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Splattering Santorum

Now, I know Santorum’s people are just as big of religious nuts as Rick himself, but can they really be that sheltered, too?  Have they ever used the google?  Or, is frothy brown stuff something you want to put in your ad intentionally?  You, know, to get it all out in the open right away. [...]

Send In The Clowns

Over at TPM, they published the results of the New Hampshire straw poll for the GOP presidential nominee in 2012, and it looks like Obama can continue to phone it in as before, and not worry too much about how lame he is. The worthies, using the term loosely, are: 1) Mitt Romney 35.14% Really. [...]


UPDATED BELOW: I don’t know how many Hag readers have access to “Savage Love,” Seattle Stranger editor Dan Savage’s excellent nationally syndicated sex advice column, but he has a favorite acronym he uses with writers in hopelessly doomed relationships: DTMFA, which, if you haven’t guessed, stands for Dump The Mother Fucker Already.  He only says it [...]