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One Nuclear Meltdown Can Ruin a Plutocrat’s Whole Day

Out here in the Northwest, nuclear power has a long history of being dismissed as the kooky, plutocratic boondoggle it is, even while we have been spared the worst of the fears it understandably creates.  Back in the 70′s, when our local utility, Portland General Electric, built the Trojan nuclear power plant, its remote location [...]

City Beautification, LA Style

Thank heaven that Los Angeles has finally taken a firm stance against urban blight; since a place like that clearly knows it when it sees it.  You see, probably dusky-hued “taggers” evidently defaced the Los Angeles River by painting something untoward on its “”3 story” concrete banks; four blocks of offensive writing that said “MTA: [...]

Good Money after Bad

Several items in the news both here and nationwide remind me that in today’s America, we will only throw good money after bad; spending precious funds and actually getting something for them in return is considered risky, wasteful, and a woefully inappropriate response to our straitened circumstances.  And how, pray, did our circumstances become so [...]