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For The Love of Dick

Well, after waiting for the “statutes of limitations to expire,” as Dick himself put it, Cheney has finally set out to have “heads explode all over Washington” with the release of his all-about-me screed against, well, anyone who isn’t as big of a Dick as he.  Predictably, Maureen Dowd, who loves all Republicans except Dick, [...]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

At the opening of Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell describes Scarlett O’Hara thusly: “…she wasn’t beautiful, but everyone thought she was.” Now, before you start thinking I’m going to bring up the battle axe of the borealis, I’m not, because my argument isn’t really about beauty (or lack thereof).  It’s about the deep and [...]

On The Table, and Off

Having found such a gold mine of authoritarian propaganda in the “news” pages of the poor Los Angeles Times over these last two days, I couldn’t help dropping in again for a look-see this afternoon.  Would there be yet another journalistic equivalent of an overturned dump truck in the Cahuenga Pass?  So enamored am I [...]