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Obamabots: Rahm was Right

When dear ol’ Rahm, future Mayor of Chicago, called liberals “fucking retarded,” he was, in fact, half right.  Some of them are, and they still slavishly pour adulation on, (and heap recriminations on the detractors of) our mediocre President, against all evidence.  This self-defeating practice is most popular at places like DailyKos, but you can [...]

Getting Things Done

Back in the days when Hitler comparisons were verboten, that is, when we had a far-right President whose social, military, and civil liberties policies looked a lot like Der Fuhrer, I often got a laugh out of them.  Hitler, after all, in addition to making the trains run on time, hosted a successful Olympics, built [...]

Answers to Your Solutions

UPDATED BELOW: A few years ago, I noticed that actually selling something that could be quantified, like a shoe or a car wash, had become hopelessly anachronistic in the “new” economy; we were told to pay good money for something far less tangible, “solutions.”   To what, pray tell?  Everything, as it turned out. Any [...]

Orange is the New Red

UPDATE BELOW: Michael Moore is getting a quite a bad rap today for the open letter he published at Daily Kos in which he had the temerity to publicly call for President Obama not to essentially make the Afghan misadventure a permanent thing.  The horrified cries of treachery and America-hating naturally rained down, of course, [...]