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Going for the Gold

“….It will be his Waterloo; it will break him.” –Soon-to-be former Senator (!) Jim DeMint astutely predicting President Obama’s imminent political demise. Probably one of the best things about being Republican is that they have a safety net that really is a hammock, that is if your idea of a hammock is a reversible sable/chinchilla [...]

Book Saloon: The Lies of Sarah Palin

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and thus reading more (political, natch) books than usual, but none seemed new and juicy enough to review. ¬†Fortunately, Karma chose to compensate me for the money I’d thus far wasted at Powell’s; I showed up at a Firebagger Meetup in Portland, and they had FREE BOOKS. ¬†I grabbed [...]

Politically Convenient, Indeed

Delving again into the preemptive political inoculation I was talking about yesterday, an infuriating redundancy forced upon me by Rush Limbaugh, who today dismissed a Swastica painted on a black Congressman’s door as too “politically convenient” to be anything but a false flag operation by one of the dang darky’s supporters, and all I can [...]