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The Hag and the WaPoo

On the last thread, Mikeinportc alerted me to the fact that the Wapoo is eagerly looking for a Froomkin replacement, only cheaper, and flattered me by saying I ought to apply.  Now that the WaPoo is so cheap and debased that it’s resorting to “American Idol”-like contests to fill its laughable mockery of an op/ed [...]

Out, damned spot!

This morning as I left the house, I grabbed my messenger bag out of the hall closet, and there was an Obama/Biden sign hanging in there, and I decided to take it down.  It’s odd, but the John Kerry sign that hung there for four years always kind of cheered me up; not just because [...]

get me my purse….

It’s become painfully obvious lately that the reason media discussions and actual votes are so far removed from public opinion about, basically everything, is really pretty simple.  It’s not the principle of the thing, it’s the money.  Daily we are told that anything Americans might want for themselves are unaffordable luxuries, since the cupboard is [...]