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Job Creation at Work

Well, it seems that Goldman Sachs, whose stock has lost 43% of its value since 2010 and has reported its first-ever quarterly loss, still has its priorities; mainly, stealing from everybody so a few guys can stuff their pockets with millions.  Granted, they did pay a $500 million fine for defrauding investors, lost money in [...]

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Well, the FCIC, a bipartisan commission tasked with analyzing the Recent Unpleasantness in the banking area, has released its report today, or rather, three of them.  Being bipartisan and all, the commission included Republicans, so it was unable to agree on such controversial ideas as, say, the wetness of water, much less any possible human [...]

Of Cat Food and Class Warfare

Perusing the Shock Doctrine  proposals of the Cat Food Commission, I have to say I’m not surprised, but I do question their rather unseemly honesty.  That’s not the way these people usually operate.  Throwing caution to the four winds, they start right out by saying that reducing taxes is much more important than cutting the [...]