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Mr. President: When are you going to stop beating your wife?

How did such a smart guy fall for that centuries old question with no safe answer when it was used by the US military and CIA while Obama was deciding whether or not to release some 2,000 detainee torture photos?  I have no way of knowing if this tricky question was used on him before [...]

The ministry of silly walks

For some reason, a lot of Americans, and virtually all of our media, have unaccountably come to the conclusion that running around bombing places willy-nilly is the greatest thing since even before sliced bread; capable of remaking the world to our whims, spreading “freedom,” and when that kind of namby-pamby stuff gets tired, at least [...]

Excuse me, but my refrigerator is running

While never pleasurable, listening to Republicans talk these days has gotten to, not to put too fine a point on it, be the kind of thing normal people would climb out a bathroom window to avoid.  Happily, it never happens, because Republicans are no longer on speaking terms with the normal, and haven’t been since [...]

Asses and Pigs; no elephants need apply

I just can’t buy the elephant as a symbol for the Republican party. The Democratic donkey seems appropriate because members do make an asses out of themselves more than they should and many cling stubbornly to their issue regardless of whether it has any chance of becoming a reality. What the Repug character, not true [...]

fit to print

To: Paunch Sulzburger, From: Overpaid Consultant RE: “Talent” Good seeing you the other night, Paunch.  The lighting in that restaurant did make you appear taller and less bald.  But let’s cut to the chase here.  Some of that dead wood on your OP/ED page is so petrified you guys don’t need an iceberg to [...]

book saloon: so damn much money

While I was traveling I finished Robert Kaiser’s So Damn Much Money, The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government. (Knopf, 2009.)  It was an enjoyable if intermittently infuriating read, tainted as always by a Villager perspective characteristic of but hardly limited to Washington Post reporters like Robert Kaiser.  Corruption, like weather, is just [...]

What are we, chopped liver?

Boy oh boy, you can bet that John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Dick Cheney, et al are as jealous as can be right now, because a client of their favorite law firm, Baker Botts, just accidentally showed them how torture is really done, and these guys don’t need any stinking memos, either.  It seems that over [...]

The revolution, brought to you by…

  I’ve lived in central Portland all of my life, and downtown much of that, and during that time, I’ve attended innumerable rallies, protests, and whatnot.  I still remember last fall, when a friend and I were contemplating going to the Obama rally, hours hence, and from my balcony noticed a line forming below.  It [...]

now they tell them

It seems as though some of the sponsors of the teabagging movement, having soldiered on in embarrassed silence about what that means, finally got around to sending a little warning to the peons.  Naturally, they  did so with only the tiniest hints of the truth, primly skirting the issue by hinting at some unspecified “double [...]

victory, even in defeat

There’s something strange about the way the right approaches defeat, no matter how decisive; they wish it away by pretending, loudly and fervently, determined to bring poor Tinkerbell back to life by the power of belief alone.  Facts are stupid things to them, as we’re all aware.  But so are elections, polls, and the goddamned [...]