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Sore Winners

Back in the dark days of 2004, John Powers wrote an excellent book about the curious psychology of the American right called “Sore Winners.” His argument, in a nutshell, was that Republicans today are simply never happy.  No matter whether they have billions of dollars, control of the government, or, at worst, a cushy wingnut [...]

Job Creation at Work

Well, it seems that Goldman Sachs, whose stock has lost 43% of its value since 2010 and has reported its first-ever quarterly loss, still has its priorities; mainly, stealing from everybody so a few guys can stuff their pockets with millions.  Granted, they did pay a $500 million fine for defrauding investors, lost money in [...]

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Well, the FCIC, a bipartisan commission tasked with analyzing the Recent Unpleasantness in the banking area, has released its report today, or rather, three of them.  Being bipartisan and all, the commission included Republicans, so it was unable to agree on such controversial ideas as, say, the wetness of water, much less any possible human [...]

Two Different Things

“Whut gempmums* say an’ whut gempmums mean is two diff’ent things.” -Mammy, to Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind.” *”gentlemen” in Mammy-ese…  (as a slave, she knew what she was talking about.) Where’s Mammy when you need her?  The formation of the Cat Food Commission is merely the latest example of the media and political [...]

Tea and Sympathy

What a darned surprise it is that the vile and amoral lord of Massey Energy, Don Blankenship, who just accidentally killed a few dozen people, is a teabagger.  Although Blankenship had a spare million to contribute to the Tea Party, thanks to his rather unusual and legally frowned upon cost-cutting measures,  he should be respected, [...]

The Commies Won

When I was growing up, we always laughed at the relentlessly upbeat statements that came from the old Soviet Union, where even disasters were turned into triumphs, and leaders, statues, and the names of places themselves switched magically as fashion and leadership  required, which usually worked out better for the places renamed than the people [...]

Spastically Incomprehensible

My local rag, the Oregonian, has an incurable tendency to take up quixotic and unpopular conservative causes, and then make an ass of itself maniacally defending them against the wishes of all present.  When they lose, as they did with assisted suicide and measures 66 and 67, they imperiously scold their readers afterward and hamhandedly [...]

The Power of Dreams

Weather Update:  3:00 pm PDT:  Well, it’s 3:00 pm and still a temperate 100 out, far short of the 105 predicted here and elsewhere, with humidity in the mere 20′s and the difference is palpable.  It’s still like Hell, but with a side salad.  I’m interested to see how this welcome shift affects crazy dreams…. More [...]