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Go Die in a Fire

101 years ago, the Triangle Shirtwaist fire horrified a nation; the initial shock of seeing young women leap to their deaths from the inferno was quickly eclipsed by the exposure of the deadly conditions under which they worked; blocked and locked exits, lack of fire escapes, buildup of flammable material, and dangerous machinery all pointed [...]

The Private Sector

Perhaps one of the most loathsome disasters left to us by Dick Cheney (and there are a lot of them) is the elevation of the criminally incompetent Halliburton he once led to the cash-soaked tippy-top of the Military Industrial Complex.   Flush with no-bid contracts even before the bonanza of the Iraq War Cheney so coveted, [...]

Failing Up

  It would be nice to be an oil company; every time you utterly fail to do whatever it is you’re supposed to do when not busy buying politicians, your epic fuckup simply boosts your profits.  At the moment, gas prices are approaching $5 in California, due largely to the fact that the oil companies [...]

Mud People

As the BP disaster continues to unfold I’m struck again by the emergence, probably odd to most people, of the universal but bizarrely general term, “mud,”  blithely used to describe the many and various goops of the industrial world as though people have any concept of what the hell that means.  No one bothers to [...]

Horton Hears a Who

“We care about the small people” –BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, (who appeared to be of normal size.) What a genius….  Stuff like that always goes over big with the 90% of Americans who happen to be Lilliputians, not unlike that time when Leona Helmsley declared that she, too, was too darned gigantic to even pay [...]