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Fear Itself

The other day Mortimer Zuckerman went on The Ed Show on MSNBC, and blathered on and on about how all his fancy-pants “business” friends hated Obama because they were, unaccountably, “afraid” of him.  This tacit admission that the criminals and incompetents he runs around with know they couldn’t last five minutes without the constant indulgences [...]

The Lie Factory

Well surprise, surprise.  It turns out that yet another Fox/Breitbart story about pigs flying, or rather, white victims of black racism, has been thoroughly exploded, as usual only after the damage has been done.   As usual, the excuse for the shamefully handled Shirley Sherrod story was that “everyone else” saw the porcine flyover, or [...]

Lucy and the Football

If I were a member of the “liberal media,” I would have had it up to my well-groomed eyebrows with Republicans, and I would never believe a word they say until I’d fact-checked them several times.  Why is it somehow worse for these cretins to be called “biased” and/or “liberal,” than it is to actually [...]

Shopping Around… In Circles

Perhaps the most pernicious myth about the wonderful “free market” is how a person of conscience, in the obvious absence of viable alternatives, can supposedly “vote” with their dollars, thus magically driving out bad actors without the overweening schoolmarm of government sending anybody to detention.  The trouble with this notion is that consumer choice is [...]

Come and Get Me

In the wake of the inciteful words and subsequent violence from the right following the health care vote, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that no Republican dared to utter an unqualified denunciation of even the acts themselves, much less the violent rhetoric from Fox and talk radio that provoked them. [...]

Hat Tricks

You know, you really have to hand it to the Republicans.  They started out with a plan that was seemingly so audacious and unlikely to succeed that Democrats never saw it coming, much less moved to counter it.  Selling plutocracy to the rubes, via a systematically concentrated media, has turned out to be like taking [...]

Back to the Future

UPDATED BELOW: When I was a kid in the 70′s, everybody listened to KGON, the local FM rock station, and it was avowedly liberal: pro-pot, anti-Nixon, anti-war, with a great cast of hippie-ish DJ’s that became like family.  As Archie and Edith wistfully sang, “Those Were the Days.”  They had a feature in the morning, [...]


UPDATED BELOW: I continue to be haunted by the right-wing BS I encountered at OregonLive yesterday, and the stunning success it represents in recruiting committed followers to some of the most reprehensible and elitist ideas ever conceived, all in the name of a twisted and yes, Hitlerian “populism.”  Reagan may have been a doddering old [...]

2010: The “Who Cares?” Election

Among the punditocracy, which bears so much responsibility for the current disaster in which we find ourselves, the current consensus is that the Democrats are set to lose, and lose big, in November.  Of course, since this is the same bunch that bathed Karl Rove’s “Permanent Republican Majority” in the flattering amber glow of inevitability [...]

Victory, Even in Defeat

UPDATED BELOW:  UPDATE II One of the funniest things about the right is that they never lose, even when they do, and they even have rather disturbing success convincing others, or at least the media, that this is so.  A lot of us, and certainly any trained psychiatrist, would look at their behavior each day, [...]