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the rich are different

I can only conclude based on what I’ve seen over the last few decades, but particularly over the last few years, that  the rich really are different from the overwhelming majority of humanity, and it’s not because of some special effort on their part, although behind the scenes  it is, but it’s because we’ve made [...]

victory, even in defeat

There’s something strange about the way the right approaches defeat, no matter how decisive; they wish it away by pretending, loudly and fervently, determined to bring poor Tinkerbell back to life by the power of belief alone.  Facts are stupid things to them, as we’re all aware.  But so are elections, polls, and the goddamned [...]

Unreasonable facsimiles

It seems as though, after having spent a generation creating cardboard cutouts to deceitfully sell that which could not be sold any other way, Republicans have entirely tossed out any slogan beyond the hallowed Caveat Emptor, and just started peddling the cardboard in place of the real thing. I don’t want to pile on poor [...]

How much did that pitchfork cost?

Something more than usually surreal is pumping out of the righty Wurlitzer just here lately; it seems there’s a revolution coming, but it’s not the one you’d think.  As the rest of their countrymen slide into the abyss, those who’ve profited most richly all these years, promoting the destructive policies that created this catastrophe, are [...]