Police officer is asked by his grandkids ” grampa what did you do during the second American Revolutionary War?” he can answer with pride “I saved an ATMs life.”"

    Fairey is a year behind my favorite Visual Combat artist, WilliamBanzai7, who basically did that poster on 11/5/10 and has it both on his blog and on ZeroHedge.

    • cocktailhag says:

      The interesting thing is that the first thing Chase did when they took over this bank (formerly Washington Mutual) was move the ATM’s into a restricted access foyer, where they had previously been on the street. I guess even three years ago, they were concerned about their safety.
      Love the Fairey graphic….

      • nswfm says:

        WaMu was my bank after they bought Home Savings and Loan where I’d had an account since I was 9 years old because I’d won about $60 on a radio show. The Chase branch closest to me still has 2 ATMs inside and 2 outside. I’ve moved my money to a credit union. Chase is expanding in CA and trying to put a branch 1/2 a mile away from the one I described. If they act like this with their customers, I hope the bad PR blows up in Jamie Diamon’s face. In fact, I plan to help with that PR. This community beat back on of the largest companies in the world, and I still have my network of the community organizers.

  2. mikeinportc says:

    nswfm, I started spreading it too, a soon as CH put it up. I have my own bank troubles , courtesy of HSBC, from about four years ago. Short version – they expected me to pay for their mistake (~$1000) ,compounded by their sleazy practices ( Which I’ve since found out are legal, thanks to the Congresscritters.). I wouldn’t, and won’t, pay, so we’re at a standoff, four years later.

    Upcoming press conference ,with Boomberg,the Po-lice Commiczar, and Manhattan DA . Spposedly ” terrorism relted”.

    What do you want to bet that :

    1) The bullshit quotient is quite high
    2) That even if the Three Stooges fail to somehow fearmonger about #OWS, some dutiful media tool wil ask if they worry about the terra-ists bleding in the protests, and will it mean some sort of restrictions, and greater scrutiny
    3) I will be used to justify any and all harrassment, intimidation , and attempts to curtail protests, from now until at least Jan. 2 ?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Really? They’re having a terrorist scare? Those wily Habibs have a fortuitous sense of timing.

      • nswfm says:

        Yes some convert to Islam pops up ATJUST THE RIGHT MOMENT! Imagine that! Just like in the Bush/Cheney years! How do those brown-skinned types have such wonderful timing?!?

        See, I thought the Natalie Wood story was supposed to be the distraction from the OWS violence against First Amendment rights and violations of Civil Right, but I didn’t get the memo….

  3. mikeinportc says:

    #$&&&*@#*@ !! Word Press! About every 5th keystroke goes missing, or out of place. ( I can spell ;) )

    Above -
    Spposedly = Supposedly
    relted = related
    wil = will
    bleding = blending

  4. Wow. Are those the tellers? Tough crowd.

  5. Be careful if you go to oakland CH.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Don’t worry. I didn’t even bring any furs (big mistake: it’s colder than a witch’s), and I do know some people there. Great reporting on your blog about pepper spray (which is in the topics banner of the LATimes this weekend); it’s become far too accepted.
      Not unlike the “bank tellers.”

  6. michlib says:

    OOOO. I see the Jaime Dimon ” community outreach ” initiative is underway !

  7. CH, if you get down to Occ. Oak. and have a chance, stop by the library tent and give my regards to Ted McCoy. I interviewed him for a blog post I did and he was very generous with his time. I tried to contact him to let him know the story was posted, but never was able to get him. Story’s here:

  8. mikeinportc says:

    Damned marketers! :) )))))*

    I was right about th bsq, although not how I imagined.Jose Pimentel ( Name seems famliar . Was he in the b.p. , for the Rockies(?) this year? ;) ) is being used to further the myth of Anwar al Awlaki. ” His reach extends far , even after death.”, etc, etc. No more reiteration of the (anonymous) allegations,. It’s just automatic, that he ws an AQ mastermind, responsible for everything that OBL didn’t do . ( Of course, to be fair, that’s why Pam Gellar & Daniel Pipes got droned. That inspiration thing ;) )

    Watch out for those industrial-sized pepper sprayers , CH .

    * Family joke . My brother ( & his wife), your twin-brother-of-another-mother, is now a bigtime marketing whizbang, not an engineer, due spending so much time with the customers. ;)

  9. mikeinportc says:

    ps I forgot this a few days ago. Sad, and infuriating , as to why it’s there, but funny, nonetheless .Has a lot of possible applications. ;)!/photo.php?fbid=270080496366770&set=a.261787533862733.58881.261697073871779&type=1&theater