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Conclusion of my Teach-in to End Torture and Human Rights Abuses Report

I’m late in providing this because professor Cassel was talking fast and my notes were insufficient to provide an accurate reporting of all the legal details on why America can still legally abuse detainees due to: limitations in international treaties/laws; congressional bills like the Patriot and Military Commissions Acts; classified documents and directives; DoJ and [...]

What I learned at Chicago Teach-in to End Torture and Human Rights Abuses

The site for the Teach-in was at the Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple in Oak Park IL. The architectural masterpiece is now used by a Unitarian Universalist Congregation that gives its entire collection away each week to those who need it more. They believe in Margaret Mead’s counsel when she wrote, “Never doubt that a [...]

it must be our freedoms

Emboldened by how well the fear-mongering campaign against closing Guantanamo has been succeeding amongst dumber Americans like Glenn Beck and Harry Reid, the Pentagon went ahead and does what it does best: release a completely fabricated report to “bolster” it.  And it’s a thing to behold.  With a military budget like ours, can’t we afford [...]