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Just Another Day in America

I hesitated to write about the latest mass shooting, since I hadn’t even gotten around to writing about the one here just last week,  about which I felt more qualified to comment.  I guess the rule ought to be not to wait, because before you ever hit “publish” there will probably be a new one, [...]

More of This, Please

For what seems to be the first time, President Obama put on his oft-mentioned but rarely seen “comfortable shoes” to support union rights at a speech in Michigan today.  It was Obama at his best; serious but funny, calm but pointed.  And not a moment too soon: last week the lame duck Republican legislature pushed [...]

New and Improved?

In what can guardedly be called a victory for Color of Change and allied progressive groups, ALEC has, like a cat covering its poop, announced that it will no longer focus on crazy wingnut ideas that cannot be plausibly linked to the “economic” issues they supposedly are dedicated to championing.  Therefore, making sure darkies and [...]

Make My Day

Where’s Condi Rice when you need her?  As usual, pretty much everywhere; if you’re the NRA or the increasingly infamous ALEC and being exposed as the two organizations whose “charitable” activities led to the death of Trayvon Martin, you’d better be launching into a Busby Berkeley production of “No One Could Have Predicted,” maybe even [...]

Teachers: America’s Latest Enemy

I’ll confess:  My mother was a public school teacher, who, according to America’s right, was a greedy, bottom-feeding freeloader ripping off the taxpayer for her own commie-tainted self-aggrandizement, but oddly, I remember her differently.  I remember her correcting stacks of papers each evening, sharing piles of Valentines, cards, and art projects from the children she [...]

Molly and Me

UPDATE BELOW: Back in 1996 fellow Portlander Molly Bordonaro, fresh from her first “job,” working at ALEC, a Washington-based righty hothouse wherein nasty legislation is nurtured into glorious bloom so it can then be transplanted in vulnerable states, came back home to run for US Congress, for the seat currently occupied by David Wu.  As [...]