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My Old Bank

Here’s a Portland picture I found at Digby, and it’s my old bank branch, where they used to retroactively explain their many fees to me.  Nice to know somebody’s got their back.  

What Little Remains

In the aftermath of the of the rout of OccupyPortland yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a look at the oft-touted “damage” to the parks.  Peering through the hastily installed cyclone fences at a crew of city workers, who had doffed the ever-so-telegenic masks worn by the earlier invaders, all I saw was what any [...]

Banking on the Bust

About ten years ago, the bank in which I deposited my first savings as a kid and that had served me reasonably well for a couple of decades, US National Bank of Oregon, was purchased by a Minnesota concern, which immediately raised fees, created a cryptic system of posting deposits and debits that left me [...]