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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

I’m leaving for Napa in a couple of hours, and expect posting to be fairly light until the New Year wherein the Hag will turn four years old.  (Not me, of course, as I rapidly approach the half century mark, but my eponymous blog…) I’ll be seeing my brother, Butts, tomorrow so I though I’d [...]

Someone Broke In and Stole the Gravy Boat

The jaw-dropping lack of accountability prevalent among our elites, no matter how enormous and damaging their quite public failures, has led seemingly reasonable people who ought to know better to, virtually en masse,  unintentionally embrace the ludicrous farce that in my family we call the Gravy Boat Theory. Only with them, it’s a lot less [...]

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Something about the holidays….  They always bring back old memories, which for me means mostly unpleasant memories of my crazy grandmother, Etta, who managed to ruin Jesus’ Birthday every year until she died, and always in unique and memorable ways.  Christmas was tough on Etta; she hated the effort and expense of having everyone over [...]

Happy War on Christmas To All

Christmas is a time for family, and, depending on your family, that can be good or bad.  Growing up, I considered it the most important day of the year; my brother and I started crossing off the days on the calendar from the time the Sears toy catalog arrived until the big day, and even [...]