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Armageddon And So Forth

Those were the words of Ronald Reagan, delivered casually and undoubtedly with a little dementia thrown in, when he was speaking in his inimitable style about the sort of nuclear annihilation his administration, at least initially, seemed determined to court.  For whatever reason, Republicans have, over the last thirty years or so (and longer if [...]

After the Fall

After watching that blubbering drunkard, soon-to-be Speaker Boehner, confidently if unsteadily declare that the Republicans had received a sweeping mandate, I had to ask, “for what?”  Across the country, all Republican candidates nattered on about the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, bigger military, less social services, etc., arguments they have long since won, even among [...]

The Silly Season Ends

Given that I started this blog in January 2009, I never thought much about how I would handle elections; I hate projections unless they’re mine and they’re right, or they’re someone icky and they’re wrong.  Understandable, if not particularly lofty, and a good way to keep the tarnish off the CHNN brand.  Nevertheless, Retzilian successfully [...]

I Was Robbed

Politics these days have taken a rather welcome turn, particularly amid the current right-sponsored and well-endowed ridiculousness on TV sets across America, toward the often ignored but essential question of, well, cake, and who is going to eat it (or not).  Republicans are finally noticing, albeit belatedly, that their lavish use of deceptive advertising does [...]

The President Needs Me

As I often do, I got another personal note from the President today.  Not personal in the sense that I can reply to it, since I’ve tried before and I get a mail error, but personal just the same, after a fashion. Cocktailhag– See? We’re on a first-name basis, and he doesn’t even bother with [...]

Obamabots: Rahm was Right

When dear ol’ Rahm, future Mayor of Chicago, called liberals “fucking retarded,” he was, in fact, half right.  Some of them are, and they still slavishly pour adulation on, (and heap recriminations on the detractors of) our mediocre President, against all evidence.  This self-defeating practice is most popular at places like DailyKos, but you can [...]

Village Idiots

Ruth Marcus isn’t the stupidest person at the Washington Post, nor is she the most craven.  But as Jon Stewart memorably said, that’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.  Although she’s regularly identified as a “liberal,” she nonetheless frequently types such insulting Fox News horseshit such as her column today about how Robert [...]

Exhuming McCarthy

UPDATED BELOW: Wolf Blitzer apologizes, sort of. Outside of Wolf Blitzer’s pathetic show, Liz Cheney’s McCarthy Palooza against the Obama DOJ isn’t going quite as planned, despite the enthusiastic boost it received from the LA Times.  Numerous prominent conservatives have branded Cheney’s insultingly ignorant fear-mongering as reminiscent of or worse than McCarthy, and even Condi [...]

Get it in Writing

Well, it seems that, in the eyes of the gasbags, anyway, the Republicans are headed for a very big 2010…  The heady days of the “Contract with America” are here again, though of course no one has bothered to read the fine print, partly because there isn’t any, but partly because they don’t care.  You [...]

2010: The “Who Cares?” Election

Among the punditocracy, which bears so much responsibility for the current disaster in which we find ourselves, the current consensus is that the Democrats are set to lose, and lose big, in November.  Of course, since this is the same bunch that bathed Karl Rove’s “Permanent Republican Majority” in the flattering amber glow of inevitability [...]