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The Seinfeld Candidate

An article in Politico today, ostensibly about Romney’s conspicuous lack of the “vision thing,” inadvertently revealed the Republican playbook dating back at least to Nixon.  Reagan flack Ken Khachigian put it pretty bluntly as he dismissed the whinings of dreamy idealists like Ken Blackwell and Mark McKinnon, who both thought Romney ought to try to, [...]

Splattering Santorum

Now, I know Santorum’s people are just as big of religious nuts as Rick himself, but can they really be that sheltered, too?  Have they ever used the google?  Or, is frothy brown stuff something you want to put in your ad intentionally?  You, know, to get it all out in the open right away. [...]

The Fix Is In

In about the least surprising development one could possibly imagine, cardboard cutout Mitt Romney “won” Florida, or more accurately, “bought” Florida.  Turns out that fetid swampland is more expensive than you’d think; Romney’s completely unrelated and totally coincidental Super PAC ponied up the cash for 13,000 television ads to battle Newt’s, uh, 200.  96% percent [...]

Dumb As A Post, But Cute

When you enter the alternative universe of Politico, it’s always a good idea to steel yourself against infantile false equivalencies, stunningly obvious conventional wisdom, and drearily repeated Republican talking points.  That way, you’ll suffer through far fewer poorly written articles that, like watching Fox News, will make you dumber than if you’d spent your time [...]

Eating Crow at Warp Speed

I don’t ordinarily go to Hollywood movies, an accidental abstinence born of a fortuitous blend of good old fashioned liberal elitism, cheapness, and bitter experience.  There is nothing more annoying than leaving a theater, fingers still slightly greasy from an overpriced bucket of popcorn I ate despite knowing better, and having also wasted twenty bucks [...]