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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Republicans seem never to tire of gazing at their own reflections, but often disliking the beady eyes and fleshy face menacingly staring back at them, suddenly see their own glaring flaws writ larger than ever in others, and are unduly fond of pointing this out.  The bible makes early mention of this phenomenon, about motes [...]

Good Money after Bad

Several items in the news both here and nationwide remind me that in today’s America, we will only throw good money after bad; spending precious funds and actually getting something for them in return is considered risky, wasteful, and a woefully inappropriate response to our straitened circumstances.  And how, pray, did our circumstances become so [...]

In tarts we trust

For whatever reason, when liberal politicians decide to succumb to the charms of the myriad tarts that suddenly find them attractive as they move up the ladder, they delude themselves into thinking that there’s “romance” involved, and fail to see the disastrous implications of fooling around with a nubile lovely whose silence has not already [...]

Bridges to nowhere

I’m beginning to feel some trepidation regarding the bailout, which now seems certain to pass in some form.  What little of it is destined to be spent on anything useful, i.e., infrastructure, is going to be dedicated, in large part, to  ”shovel-ready” projects, which might be more accurately called deferred maintenance, when something much more [...]