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The Missing Link

UPDATED BELOW: Evidently President Obama’s position did a little “evolving” today; one day after the noxious anti-gay Amendment One passed in North Carolina, he decided to finally take a step into the 21st century by supporting same-sex marriage, but in the lamest possible way, natch.  Although Bill Clinton campaigned against the God-botherers in NC, the [...]

RIP, Green 960

Whenever I’m working out of town, it’s always a treat to listen to a different lefty talk station; when I was in Napa over Thanksgiving I tuned in daily to Green 960, a San Francisco-based Clear Channel station which, though lacking any local programming, has a good mix of national shows I don’t generally hear [...]

You Say Nostalgia; I Say Neuralgia

Since nearly all of what passes for Republican “ideas” are invariably sold with laughably improbable predictions of the dire consequences of not adopting them, rather than their relative merit, I seldom bother to pay much attention to them anymore.  I suppose it’s psychologically satisfying, on some level, to know that if a sundry Kristol, Cheney, [...]

Jowling At The Moon

There are many non-Republicans in congress who are, by any measure, slimy, loathsome, corrupt, and duplicitous, but they need only be mentioned in the same sentence as Joe Lieberman and they suddenly look like honorable statesmen of the first order.  Who can forget, back in 1998, when ol’ Holy Joe emerged from well-deserved obscurity to [...]

Calvin Coolidge, Put Together

Rich people say the darnedest things, and they have for time immemorial, but only recently they have been encouraged to do so free of ridicule on national television.  During the Health Care Summit today, (h/t CNN helpfully cut away to have the certifiably cuckoo creationist Ben Stein come on the air and proudly say [...]

The Evelyn Wood Presidency

The Village that is Washington does, albeit reluctantly, allow Democrats to be elected once in a while, usually due to the inevitable disasters and scandals created by their Republican predecessors, but once in office, they expect them to become Republicans as quickly as possible, lest they soil the carpets with their shabby followers.  Who can [...]

Getting Things Done

Back in the days when Hitler comparisons were verboten, that is, when we had a far-right President whose social, military, and civil liberties policies looked a lot like Der Fuhrer, I often got a laugh out of them.  Hitler, after all, in addition to making the trains run on time, hosted a successful Olympics, built [...]

Those Were the Days

Back during the Clinton impeachment, which in light of our current predicament seems almost like a long lost golden era, the bilious Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a blistering, spittle-flecked screed, mercilessly berating Americans for their lack of bloodlust for Clinton, based on a series of polls that showed that most people, [...]

Who’d a thunk?

CHNN NEWS FLASH! Karl Rove said something truthful…  I hope you’re sitting down.  He called Maureen Dowd, among other true things, “bitter, deranged, snarky, nasty,” and such.  All true, but Karl being Karl, then he lied, when he said her nastiness was aimed only at conservatives, something that would surely make the Clintons gawk in [...]