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Corporate Cancer: An insidious disease that is consuming America and the world

A hundred thousand protesters are at work in Copenhagen to attack a problem that no amount of science will cure. Only a small percentage of the crowd is American. As protesters look for morale support, they see few Americans not only because the COP15 Summit is in Europe. The US is the world’s largest consumer [...]

Gold Card Teabagging

On Wednesday evening, Al Gore appeared at the Keller Auditorium to promote his new book and raise funds for gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury, and I didn’t go, having just attended another event the previous evening, and not thinking it would be particularly newsy.  Well, it was.  The night before, the auditorium was vandalized by teabaggers [...]

Could Orwell Have The Last Laugh? – Ignoring Our Bright Future As It Flashes By

William Saletan who writes the Human Nature column for Slate said in a prescient article in NYT’s Sunday Book Review You: The Updated Owner’s Manual, “The most powerful revolutions of our age aren’t happening in Washington, the Muslim world or the global economy. They’re happening in science and technology. At a pace our ancestors couldn’t [...]