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Wake Me Up When It’s Over

It’s quite dispiriting to write a blog, particularly about things that matter, when the available media is so maniacally obsessed with things that, well, don’t.  So successful have the Republicans been in creating their post-reality “empire” that even those few in the media who know better are constantly reduced to anointing, say, Newt Gingrich, as [...]

Well, They’re Just Nazis and Chinamen

America’s Dumbest State, Alabama, continues to be unfairly pilloried by the liberal media for its demented and draconian immigration laws.  Last month,  Alabama police arrested a Mercedes Benz executive for the newly-minted crime of driving without his papers; later, an Honda execuive was similarly jailed. Of course, to find any such liberal media, you do [...]

Things You Can’t Take Back

(Updated below) If President Lincoln had had a crystal ball, when told the South was seceding, he’d have said, “Woo hoo!”  Lord, I wish he had. Especially today.  Setting aside the thousands dead, cities destroyed, and money wasted, as decisions go, it was like parents who guiltily decided, once again, to take in their delinquent, [...]