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Eating Worms

Nobody likes me; everybody hates me. I think I’ll go out and eat some worms. That little childhood ditty rings in my ears as I read about how Republicans are fighting the apocalyptic battle they have set up this fall’s elections to be; through whining, cheating, and dirty tricks, and doing other disgusting things that [...]

None of Your Business

It was a telling moment when Mitt Romney said that niggling little things like the massive income inequality that’s turned out so phenomenally well, for him anyway, ought only be discussed in “Quiet rooms,” where, presumably, the servants couldn’t hear.   It seems that after the recent unpleasantness, the rich are hurriedly drawing the portieres [...]

Whine and Roses

Sometimes I wonder why our politics, screwy and baffling as they may be, all seem to end up in the same place, but I’d like to thank that mummified Stretch Armstrong, ex-Governor of California Arnold Schwarznegger, for clearing it up for me.  (h/t TPM) Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fresh off the end of his last term [...]

It’s My Party, And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Predictably, incoming Speaker of the House (!) John Boehner cried when handed the gavel by Nancy Pelosi, and as promised, he and his party are about to give America plenty to cry about.  Of course, several of the lies they told to get the House majority have already been exploded, most significantly the $100 billion [...]

All This and Mamie, Too

In light of the Wikileaks fiasco, I’ve gotten to thinking a lot about good ol’ Ike, who chose to use his final speech as President, a mere two and a half minutes long, to warn America that we’d end up, well, how we have ended up if we didn’t watch out.  Clearly, we didn’t watch [...]

Of Cat Food and Class Warfare

Perusing the Shock Doctrine  proposals of the Cat Food Commission, I have to say I’m not surprised, but I do question their rather unseemly honesty.  That’s not the way these people usually operate.  Throwing caution to the four winds, they start right out by saying that reducing taxes is much more important than cutting the [...]

When all else fails…

Not since he was angling for deferment number five has Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz turned out to be so handy, and like any canny, legally compromised parent would, he has sent her forth, this time in ambulatory form, to get Papa out of some trouble, once again.  Since she can talk now, she was fully [...]