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For the first dozen or so years of my career in construction, I went to great lengths to provide audio entertainment for myself (and others working on my sites), and it was never easy.  As far back as the early 90′s, music radio was notoriously awful and unreliable, a constantly shifting landscape of  format changes [...]

Voices in My Head

Although I’m somewhat reluctant to admit this, I probably listen to more talk radio than most 70-year old Teabaggers.  Because of the nature of my job, I have several hours alone each day at work, performing tasks that, to put it mildly, leave my brain less than fully engaged, and the three-hour shows, punctuated by [...]

Stuart Smalley saves the senate

When Air America announced its intention to become the lone liberal voice in talk radio, to begin to counter the utter dominance of that medium by the Right, way back in 2003, it was music to my ears.  Working often alone, building things and tearing them down, not necessarily in that order, some aural stimulation [...]