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Shoo, Blimp. I’ve Got a Sammy

Well, it turns out that sun and fun with the Koch brothers in Rancho Mirage more closely resembled life in Baghdad’s Green Zone, but thank heaven, the plutocrats were ready. The Kochs, you see, have an awful lot of money, more than $40 billion between them, and consider that amount (with a lot left over [...]

At Least They Asked

“The concern is that WikiLeaks as an organization should not be made more credible by having credible news organizations facilitate what they’re doing.” –Col. Dave Lapan, Pentagon spokesman (with a straight face…) The Pentagon, which devours about half of the US budget Defending our Freedom, has “asked” the news media if it would refrain from [...]

Randian Success Stories

(h/t RMP’s Daily News Blast) To anyone with a passing acquaintance with the bankrupt Tribune Company that came from reading its newspapers, it would seem counterintuitive that the charlatans responsible for the current crummy simulacra of those once-respectable, if not great, papers that now land with barely a sound on long-suffering porches from coast to [...]

Answers to Your Solutions

UPDATED BELOW: A few years ago, I noticed that actually selling something that could be quantified, like a shoe or a car wash, had become hopelessly anachronistic in the “new” economy; we were told to pay good money for something far less tangible, “solutions.”   To what, pray tell?  Everything, as it turned out. Any [...]

The Party of Death

Having recently read David Neiwert’s “The Eliminationists,”  I would have naturally been alert to anything from the GOT (Grand Old Teabaggers) that vaguely hinted at, basically, killing everybody they don’t like, but here lately I can’t even keep up with it all.  The process has taken on a thudding, accelerating, warp speed, primed during the [...]